If you really want me in your life, give me a good reason to stay

If you really want me in your life, give me a good reason to stay

Rule number one when you're with me are together – never take my love for granted and never assume that I will always be there no matter what.

Don't expect from me what you can't provide.< /p>

Don't think that I'll stay because of my selfless love if you don't give me what I need in return.

You know, I've been hurt many times and I I've dealt with a lot of different male personalities so I think I've picked up a thing or two that I now crave in a relationship.

Don't worry, it's nothing unreasonable or impossible.

It's just that I have enough self-respect now to know the exact moment I need to go.

First, don't think that you can pick and choose moments when you're going to be all kind and loving and give me what you think I need and then decide that's enough and being a jerk because you now think you have the right to be.

no sir If you want to love me, you will do it all the time and not just when you see fit.

I'm not a doll with which you play and you treat well when it suits you and then you become a cold distant person tired of treating me with respect so you just give yourself permission to be a macho man with your ego soaring in the sky and emotions found nowhere.

If you want me to stay, you have to give me a good reason.

Because that kind of shit isn't going to get through to me and anyone you try to impress me , doesn’t give a damn.

I have needs, I have wants and I have a right to them.

I mö Make sure you love me all day long. I want you to be there for me when my pet dies and I'm absolutely devastated.

I want you to make me breakfast in the morning when I'm having a particularly hard time getting up.

You need to be able to show me your respect and kindness in moments, in that I have nothing to offer you.

You need to put me and my needs first and stop introducing me to your buddies as a hot hunk you've grabbed and instead as a kind, ambitious and competent woman whose inner quality ;put their physical appearance to shame.

Just because I'm good looking doesn't mean I'm stupid.

A woman can be attractive and still be be more amazing and intelligent in other walks of life than you could ever imagine.

Look I love you, which means I really want to be with you.

I will give you my attention and my love and you will really be at the top of my list of priorities.

All I'm saying is don't ignore me when I need you.


Don't expect me to just tend to your needs without offering me something of meaning.

Tell me you love me and prove it it to me through deeds.

Hurry home if I call you at the party crying about something bad that just happened.

Buy me my favorite flowers when I'm down because you know it will put a smile on my face!

Show me devotion. Show me respect. Be honest and be sensitive.

If you can't show me any of this, how can you expect me to stay?

If you want me, make time for me . Put me first.

Choose me when your friends try to get you to go out again and tell them you'd rather stay with your girl this time.

You can't help yourself imagine how much this will mean to me.

I'm not asking much. Just return what you get from me.

Show me my company is what you need when you feel shit.

Show me that I'm the one you want near you when you don't want to talk but also don't want to be alone.

I can be all of that. There's nothing I love more than sitting next to you, feeling your warmth and laying my head on your shoulder, feeling like the safest girl on the planet.

You give me security on the most difficult days and you are my favorite place on earth.

Show me that I am yours too and you will have my love until the end of time.

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