If he does these 5 things, you need to raise your standards

If he does these 5 things, you need to raise your standards

It's quite common that we can't realistically assess our relationship and the people around us , when we fall madly in love with him.

And while there are some things you must compromise on in a relationship, there are also things you should never put up with, never mind how big your love for a man is.

But sometimes you just forget that and lower your standards and settle for less, with a guy who isn't even worth it.

Here are 5 behaviors you shouldn't tolerate in your boyfriend that will signal you it's time to raise your standards.

1. He compares you to other women

When you are in a committed relationship with someone, you both should make each other feel special.

This means that your boyfriend needs to treat you as unique and that you should be the only woman in his life.

On the other hand, if he makes you feel like you're not good enough for him and he compares you to other women, then you obviously have a problem.

And I'm not just talking about that Cheating, because it shouldn't even be talked about and it should always be taboo.

I'm also not saying that you should forbid him to talk to any other woman besides you or her just to look at.

Although we hate to admit it, a man can find another woman attractive even if he loves you deeply.

But that doesn't mean it's okay if he texts, flirts with, or stares at other women while you're sitting next to him.

Remember, if he's the one, he will always make you feel like you are the only one for him.

2. He won't answer his phone or your texts

Even when we're in a relationship, we all need some distance from our partner and some alone time.

Just because this guy is your friend doesn't mean you should text or call each other every second when you're not together.

But if he's been ignoring you for most of the day, you should you raise your standards a bit.

When you call or text him, he never answers right away, which exposes the bitter truth that he doesn't think about you as often as you do.< /p>

Also, it makes you feel like you're chasing him and you feel desperate because you keep texting him and impatiently waiting for him to reply – and this is not how you should feel in a healthy relationship.

3. He’s always too busy for you

Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean that you and your boyfriend don’t have a life outside of that relationship ;rft.

Before this relationship, you were two individuals with your own family and friends, and your relationship should remain that way.

But that doesn't mean it's okay if your boyfriend never has time has for you.

If this guy is always too busy to be with you or just to talk to you, it's clear that he doesn't have too big a fuss. has for you and that you should raise your standards.

4. He doesn't respect you

Respect is definitely one of the foundations of any healthy relationship, and disrespect should be a major reason for everyone to break up.

But unfortunately, many women believe that their man can love them without full respect, which is absolutely not in okay.

So if your partner disrespects you in any way, you should definitely reconsider your relationship. It also shows that it is time to raise your standards in relationships.

This means that you no longer let him manipulate you, abuse you, belittle you, or humiliate you in any way should.

You two are equal partners, and that's the only way he can treat you. Anything else is unacceptable because you know what you're worth and he should know it too.

5. You are aware that he is only using you for sex

There's nothing wrong with having a sex-only relationship with someone as long as both partners are aware of the agreement and as long as it's what they both want.

But it's something else entirely when he fakes a real relationship with you but really just wants sex.

If that's the case in your relationship and you're aware of it, you need to raise your standards because of this Guy is clearly taking advantage of you.

He's never there for you when you need him and he doesn't really pay you any attention, just calls you at night to check on you or him. nght It's clear what his intentions are, and it's clear that you and he don't want the same thing.

So it's time to raise your standards without hoping that you'll hurt him change their behavior towards you and say goodbye to someone who clearly doesn't deserve you.


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