If you leave, don't come back to ask her for a second chance

If you leave, don't come back to ask her for a second chance

If you were lucky enough to find a woman, who loves you to the moon and back and who would do anything for the man she loves, be sensible enough not to lose her.

Don't be easy just another fuckboy who just wants to take advantage of her kindness because no matter how good she is, if you cross the line, if she says it's over, then it's over forever.

You may not have had the opportunity to meet someone like her, but that doesn't give you the right to abuse her or treat her like you would any other woman.

Don't think that she's just like every other hollow-headed girl who has hit on you.

This one's one of the good girls, this one's worth her weight in gold. You'll know it by the way she treats you.

She believes. Her heart is so big; like the cosmos, and she gives herself completely to love. She is one of those rare women who love and know no reserve in love.

She always hopes for better days, and even in the worst of situations, she always tries to find something good.

She stands by those she loves, even when the going gets tough. But when someone turns their back on her, she never begs them to come back.

She's a fighter. She fights for everything, what fighting is worth in their eyes. She doesn't rest for a second until the people she cares about are happy.

She often sacrifices her own happiness just to see her loved ones happy. She fights with every fiber of her body and she fights to the last breath.

She forgives. She forgives so easily. Because she always wants understanding, because she always tries to put herself in other people's shoes and she just can't hold grudges.

Even when people hurt her, even when they break her heart, she finds an explanation to justify her behavior.

And although she doesn't forget what happened, although it hurts her , she tries to put the past behind her and move on.

But she knows; also when enough is enough.

She may strive wholeheartedly for the things she wants in life, she may be forgiving of all mistakes and believe in something with all her heart, but she may also give up everything once she sees that you are doesn't care as much as she does.

She's the kind of woman who loves with all her heart, but she's also the kind of woman who doesn't want to be with anyone who doesn't see what she is worth.

She will not settle for anyone who does not respect her or appreciate her virtues, and above all she will not take anyone back who had the audacity to leave her.

When she fights for love, she doesn't want to fight alone. If you're willing to turn your back on her once, she'll be ready to turn your back on you forever.

Just because Just because she was so good to you doesn't mean you can take her for granted.

You can't treat them badly. You can't take her for granted or use her and then leave because you think you can find someone better than her.

And besides, you can't come back and around ask for a second chance as soon as you realize there is no one better than her. Because that's how it's going to happen.

People tend to take good things for granted.

And then when they get used to something good, they think they deserve better and more and forget what they really have. But don't let that ever happen to you.

No matter how good she is, she's not stupid enough to take back someone who had the audacity to leave her.


She's not that naive, and she loves herself more than you can imagine. She will not take back anyone who has left her. She won't give anyone a chance to hurt her a second time.

If you go and only then appreciate her, you don't deserve her.

If you have to lose her to see how much she means to you, you are not the right one for her. If you leave, you don't need to come back.

If you leave, don't come back to ask her for a second chance, because she's not a woman who gives second chances .

She deserves someone who will always cherish her.

She deserves to be respected and she deserves someone to look up to can rely on. And she knows exactly what she deserves, so she won't settle for less.

Do yourself a favor and cherish her while you still have the chance.

And if you go, then just come; don't go back.

Let someone else appreciate her and give her everything she deserves. Let someone else worthy of their love take your place.

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