If he does these 8 things, don't bother texting him back

If he does these 8 things, don't bother texting him back

1. He sends short, effortless replies

You really put an effort into the messages you send him.

You make sure that they are not boring, that they show how interesting and funny you are and he replies with a monosyllabic message.

He doesn't cooperate. Texting is a give and take.

Efforts must be mutual or fizzle out. It's the first little indicator of the one-sidedness you want to avoid at all costs.

2. He's too busy to answer you

Most people are on their phones 24/7, so it's really weird when someone doesn't come right back ;writes back.

But people shower, eat, sleep, work, etc. without their phones.

However, if he’s too busy to reply within a day, you don’t even have to bother to keep texting him. No one is that busy and they just put you off.

3. He forgets to text you back

Ask yourself, “Have I ever forgotten him?” The answer will most likely be ”no” ring. Because you like him and because you care about him.

If he's so caught up in his day that he can't find a minute to text you, then he just isn't in love with you, and that's the only truth.

4. He mentions sex way too soon

A man who hasn't taken the time to get to know you but will mention sex at the first available opportunity, with romping through your beds is not a good man.

He is not the man to relate to.

He only has one thing on his mind, and he tells you he just wants something casual. He doesn't want to get to know you on a deeper level.

So remember that early sexting will send nude pics and any mention of sex— a huge red flag is that he doesn't want anything serious.

5. Delaying his answers is part of his ploy

He believes the only way to keep a girl interested is to manipulate her mind. It all starts with messages.

He will send something and then wait for hours to reply. He will ignore your last message for as long as he sees fit.

If you fancy him, this will work. You'll always be on your toes and longing for his next text.

But he'll openly show you that he has the word PLAYER written on his forehead. Stop texting him back – you don't have time for games.

6. He forgets to mention that he is already in a relationship

It must have "lost his mind". Yes, as if you could forget that you are in a relationship, engaged or god forbid married.

Unfortunately, the dating scene these days is full of scum like this.

Unn&ouml Time to say you don't even think about texting him back. The best thing you can do is keep him away from your phone and your life.

7. He won't text you back

This goes without saying, but it's still worth mentioning: there's no point in sending message after message if the first one hasn't been answered.

It will appear as if you did you write with yourself and not with him. It'll make you seem desperate, and it won't make him answer faster.

All in all, there's no point. If your message goes unanswered, don't.

8. He'll get mad if you don't answer him right away

That's a big red flag. You for godsake have a life of your own, and there are a number of reasons you couldn't respond right away.

And if he gets angry, maybe he'll point that out to you it's better if you don't text him at all.

Getting angry about something as trivial as not getting an immediate response is a sign of controlling and jealous behavior. So, be very careful.

All in all, there is one rule you should follow when it comes to writing that will clean up this whole texting mess: If your girlfriend is in a was in a similar situation and your advice was: “Don’t text him back”, give it to yourself- don’t reply.

Usually we get more done with the text , which is ignored than with the one we send.


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