If he makes you feel unwanted, get out and never go back to him

If he makes you feel unwanted, go away and never come back to him

The worst ever People who make you feel unwanted is that they make you think you're worthless.

No one should ever doubt their self-worth.< /p>

Just because someone doesn't know how to love you doesn't mean you're unlovable.

I know that awful feeling. You are here and he is there. Somehow you can't get to him no matter what you do.

It's like you're invisible, like he can't see you at all. Do you mean anything to him? Is there anything you could do to at least see him blink? Apparently not.

The person who plays the most important role in your life doesn't seem to give a damn whether you're even there. you are unimportant You look so small in his eyes.

You wish you were that small in reality. You would like to retreat so deep within yourself that no one can see you.

How can someone so worthless even exist?

So is how a woman feels when a man makes her feel unwanted and unloved.

You have to go – go away and never come back. Don't think about it too much because you have nothing to lose but the pain.

Your man should appreciate, protect and support you. He should love you, and if he makes you feel invisible, he should know.

When he's brought you to a point where you can't see yourself anymore , then there is no turning back. Go now.

Don't fall into his trap or try to get his attention. Don't bend over backwards to get him to notice you. You don't need that anymore.

No matter what you do now, it won't do you any good. You'll only feel worse when you see that no matter what you try, he doesn't notice you.

It's not your fault. Nothing you have done or not done is the reason for his behavior. And that's exactly why you can't change it.

You can only leave while you still have time to go back to being your old, confident, healthy, strong self.

Don't waste your time trying to get something back, that you two might have had before he became blind to everything.

There is no turning back.

If you stay, you will you sink deeper into the abyss every day. Each morning you will only feel weaker, more exhausted and sadder than the day before.

Eventually there will be nothing left of the person you once were. You will be but a ghostly shadow of the woman who once existed.

The woman who valued herself and the world. The woman who loved life, loved herself and scattered love wherever she went.

She will be lost forever.

It is said that the most precious thing about our loved ones is not what they are as people, but the wonderful feeling they make us.

If he makes you feel like nothing, you have nothing to lose by leaving him.

But this woman… She is worth it. Everything about her is worth it. Don't give them up or you will regret it. You should look for her. You should protect her.

Go now. It won't be easy, but you will heal. Deliverance from him will be the beginning of a journey where you will regain your strength and confidence.

Don't let him tell you that you're unlovable. Just because he has a dark cloud over his head and doesn't see what you're really worth doesn't mean you're worthless.

The worst thing you can do to this amazing woman is to let him destroy your self-esteem and make you feel unwanted.

He was just a little rock on your way that slowed you down a bit, but don't let him stop you forever.

Anything he ruined can be rebuilt. When you finally realize that you can't doubt your self-worth, everything will be fine.

You will learn never to let that happen again.

It will always give someone who doesn't appreciate you &rszlig; – the important thing is that that someone is not you.


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