If he does these 11 things, you're no longer his number one person

If he does these 11 things, you're no longer his number one

During the “dog eye phase” it's easy to be #1 for a man.

But what happens when that dog-eyed phase is over? What happens when the funß ends and we are left with our true selves?

It is more than logical that you should be the priority in the beginning of a relationship, when everything is still fresh and you are new to each other.

But after a while, when you get used to each other , men can take you for granted and easily neglect you.

You might be one of the lucky ones who didn't experience this, but if you feel like it that your husband has changed, we show you 11 signs to see if he is no longer treating you as a priority.

1. He takes hours to answer you

In the beginning you probably wrote a lot and you didn't have to wait more than a few minutes for his answer.

But after a while your texting became less frequent, the messages became shorter and even the love you expressed to each other through messages kind of disappeared.

It now takes him a few hours to reply and there's no point even continuing the conversation after such a long time.

Whatever excuse he may have, never forget, that you can't be so busy as to not find less than 30 seconds to reply.

It's not about the time. It's about priorities, you know.

2. He doesn't answer when you call

In the beginning he called just to hear your voice. You talked for hours before you fell asleep, but it's all over now.

Now he hardly picks up the phone when you call and he doesn't even call you anymore.

Also, he's not in the habit of calling you back when he sees a missed call.


It's much easier for him to make excuses like 'My phone was silent', 'I forgot to call you back', 'I was too busy to pick up the phone,' when you called”.

His apologies are all lies, but what they tell you is true – you are no longer his priority.

3. He doesn't want to spend any more time with you

When you first started, all he wanted to do was spend some alone time with you.

He took every opportunity to steal a few minutes of your time and he loved planning getaways just for the two of you.

Now he doesn't even bother to accept the suggestion to go outside-he prefers to stay inside. It's just that he doesn't see the point of going out and hanging out with you when there are other people to hang out with.

Be assured of this: Regardless of how long you've been together, spending time together is important to having a healthy relationship.

If he's consistently avoiding it, be wise to find out what that means .

4. He doesn't care about your feelings anymore

Maybe seeing you happy was his favorite thing and he would do anything to fill a gap ;putting a smile on your face.

He even did the impossible in the beginning and now it seems he doesn't care about your feelings anymore.

If you try to openly tell him how his actions make you feel or that you're upset about something he's done, he'll say something just to dissuade you or get you to stop About talking.

He often changes the subject and starts talking about something else because your feelings are no longer his priority.

5. He prefers to spend time with others than with you

When you started you had your own rituals and days of the week when you knew you were spending time together would.

Now it seems impossible to find him without other people around him. Every time you guys want to spend time together, “accidentally” someone to spend time with you.

If you suggest him to do something with you, like go shopping or to the movies or to the park, he decides to spend that time with you spending time with someone else.

If he chooses to spend time with others instead of spending it with you-then you two have a problem.

6. He doesn't listen when you talk

In the past, perhaps a long time ago, you would often be plagued by the questions “How was work?” , ”How was your day?”, ”How are you?” etc swamped but now he doesn't even listen when you talk.

You spend most of your time in silence or scrolling through social media.

If you try to start a topic, he seems rather uninterested.

If you try to tell him how your day was or tell him something funny that happened to you, he may seem bored or your conversation has ended without him showing any interest.

Sometimes he will even nod at something you say or ask him and later, he won't and will tell you he forgot when in fact he wasn't paying attention.

If he doesn't listen when you talk, that's the ultimate sign he no longer sees you as his priority.

7. Ee always makes excuses

Before, he did everything in his power to make you like him. Now it seems like he will do anything to make you fall out of love.

Instead of giving you what you deserve, treating you with respect and being there for you, he always finds it just excuses why something can't be done.

It's easier to make up an excuse than to actually try.

And when all you get are excuses, it's a red flag that something in your relationship is going downhill.< /p>

8. He just disappears in the middle of an argument

Leaving an argument is only okay if you want to take some time to calm down so you can deal with the problem with kü your head.

But if he keeps running away from you in the middle of a fight, that won't solve the problem, it will create bigger ones.

If he gets into that habit, fights walking into an argument means he no longer cares whether the issues are resolved or not.

He doesn't care if you two get along well or not. Leaving yourself in the middle of an argument and leaving things unresolved would never make you the person for whom you are the priority.

9. He leaves you out when it comes to hanging out with his friends and family

You've been to them a lot, but now he brings doesn’t take you to family dinners, he doesn’t invite you over to his friends’s and he plans things with them but doesn’t include you.

It means that he is starting to make you stand out from the crowd who are most important to him and removed from the people who are his priority.

If you are not invited to these gatherings, it means you are no longer a priority.

10. He will let you down when you need him most

There was once a man who ran to save you no matter what.

Regardless of the messy situation you found yourself in, you knew you could count on him. But now things are different.

If he leaves you alone during those times when you need someone to be there for you, when he doesn't show up when he promises and when he no longer cares about your needs, then that's it unfortunately things aren't great.

11 . He doesn't treat you with love

You know you are loved, or at least you knew you were loved. But now things have changed.

You don't feel that way anymore. You no longer see yourself in his eyes. And everything he does seems to be to push you away.

In the beginning he did everything to win you over, but now you see no sign of this man.

He doesn't text you often, he doesn't call to hear your voice ;ren, he doesn't want to know how your day was, he shakes you off a lot and you can't remember the last time he made you feel special.

Things may seem hopeless now, but it doesn't have to be that way. You have two options. You can either do something about it or you can leave.

You can try to rebuild your relationship and find a way to bring back all those happy and good moments, or you can get rid of someone remove someone who has taken you off their priority list.

Whatever you choose, remember that the decision is yours alone. Make sure you choose the path that makes you happy.

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