If you don't want me now, you'll never have me

If you don't want me now, you'll never have me

Listen to me, I won't pretend to think I'm less valuable than I realize.

I'm a good catch and treat everyone with the same respect.

I love my friends more than anything and whoever I date, I give 101% mine.

So I expect the same from my partner. I don't like anything half-hearted.

If you want to be with me, you have to appreciate me for the amazing girl I am.

< p>I promise I'm worth it. But if you expect me to wait for you while you're trying to figure out whether you really want me or not,think again.

I'm not waiting for anyone Seriously, if you change your mind, go.

I don't have time for you. I need someone who, like me, knows what they want and is smart enough to get it before it's too late.

You're either ready to make me a part of your life or you're not.

There is no gray area here. We're too old to play games.

I won't settle for anything that's neither here nor there.

I don't have the energy to to ask if maybe you're just too shy or you're kidding me.

I want someone who knows when what they want is in front of them and acts accordingly.< /p>

Not in a week – now. Everything else… doesn't interest me.

My time is too valuable for a “maybe”.

Should I sit here and put my life on pause because the Mö Is there a chance that in the future you'll realize that you really want me? This is bullshit.

My life is too great to take a break for a man who can't make up his mind.

< p>I will not hope that the situation will change over time with this man who cannot make a decision in his life. I refuse.

I'm really not that desperate. You know, I have options.

I also feel like any man worth my time wouldn't waste it like that; am I right?

Why are you putting me on hold instead of trying to win me over? Are you really that special?

I do not think so. There are many other fish in the sea and this girl doesn't worry about anything.

You make yourself very clear. You're not interested enough to make the first move, and I take the hint.

You've cost me far too much time, and mine is too valuable to be wasted like this.

While you're contemplating your options, I have no problem going ahead and removing you from my life. On to the next one.

Love is clear. If you have really genuine feelings for someone, you know it. There is no room for uncertainty.

You don't question whether or not you should keep that woman you love in your life. You know it. You just do it.

If you really had feelings for me, there would be no room for insecurity.

So I have no problem letting you go before I start being attracted to an insecure man.

I don't accept being your backup plan.

Not today, never. I'm not going to be one of four girls you're casually dating at the same time and praying you end up picking me.

Sorry, but that's it such a waste of time!

Besides, you really aren't that cute.

If you come looking for me later, I won't be available.

Even if I'm still single, I won't be available to you.

You could probably come to me with a stupid story about not being in the right place at the right time and the timing just wasn't right…

But you know what ? I do not care. You HAD your chance and screwed it up. You are the only one to blame.

If you really valued me, you would never have kept me waiting while you compared your options .

It's just ridiculous to think I'd ever find that acceptable.

No, it is not okay.

I have other shit to do and if you're not willing to commit when I give you a chance, you're not worth my time.

Sorry, I'm not sorry!

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