If he missed you, he would do something about it

W&uuml ;if he missed you he would do something about it

There you are, spending another sleepless night thinking about this guy.

What did he done like that? Have you ever crossed his mind or has he forgotten you?

He repeats over and over all the beautiful memories you two shared?

He looks does he look at your old photos and listen to the songs that remind him of you?

Does he catch himself dreaming about you? Does he think about you every day the way you think about him? Does he want you to come back to him?

Is he willing to give your relationship another chance? Is he convinced that the two of you would make it this time, the way you are?

And then, after all these thoughts, you can't help but wonder if you're the should be the first to call him.

Should you be the one to put an end to this torment and spare yourself the doubts?

Because anything is better than not knowing and yourself to ask what the other side might be feeling.

After all, he might be thinking of you too. Maybe right now he's lying in his bed missing you as much as you miss him.

Maybe he regrets everything he did to you. He could apologize for all the pain he put you through and he probably realized his mistakes.

But he just doesn't believe you can ever find the strength ;nest to forgive him, so he thinks it's better for him to do nothing.

It's clear he's too proud to do anything. Or he's afraid that after everything that's happened between the two of you, you'll reject him.


After all, he's always been like this – he pretends to be this tough guy, but deep down he's a coward when it comes to expressing his feelings.

He's someone who suppresses his emotions, and even he himself may not be aware that he misses you like crazy.

nonsense! I have to be hard on you but the truth is this guy doesn't miss you at all.

And he probably doesn't even think of you.

He doesn't remember your anniversary, he doesn't get butterflies every time he sees someone who looks like you, and he doesn't look for you in every other woman.< /p>

So please stop making excuses, stop lying to yourself and face the truth.

Because if he missed you, he would do something about it.

He would take a step and ask for your forgiveness. Everything else is part of your delusion.

I know that you would do anything just to get this man’s confirmation that you gave him still matter.

Even if you don't want him back, it's nice to hear that someone you miss like hell misses you too.

But that's just not her in your case Truth.

This guy obviously left your relationship in the past where it belongs and it's about time you did the same.< /em>

So stop thinking about his pride and ego. Because if he missed you, there would be nothing to stop him from doing something about it.

He would forget all the inconveniences and all his principles, because the Any love he had for you would be stronger than anything else.

If he missed you, he wouldn't be living the bachelor life he is living now . He wouldn’t sleep with everyone and he wouldn’t replace you that easily.

If he missed you, he would have made up an excuse to contact you a long time ago.

He would have made an effort to get closer to you and with you to get back together.

If he missed you, he would have gathered all his strength and called you and asked you to come back.

He would have called you or w&rd ;re turned up at your front door. He would have done SOMETHING.

But he hasn't done anything since you two broke up, right? He never got in touch and you haven't heard from him.

So why are you still holding out hope?

Why waste your time fantasizing about something that is obviously not real?< /p>

Why are you still waiting for something that will never come?

Why do you keep holding on to the past when you know deep down it's time to let go ?

Please get rid of the memory of this man. Bury all your false hopes, break all ties with the past, and start living in the present and in reality.

I know it's difficult to admit to yourself that you love someone, that you still love very much means nothing. But it must be done.

And it is the first step you must take on the road to recovery.


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