If he doesn't run after you when you walk, keep walking

If he doesn't run after you when you walk, move on

There you are. A crossroads in your life.

Now you have to choose between the life you had with him and whether you want to continue like this or take the hard road and leave him behind.

It hurts, it's hard, it's awful to know that you have to move on in life without the person you thought was your soulmate.

Your heart will take a while to heal and it's a challenge to make it whole again after it's been through so much and you've left bits of it in the past.

Going and moving on doesn't make you weak, it makes you stronger than you've ever been, for you gathered all your strength to move a foot; to sit in front of the others and start walking away.

It didn't work out and somehow you both knew for a long time that it would end like this.

You tried to save it, but some relationships just aren't meant to be perfect, they're meant to show you what love shouldn't be like and teach you a valuable lesson.

You didn't want to leave at first, because you knew he would sit down and not even try to convince you to stay.

It's too much effort one relationship after another total disaster to get it running again – at least he thinks so.

You would do anything to make things better now, but you realize that you deserve far more than he can give you.

Of course, that's all you've thought through, your head tells you about these things every day, but somehow your heart doesn't want to cooperate.

You feel vulnerable and all you want is for him to show you that you still care about him means or that he loves you.

Because he was never good at expressing his feelings you didn't even know how to interpret his actions. But it seems his intentions are clear now.

Do you really think he'd show you he's sorry even if he knew how?

That he would do something to keep you by his side?

Honey, if he hasn't done anything to date, why would you think he will tomorrow ?

Don't get caught up in his games, gather your strength and go’ continue.

Keep going and while it will be hard, it will also be worth it. You'll want to turn around and go back, but will that really make you happy?

Don't go back to someone whose pride is more important than you.

He treated you as an option rather than a priority because he couldn't see through eyes like yours – Eyes full of love and understanding.

Therefore, even if he does something to make you stay, he probably won't be able to keep you.

His behavior will a little lighter.

Though you may not think it right now, one day when you look back you will remember that there was nothing that could make you stay.

< p>For now, keep going. The path becomes brighter and more beautiful with each step toward healing. It will be fine, I can promise you that.

Just know your worth and move on.

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