If I have to ask for your attention, I don't want it

If I have to ask for your attention, I don't want it


Let me tell you something about myself, that might even shock you: I am a very strong-willed woman who knows exactly what she wants – and begging for your attention, gratitude or affection is definitely not one of them.

I've been through too much to get on my knees and ask you to love me.

I've been through far too many bad relationships to make the same mistake again and feign false humility about my wants and needs.

So if you can't give me right now , I don't want what I deserve.

I can see that you're a nice guy.

You seem like one of those guys who doesn't know that you hurt a woman, you seem like a man who thinks he knows how to respect a woman but doesn't know that ”respect” means so much more than giving a woman her freedom.

Why don't you respect me by listening to me?

Whenever I try to talk to you, your mind goes blank and your ears go silent. I don't want to repeat myself while you're on the phone.

I want you to look me in the eye while I'm talking to you and give me a reason to keep telling you my story, because I find it very important because I give you a part of me give yourself.

Then why do you keep rolling your eyes? Why do you keep ignoring me? Do I even want to know that? If I have to ask you to listen to me properly, you don't have to join me anymore.

No matter what you think, I'm not clingy.

Being clingy is very different than who I am. I am a woman fed up with men treating her like their property, someone who obeys them no matter what they do. I don't want to.

I don't want you to think that no matter how you treat me, I'm going to stay here. Don't think that I will love you just because of your charming eyes, because I believe love is much more than that.

Love is about two people who are willing to try together because the trembling in their chests tells them they are meant for each other.

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Are you ready to make something wonderful out of this life together with me? To create a lifetime of magical moments that we can enjoy together?

You can't wait for me to do all the work while you play game after game on your phone gamble If you keep treating our love like a game, it will soon be game over my friend.

I don't want to be a woman who is nothing more than a topic of conversation when you meet your friends.

I want to be a woman whose ambition and intelligence upset you touching you to the core because you've never seen anyone or anything like her.

I want you to see a warrior in me when you look into my eyes for everything I've ever been through I want to be seen, appreciated and loved.

I have the right to all these things that I ask of you. So if you think it's too much for you then leave right now.

I don't want to waste your time because you might find someone become the one that suits you better; a woman who doesn't expect messages from you, a woman who doesn't need you by her side when she's upset because if that's what you really want, I'm not the one for you.

If I have to ask for your attention, I don't want it.

Why would I ask a man to give me something that is at the heart of every relationship, at least in my opinion? We need to show each other love.

I want you to talk to me and not ignore me. I want you to stay with me and not leave when I sit next to you.

If you cannot accept my needs, then please get out of my life immediately.

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