If he does these 7 things, he's scared of losing you

If he does these 7 things, he's afraid of losing you

Every relationship is perfect at the beginning. You feel like you have the world at your feet and you're totally in love.

Even the things you wouldn't normally tolerate, you leave out Watch out because you're head over heels in love.

Actually, it's not love at all, it's initial infatuation, the madness when you're completely infatuated and obsessed with your new boyfriend.

But sooner or later that initial flame dies out and real life kicks in.

Only then will you see if you really love him or if you were just excited by the thought of love.< /p>

In this phase, all the things you overlooked in the beginning become a burden.

His quirks and mistakes become too big; and it's up to you whether you learn to love her or resent her.

You may be having trouble with his new page and you don't know how to react. You don't know how to make him understand that he's losing you.

It can happen, or (which rarely happens) he'll notice in time that you're slipping away from him, that you a little away from him.

That's why if he really loves you, he'll bring out the big guns and do these things to keep you:

1. He will flirt with you

He knows he's already won you, but he won't stop fighting for you.

When he senses that you might want to leave him, he will flirt with you again.

He will try to win you back.

He will invite you to a nice dinner, show up on your dates on time, and reply to your messages immediately.

He'll try to seduce you from scratch.

2. He will drop everything to be with you

No other plans are as important as you. If you examine his behavior you will see that he is really, truly, madly, head over heels in love with you is.

He cares about you and doesn't want to waste his chance with you.

You are important to him and he will fight for you.

If you need him he will cancel what he had planned to be with you and of course he will never tell you that and you will only find out by accident if he does.

3. He will give you gifts

It doesn't have to be a special occasion. He will just buy you something to prove he loves you or he will pick flowers in the park and bring them to you.

He will show you his emotional affection and how much he cares about you , doing those little things that mean so much in the end.

4. He will treat you as his priority

Nothing is more important than you. He will always put you first because right now you are the most important thing in his life and he wants you to be aware of that.

He wants to make sure that you will never leave him by treating you as you deserve; as every woman deserves.

He's smart enough to see that.

5. He will compliment you

He wants you to feel special and wanted. He wants you to feel beautiful because you are.

This isn't a desperate attempt to keep you by saying empty words meant to make you happy; no, he really means what he says and proves it with his actions.

He compliments you on your looks because he is madly in love with you and for him you are the most beautiful. ndest woman in the world.

He compliments you on things you do and how you do them because he genuinely admires you and your skills.

6. He cares about your friends and family

He knows you care about them, so he cares about them too.

He will make an effort so that they like him as much as he cares about you.

Even if he doesn't like her, he will never show it to you and will keep it to himself because he loves you and doesn't want to hurt you.

7. He will be there for you when you need him

Usually, people who have been together for a while start taking each other for granted.

Even if one person needs help in the relationship, the other doesn't take it seriously because they think they can handle it themselves.

He won't behave like that. He'll see when you're stressed and he'll come to your aid.

He'll either just be there and listen or give you whatever advice you need.< /p>

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