If he writes you these 10 messages, he's a jackpot friend

If he texts you these 10, he's a Jackpot Friend

Distance no longer matters in relationships. Now we have SMS and social media platforms to keep in touch.

If nothing else, this may even help you see if he's interested in you or not.


You know that he can contact you at any time. He always has his phone with him and there's nothing stopping him from texting you or checking what you're up to.

The point is, these days there's nothing like two can stop people from staying in touch.

This can tell you a lot about him early in your relationship.

His texting behavior can show you what he really thinks of you want and what kind of man he is.

It can show you if he wants the real thing or just wants something on the side.

So to make sure he's jackpot material, these are the messages he gives you will write:

1. “Hey you!”

You may be disappointed when you receive a message with just these two simple words.

You can even be angry, and you have every right to be.

I mean, was that really the only thing he could come up with?

But, and there's always a but, if you look at it from his perspective, you'll see that he really couldn't come up with anything better , but he misses you a lot so he had to write something.

Even if it's just a “Hey you” it's an effort you should never ignore.

2. ”Good morning beautiful.”

He wants to be the first thing on your mind when you get up in the morning.

Isn't that adorable?

Every time you text each other he's kind and warm to you.

At night he'll wish you good night because not only does he want him to be the first thing on your mind when you wake up, he also wants to be the last thing on your mind when you go to bed.

He is a serious friend and you shouldn't take him for granted.

Enjoy his kindness and all the love he clearly has to give you.

3. ”How did your meeting go?”

He cares about you and therefore what is going on in your life.

He doesn't just ask for it because he has to. He's really interested in what you've been up to and how your day has gone.

If you tell him about an important meeting you have today, he'll text you as soon as he's sure you're done so he won't interrupt and he can double check everything went well.

If so, he will be happy for you and if not, he will try to comfort and cheer you up by lifting your spirits because things are getting better become.

4. “I am so proud of you.”

He treats your successes as his own.

He loves you and he would pretty much do everything for you.

So when you succeed at something, it's as if he were successful too.

He texts you that he's proud of you because he really is.< /p>

Don't be surprised if he tells everyone about your success.

He wants everyone to know how competent you are and that's just one of the reasons ;find why he loves you.

5. “I can't wait to see you.”

He really wants to spend time with you.

He misses you and he can't wait to see you again. You should be so proud of it.

Typically, people in a relationship tend to get tired of each other.

They need a little alone time. They want to go somewhere to gather their thoughts and get some rest.

But he doesn't need to. He feels complete when you are with him and he wants to spend time with you. Isn't that the perfect boyfriend?

6. “Have you eaten yet?”

This is clearly a sign of love.

Why should he care if did you eat or not when he's not interested in you?

You should be so lucky that your friend texts you just to check.

< p>He doesn’t want anything to happen to you, so he’s showing his concern and wants you to know that he cares about you and your health.

After all, he plans to stay in your life for a long time.

7. “I want to talk to you about it personally.”

Only a real man would behave in such a responsible manner and with you face to face talk when there's something serious to discuss.

Sure, it's easier to send a message, but it's also a lot more immature.

With this message he shows that he respects you and wants to talk to you like a normal adult man.

8. “Let's stay home tonight. Just the two of us.”

He appreciates the alone time with you. He doesn't care about fancy dinners in restaurants or bars.

If you ask him, he will want to spend a nice and cozy evening with you, snuggled up on the couch.

You are his priority and he would choose you anytime.

9. “You kind of make me want to be a better person.”

You really make him want to be the best version of himself.


You are a positive influence on him. By struggling and trying to be the best you can be, you encourage him to do the same.

Your success is both his joy and his challenge.

All your dreams coming true are a big push; for him to try the same.

10. “I love you.”

Is there anything better to hear than someone telling you they love you?

I think so not. Sure, it's not just about someone saying those words – Actions count too.

But if he does that and texts you out of the blue too, then you're a lucky girl because you've found a jackpot boyfriend .

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