If he does these 9 things he will never fall in love with you

If he does these 9 things he will never fall in love with you

1. He makes last minute plans with you

Let's face it, he probably had plans with his friends, but since they canceled on him, he called you because he doesn’t want to sit alone in the bar.

You are his last option and he would rather spend some time with you than go home and get bored.

2. He doesn't introduce you as his girlfriend

If he doesn't introduce you as his girlfriend, it's because he doesn't consider you his girlfriend.

< p>This is a sign that he probably has another one (or more), but he wants to keep you as an option.

He doesn’t think you are important in his life and doesn’t want to introduce you to the people he cares about.

3. He only contacts you when he feels like it

If he texts you at 2 a.m. that he misses you and wants to be with you, it means that you are for nothing more than a bed affair.

He's only using you to get what he wants and doesn't want to commit at all.

He plays games, but how long you put up with it is up to you.

4. He doesn't want to meet your friends

Even if you say there are people in your life who are extremely important to you, he will never want to meet them. In fact, he won't even want to get to know you better.

He just wants you to be there when he feels like it and to leave him alone when he needs some space.< /p>

If you see these warning signs, you must tell him that you are not his puppet and that he cannot do whatever he wants with you.

5. He disappears and doesn't call you

A man who likes you will let you know when he's not around because he knows you're worried will do.

But if your friend disappears for a few days and then acts normal, you should know that he doesn't respect you.

A man like that will never love you. If he does all this at the beginning of your relationship, you can imagine what he will be up to later when things get really serious.

6. He takes forever to reply to you

Okay, you all know the tactic of not replying immediately when a man or woman texts you, but a man to the you are important will not play games.

He will show you that he is always available and that he is happy to hear from you.

But if he ignores your texts for a day or more and you see him actively replying to other people, then he is just a loser who doesn't deserve you. Move on while it's not too late.

7. He says his ex is a slut

Have you ever heard the saying: “You can only say good things about dead people and exes? "

However, if he keeps saying that his ex was a slut and that her breakup is her fault, he may not be over her and that you are just a stopgap to him ;ßhe is.

And if he talks about her like that, he will talk about you like that.

He just can't accept that he has everything screwed up!

8. He only invites you for sex

If he invites you over to his house just to have sex and then when you're done telling you he has to get up early, that's a sign he's not interested in you.

He will never love you and the sooner you realize that the easier it will be for you.

He's just a fuckboy who wants to take advantage of you and he has not pretend to make any effort for you.

9. He makes zero effort to get you

Guys like him have this attitude that they shouldn't try hard to get you.

He wants you to do all the work. And when you're done, he'll say he's not the one for you and run away.

The thing is, he really doesn't know what he wants. He's just a spoiled brat who got every girl he wanted but couldn't commit to any of them.

So if you notice this behavior from him, don't worry and give him a one-way ticket out of your life instead.

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