If she leaves, it's only because you gave her no choice

If she leaves, it's only because you gave her no choice

You know her all too well and you know she's not the type is the person who gives up anything so easily. She doesn't just turn away from something for no reason.

She believes, and she is a woman who somehow always finds hope where no one else would look.

She's a fighter.

She fights to her last breath for the things and people she believes are worth it. She never rests and she never settles no matter what others tell her.

That's because she's just not that kind of person. When she puts her mind and heart into something, she fights to the end. And the same goes for you.

You know how much she wants you and how much she would fight for you. She would piss off anyone who said one bad word about you.

Anyone who tells her you're no good would convince her otherwise… And she would never let anyone gossip about you, no matter what.

No matter what you do to her, she would never let anyone make you look bad ;sst. Nobody has the right to do that.

You mean the world to her.

The problem is that you probably don't deserve anything she does for you. You don't deserve her constant fighting, you don't deserve her endless efforts and you don't deserve to be with her because you don't appreciate her.

There is probably someone , who would be the most grateful man in the world if he had her by his side, but she doesn't want anyone else. She can't imagine being with another man.

Because all she wants is you. She knows you and she wants you. And it always has been.

You will always have a place in her heart.

No matter what becomes of the two of you, no matter if she is still with you in a few years or no matter if you find someone else or if she realizes she can love someone else, you will always have a special place in her heart.

Many have tried to convince her that she deserves better than you, and maybe she would agree, but her heart just won't listen.

Her heart wants you and her heart will probably only ever want you.

So if she ever gives up on you, it won't be because she wants to, but because she feels like she has no other choice.

When she sees that you don’t care about her as much as she does, she will destroy it.

The realization that she loves you more or that she will never get as much as she gives will pierce her heart like the sharpest knife. Do you know why?

Because she's always the one who cares more. She's always the one who loves more, the one who tries the hardest.

And for the first time, she hoped to find someone to do the same for her. She was hoping that you would be that someone.

So when she sees her hopes dashed once again, she won't be able to take it.

If she feels lonely around you, she will leave voluntarily.

What's the point of being with someone when you're feeling lonely? If she ever feels that way around you, she'll know what to do.

Because being with someone and feeling lonely is a clear guarantee of a broken heart . Why would she voluntarily do something like that to her?

No sane person would allow that. So if you ever make her feel like you're not there for her or that she can't count on you, although there isn't a single thing she wouldn't do for you, she will make her realize it's time for her to leave.

She'll realize that she has no business with you.

If you make her feel unimportant, she will see no point in fighting for you.

She's a fighter, but she is not stupid. She can only fight for someone for so long before she realizes that she is fighting in vain.

When she has to fight for your love, when she has to fight for your time or yours When she has to fight for attention, she is fighting for someone who clearly doesn't deserve it.

She is fighting for someone who either doesn't appreciate her or doesn't love her.

< p>And no matter how much she wants you, she'd rather leave than stay and fight for the things you should give her on her own.

There's no point in staying. There's no point in fighting for someone who doesn't pay attention to her.

If she gets the impression that you would be happier without her than with her, she will decide to make you happy.

If you tell her she's hard to love, that she's too needy, or that she's smothering you with all her feelings, she won't try to convince you otherwise.

She can fight the whole world for you, but she can't fight you.

When she realizes that you are annoyed by her presence or that you are annoyed by her absence she will decide to make you happy by leaving.

You know, no matter how much she loves you or how much she needs you, she won't try to chain you to himself. She will not force you to be with her, nor will she beg you for anything.

She will fight as long as she has something worth fighting for. But she will also know when to stop giving her everything for someone who won't give her anything in return.

And when she leaves, you need to know that she only left , because you gave her no choice.

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