If he doesn't do these 8 things, he's not very interested in you

If he doesn't do these 8 things, he's not very interested in you

Every girl's dream is to have a man by her side who loves her the way she deserves.

But what if everything isn't that simple?

Maybe it's time to take off the rose-colored glasses and see that he doesn't like you that much.

If you're not quite sure how he feels about you, here are a few things to help you know if yours man is interested in you and planning a future with you.

1. He doesn't respect you

Respect is the key to a stable and successful relationship.

If your man doesn't respect you, that is one Warning that you should leave him and move on.

He takes you for granted and thinks you are always there when he needs you.

< p>So show him he's wrong and leave on time.

If he loses you, he will realize that he has made a big mistake and he will never treat a woman like you again.

This is a lesson for him.

2. He won't support you in your dreams

There are many relationships where men are jealous of their wives' careers.

That's why they will never support them in their dreams.

They will never say they are proud of them and will avoid talking about their job.

< p>No woman can be truly happy and fulfilled in such a relationship, so the best solution is to sit down and talk.

If you find your man being stubborn and his pride is more important than his love for you, you should rebuff him!

3. He doesn’t have time for you 

If your man keeps making stupid excuses and is too busy, it means that he is not very interested in you .

If he loves you, he would make you his priority, but that behavior means something else.

By acting like this, he's saying he can see you, but that he can't Problem is when he doesn't.

And such a man is never a man in love. I know it sounds scary, but it's time to go. 

4. A committed relationship just isn't his thing

When a man tells you he doesn't want a serious relationship right now, you can bet he's just stalling you.

He's just an ass who goes from girl to girl ;next.

He doesn't want to commit himself and never will.

To protect yourself from tears, you should leave him in time and be thankful that you are rid of him.

5. He doesn’t listen to you

The reason for having a boyfriend is to make you feel good about yourself.

If you reveal your deepest emotions to him but he prefers to stare after the hot waitress, you have nothing to do with him.

You're too good for him and you should give him that say.

Explain to him that relationships are about love and respect, and respect that you won't get either with him.

Hopefully he'll see his mistake, but this time it will be too late for both of you.

6. He doesn't want to get to know you better

Whether you've been together forever or you've only been a couple for a few months, he should always be interested in you.

A man who loses interest is not one who is head over heels in love with you.

He's only with you because it's convenient for him.

He's not the one who would die for you and he's definitely not the one you're going to marry.

7. He makes you believe everything is your fault

Whether you made something a problem or not, he will blame you for whatever happens , blame.

You will always be a problem in his life and he will tell you what he has to say.

Trust’ me, you're going to feel awful because he keeps blaming you for things you didn't do.

This type of relationship is definitely unhealthy and you should get out of it NOW .

8. He doesn’t care about your feelings

He is the kind of man who will stand proudly in front of you while you cry about your problems in life.

He won't even reach out his hand to comfort you.

He won't even say anything to cheer you up and that you can always count on him.< /p>

This man will never care about your feelings and he certainly won't do anything to make you happy.

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