If you really love her, don't destroy her

If you really love, don't break it

When a woman opens her heart to love because of you, she steps out of her comfort zone.

She ignores it all her fears and insecurities and decides to trust you no matter what.

She's tearing down the walls around her heart that she's built up over the years and she lets you in all the way, even though she has promised never to do it again. She decides to trust you and believe that you will not harm her.

When a woman loves you, no matter how strong and independent she is, she also gives you a lot Power over herself.

She gives you her whole self and with that she gives you the chance to break her heart.

In a way, she gives you the opportunity to hurt her and destroy her.

And it It's up to you whether you'll take advantage of this opportunity.It's up to you if you will use her and take advantage of the fact that she wears her heart on her sleeve.

It's up to you if you will really love this woman. But only think about one thing at a time – you must not destroy the one you love.

So please, don't break her heart if you love her. Because in the past she has already experienced something like this and could not bear to suffer another lovesickness.

Don't make her beg for your attention. If you love her, show her the depth of your love.

Don't make her unloved or feel unwanted. Don't ruin her confidence and never compare her to other girls.

If you love her, treat her like she's the only woman you could ever be with.


Show her that you see how unique and special she is and how proud you are to have such a woman by your side.

Don't treat her like your last option because she will always turn to you put first.

This girl should be your priority and the last thing she deserves is to be treated like a second choice.

Please give don't make her feel like your last choice or option.

Don't expect her to deal with your emotional baggage.Don't expect her to become your personal savior and the one who will heal you while you wreck her.

Don't treat her like a rebound relationship because she is much more than that.

Treat her right and not like something temporary. When this girl lets someone in her heart, she will that it will last a lifetime.

She's not just looking for a good time and she's not looking for meaningless relationships.

Instead, she wants you to love her with all your heart. She wants you to be her partner in the truest sense of the word, and if you can't offer her that, please leave before you fully enter her heart.

Play don't play games with her, because she will see through your intentions.

No, she won't think of you as the bigger man if you pretend to be this tough guy who is incapable of loving because it will only drive her away.

Try nor giving her mixed signals because she doesn't have the time or energy to decipher you and your actions. Just be honest with her.

There is no need to hold back your emotions or hide your sensitive side because I promise she will never use them against you.

Don't let her be the only one trying. If you love her, let her feel that love. Show her that you care because it's the only way she can believe you.

This girl won't justify the fact that you didn't treat her right because she knows ;that you show your love through your efforts.

Don't make them chase you.Because she never will. And it has nothing to do with the fact that she doesn’t give a damn about you.

This girl knows her worth and she would never let anyone humiliate her by begging for their love lets.

Don't try to control and manipulate her, because she knows who she is and she knows that she doesn't need you even though she does loves you.

She has worked hard to be the woman she is today and she will not let anyone change her.

And most of all, if you love her, never let her go. Because trust me – this is the girl you will find once in a lifetime.

A girl like no other and a girl you will look for in every other woman when you lose her.< /p>

So please, do your best to keep her with you.

Because if you do, she will show you what it means to be loved, and she will show that she's worth it.

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