If he has these 10 traits, you might be a victim of his narcissistic abuse

If he has these 10 qualities, you might be a victim of his narcissistic abuse

A fairy tale. You live in a fairy tale. It's so beautiful.

The man you are with is everything you ever hoped for in a man.

He is a godsend. He's the man you've been waiting for your whole life.

Do you know that we all feel this way while everything is still fresh? Do you know that every man appears spotless and godlike?

Don't fall for the cheapest trick in the world. Don't get me wrong, it's okay to have a honeymoon period.

You're still madly in love, so you're blind to his quirks.

Later do these ”quirks” show up, and in a normal relationship you learn to live with them.

After all, you're not perfect either. There are definitely things about you that drive him crazy too.

But I'm not talking about normal, ordinary quirks that everyone has.

I'm not talking about normal fights that every couple has. I'm talking about real physical and emotional abuse.< /p>

You know, narcissists seem just like everyone else at first glance.

To be specific, narcissists are charming and adorable. They are even more attractive than mentally healthy people.

Narcissists are predators of the human world.

In the animal world, predators have physical characteristics that characterize them as predators. They have big teeth, sharp claws, etc.

But our predators show no signs of being hunters. They look and act just like everyone else.

And that's the problem. This is exactly their strongest weapon in their hunt for us. That's how they get us.

Narcissists fit perfectly into the world of honest and loving people.

They sneak into our lives and feed on our energy and life until they drain us completely.

The saddest part is that they keep going until it too late for us to get away from them without serious consequences.

But stop their terror now! I will no longer stand idly by while so many women wage the fight of their lives.

I'll help you spot a narcissist before it's too late, while you still have a chance to save yourself.

That's what every narcissist does. These are its hidden qualities that can tell you so much.

All you have to do is open your eyes and put your feelings aside.

Table of Contents Show 1 1. Every narcissist is a person at home and a very different person when you're away 2 2. He criticizes but can't handle criticism 3 3. He's obsessed with himself and completely ignores you 4 4 He cannot have serious relationships with others 5 5. He feeds on power, but he is terrified of failure 6 6. He only shows affection when it suits him 7 7. He likes to fight 8 8. Narcissists are obsessed with order 9 9. He is addicted to the attention he gets 10 10. He is emotionally draining and completely clueless

1. Every narcissist is a person at home and a different person when you're away

Narcissists have two sides to their personality. One is specifically for you and the other is for everyone else.

Or rather, one is what they really are and the other is what they tell people want to show.

On the outside, your narcissist is charming and just plain perfect. People laugh at his jokes and absorb everything he says.

His stories are incredible and he's even more perfect.

When you come home, this one transforms perfect man into an exhausting and suffocating manipulator.

He's impossible to deal with. And if his demands are not met, he will only get worse.

2. He criticizes but can't handle criticism

Narcissists are thin-skinned, which means they can't handle criticism, even constructive ones.

He immediately thinks you're going for him, when in fact you're just going for it want to point out some things to help him become a better person.

But when it comes to you, the rules are different. He never misses an opportunity to criticize you.

He follows your every step, and if you make even the slightest mistake, he will pounce on you like a bloodthirsty wild dog.

3. He is obsessed with himself and completely ignores you

He overstates his achievements and blows his talents wildly. No matter what you can do, he claims he can do better.

Although he has no proof, his story is incredibly believable. People believe every lie he tells.

If you do something truly commendable, he'll immediately undermine your success, or he'll act like a drama queen just to steal the spotlight from you.

So your accomplishments go unnoticed, while his “ ;attempts” (although he never achieved anything remarkable).

4. He cannot have a serious relationship with others

Although you and everyone else would think that he has a lot of friends, the reality is that every narcissist is completely alone.

He has acquaintances, people he can talk to about trivial stuff, but that's about it.

The reason is that he lacks empathy and that's why he does is unable to relate to another human being.

The only thing he is good at is trapping you and pretending to care about you, as long as you provide him with his narcissistic validation.

5. He feeds on power but is terrified of failure

He has an image in his head, an image of his own making. Almost every narcissist is driven by power and apparent "success" surrounded.

In reality, he is neither that successful nor that powerful. He knows just how you present yourself that way.

Actually, there is an enormous fear of failure in his head.

That's why a narcissist will never admit that he made a mistake. He will never apologize for anything.

In such situations, he will distract you with something else, usually something you did wrong, or he will change the subject so that he is no longer in the spotlight.

6. He only shows you affection when it suits him

Living with a narcissist can be beautiful – for a few days.

Seriously, if you do everything he wants, he will give you all the love you need. I mean, not real love, but affection.

Narcissists can't love anyone. But they can show love if it benefits them in any way.

Once he doesn't need you anymore, he will stop showing that affection.

He gets like that pretend you're a nobody, like you're not even worth the air to breathe, let alone anything else.

7. He likes to fight

A narcissist will pick on you, they will provoke you until you snap and fight back.

This is the perfect way to start a fight. And sadly, that's exactly what he wants.

When your relationship turns into total chaos and you break down, this is the paradise he always dreamed of.

In these moments he reaches his peak. He is the absolute ruler.

If you hit back and verbally attack him with legitimate arguments, he will fight back.

You can't beat him no matter how hard you try because his manipulation tactics are infallible.

You'll end up broken while he's stronger than ever.

8. Narcissists are obsessed with order

As mentioned earlier, narcissists lack empathy. Because of this, they can only see everything in black and white’ see.

If you could see the world through their eyes, you would see everything so simplified.

For a narcissist there is no in-between. It either is or it isn't.

Some of them are obsessed with cleanliness and order, and when something is out of place they lose their minds and take out their anger on the first person, they meet.

They don't need a reason. They don't even have one.

9. He is addicted to the attention he gets

Being in the spotlight is his drug. Other people's attention keeps him busy.

And you know what? There is no place for anyone on stage except for the narcissist.

The narcissist's need for attention goes so far that if your friends say something positive, the narcissist will respond. Saying it about someone else feels like some kind of personal attack.

At that moment, they need to be the focus of conversation and the spotlight again.

10. He is emotionally draining and completely clueless

He has no idea that he is the cause of every problem.

He drains the people around him emotionally and picks fights at every opportunity.

The pain he causes others every day is enormous and he has ü I have absolutely no idea humans feel that pain.

Being emotionless, he can't understand other people's emotions either.

If you dig a little deeper into their behavior, if you sit down and analyze why someone is behaving this way, it won't seem so unclear to you.

Narcissists lack empathy, because they probably never had anyone in their life who could show them what empathy is and how to treat people.

Narcissists can't handle criticism and need to present themselves as the best of the best because they're insecure to the core.

Unfortunately, they do the complete opposite when it comes to their fears.

They fool people around themselves and ultimately also at themselves.

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