If he really wants you, he will come after you

If he really wants you, he'll be after you

If a guy you like is interested in you, he'll do anything to get you win.

Don't console yourself with ideas that he's just a shy guy and that's why he's not after you. This is just ridiculous.

The truth, no matter how harsh, is that he probably just isn't interested.

It is better to avoid this "dilemma" to solve once and for all. Get out of the bubble you live in because you're only making it worse for yourself.

Accept the fact that he's not into you that much&md; and that it's totally fine is.

After all, not everyone is made for everyone.

No man can resist acting, when he sees something he wants.

Men are like that. Men love to chase and if you catch his eye he won't wait a moment and he'll come after you because he wants you.

No distance is great ; enough to keep a man from getting what he wants when he really wants it.

You need to stop chasing the wrong men!< /p>

You're only breaking your own heart and he doesn't give a damn. He doesn't care.

He will have a nice time. He'll give you false hope and play with you as long as he wants, and when he's fed up he'll just turn around and leave.

No regrets. Nothing. But you…. you will be crushed and broken.

Stop falling for men who have to think twice about liking you or not.

< p>Stop falling in love with men who keep coming up with other excuses not to meet you.

Isn't it suspicious that every time you ask to see him he's up to something?

Either he's working, or his family is in town, or he had promised someone something. That's just not right. This is total bullshit!

A man who likes you and wants to spend time with you will leave anything and everything just to be by your side, looking into your eyes and holding your hand .

A man who wants to be with you will be consistent. He won't behave any differently when he's around you.

He won't send you mixed signals and make you beg for his attention.

< p>Ignore guys who want to fool you. Ignore those who don't care; who just want something on the side.

They are not worthy of your time or love.

You must save those emotions for someone who truly deserves them.


You have to save your love for a man who will be after you and will never stop because he wants you more than anything in this world.

Leave the halfhearted love. you don't need it You don't deserve it.

Don't be manipulated by someone who isn't worthy. Don't give him the time.

Don't let him play with your feelings and your mind. Don't be tricked into being smarter.

You know what you want and what you deserve. Do you really want an immature mama's boy to come along and destroy everything you've been working on your whole life?

Keep your self-worth and respect because you're going to need it. Because there are so many battles and crazy adventures ahead of you.

Don't waste your energy on someone who doesn't deserve it. Do you know what to wait for?

Wait for a man, a real man, not a boy.

Wait for someone to erase any insecurities you have; someone who won't make them any bigger.

Wait for someone who will scream your name with all their heart, someone who will be so proud of you wherever they go.

Wait for someone who understands that even you can't always smile, that you too must have your bad days.

Wait for the man who won't turn your bad moments against you; someone who doesn't want to take revenge for being frustrated. Real men don't do that, only boys do.

Real men respect you despite the not-so-great things you do. Real men understand that life isn't easy.

You deserve all of this and more. Run away from one sided love. Never run to someone you have to run after. He's not worth it.

Believe me, staying alone is so much better than being in an 'almost' relationship; than chasing someone to play with you.

Staying single is physically, emotionally and spiritually healthier than getting your heart broken by someone who has never really cared for you. has someone who will let you down because they didn’t mean it in the first place.

Stay alone, because time will work in your favor.

It will Man brave enough to go after a woman as beautiful and strong as you. he deserves you Wait for him.

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