If you notice these 8 things, you're with a true psycho

If you notice these 8 things, you are with a true psycho

Of course, you can't immediately tell that you are with a psychopath because they who are masters of disguise.

You will never see their true colors because they are such good actors. They can hide their true selves for as long as it takes.

And by the time you realize it, it's too late to run from the pain and heartbreak.

You've already fallen into his trap.

People usually think that psychopaths can't feel any form of love, but that's not true.

They usually have one person they're extremely attached to.

It is her mother or one of her grandparents. But, when it comes to romantic relationships, rest assured that they won't have feelings for you.

Look at the characteristics of a psychopath and use them as a warning if you feel this way ;next time you're on a date.

There is no quick way to get out of a relationship with a psychopath, but there is hope that if you act in time, you can avoid them.

1. You are supremely charming

There's a difference between people who are naturally charming and people who just overdo it.

Psychopaths will blow your mind with their stories and charm.

Their stories will sound too good to be true and they will praise themselves.

After talking to them you will think you just met the most perfect person on earth.


This should be your first warning sign that you're dating a psycho.

2. They will play with your emotions

They tell nice stories and play with your emotions.

They will convince you that they are cute. and quiet, and that they hate drama.

After that, you'll see that drama is basically all around them because they provoke it.

They'll probably become their exes too mention that ”is a total slut” and ”still in love with her, of course”, but they somehow managed to get away from her.

3. Their egos are huge

They are similar to narcissists but different.

Narcissists want to be superior to everyone else and be the best in any situation they find themselves in, while psychopaths want to be in control of other people.

They want to take advantage of them and spü have no pangs of conscience. Also, they feel happy when they hurt someone.

4. They make excuses for their behavior all the time

They are just perfect at changing your reality.

Even though they act like total jerks and keep hurting you, they will rewrite reality and make it seem like it's all your fault.

If you confront them with evidence and try to get them to understand that it's not your fault, they'll completely ignore it and take the conversation in a different direction to get away with it.

You'll end up arguing about something, that has nothing to do with your initial discussion.

5. They are born liars

You just get one lie at a time. Their lies will be so believable and full of details.

They can make up an answer to your question in seconds.

You probably won't have a clue if they tell the truth or not.

And if you try to catch them in the act and confront them about their lies, you have to reckon that they will seek revenge and intentionally hurt you for hurting their egos.

< h2>6. They create chaos in secret

Don't be surprised if after they've given you their full attention, they go online and post photos with their exes or the posts of theirs Commenting on exes with inside jokes just to drive you crazy.

Chaos is their peace of mind.

7. You have no guilt

If they do something bad to someone, they feel no remorse or guilt. They don't have that feeling.

The suffering of other people means absolutely nothing to them.

They will continue to do whatever they want, regardless of whether it offends anyone. rt or not. You only care about yourself.

8. They lack empathy

If you tell them a story about how someone broke your heart or something bad happened to you, you won't get an emotional reaction from the psychopath.

They will try to get emotional, but you will see through it.

It will be a fake emotion.

You analyze how people react to different situations and try to mimic these reactions because they are unable to feel such emotions themselves.

All in all, one must be very careful.

There is a high chance that you you will encounter a real psychopath at some point in your life.

It doesn't have to be someone you're dating; it can also be a co-worker. 

But if you're with a psycho and you don't know anything about it, the risk is huge.

You could end up getting hurt, broke or homeless and, if you're an extremely emotional type, maybe even dead.

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