If he does these 10 things, he is emotionally immature and you should stay away from him

If he does these 10 things, he is emotionally immature and you should stay away from him

1. It's always about him

He only cares about himself.

He will make sure his needs are met while he doesn’t care about the people around him.

He loves to talk in high tones about himself and most of the time it comes across as quite arrogant.

He tries to hide his insecurities by constantly emphasizing how confident he is is.

His behavior has narcissistic tendencies and it certainly won't get any better in the future.

If you're with someone who fits this description, run for your life .

His demeanor shows you how he will treat you.

He’s one of those self-centered men who will always put you last.

He will probably play mind games with you and try to tell you that you should be thankful, with so to be able to be with a guy like him. 

2. He says one thing but does something else

He will promise you heaven, he will tell you the most beautiful fairy tales, but he will never share them with you fulfilling life.

He'll stick to empty promises because when it comes down to taking action or investing in the relationship, he'll sit quietly and do nothing.

The bottom line is that he can't be trusted.< /p>

If he behaves like this at the beginning of your relationship, nothing much will change in the future.

Before you know it, you'll be in one one-sided relationship and you're the only one making an effort.

That's why you should judge him by his actions and not just by his words.

If he lies to you about the little things, he'll be lying to you about the big things in no time.

This is a red flag from an emotionally insecure man you will have no future with.

3. His feelings are his best kept secrets

Expressing his feelings is generally difficult for men.

But in time he will be able to express himself emotionally, if not in words then at least in actions.

The thing about emotionally immature men is that they imagine their power lose when they give free rein to their emotions.

They don't want to stop chasing women and even more so they fear being vulnerable.

They are afraid of being hurt if they open up and confide in someone, so they hide their feelings.

In most cases, an open conversation would ;Get clarity.

But communication is difficult with an emotionally immature man.

As long as he can, he will deftly avoid the subject.

So immature he is may be, if he really has feelings then his actions will speak for him even if he lacks the courage to speak his mind.

However, if he doesn’t even bother to show them then I feel sorry for you because then he just plain doesn’t have them.

4. The word “binding” does not exist in his vocabulary

Regardless of his age, he doesn't feel ready to take responsibility or for anything long-term. As soon as the relationship gets a little more serious, he gets cold feet.

He's still not ready to see himself in a long-term relationship.

You will see the symptoms of this in his inability to make plans for the future, he will avoid seeing you as his “girlfriend” and you will never be introduced to the important people in his life etc. 

He has to deal with that himself. Maybe this phase of emotional immaturity and relationship anxiety will pass, or maybe it will stay that way until he's 60.

So be careful, it's about your lifetime. Don't let him waste too much of your time.

If you think you've already given him enough time and understanding, you might want to stop waiting and talk to him. Sen.

5. He runs to his mother for everything or still lives at home

Is there anything that screams immaturity more than a man going to his mother for everything running?

It's nice when someone has a good relationship with their mother, but it's too much when she interferes and decides every aspect of their life, especially when it comes to the life they have shares with you.

He will always compare you to her, no matter if the relationship with her is positive or toxic.

He wants you to become more like her or the complete opposite.

No matter which way you go, it will become too exhausting for you over time and you will always feel like there are three people in your relationship.

6. He’s too needy

He only ever relies on you. Whatever it is, it's up to you to fix it.

He needs you to make sure everything will work out.

He needs someone who constantly boosting his fragile ego because he lacks confidence in himself and his abilities.

Soon you will feel like you are his crisis manager and not his girlfriend.

Your self will lack support though, as he will only mind his own business.

You'll spend days and nights listening to his senseless dramas.

But when it comes to listening to you, he's untraceable.

7. He has a false 'redeemer complex'

He pretends to be your knight in shining armor, but in fact, he finds your bad days pleasant.

Your unhappiness tells him he's actually good at it; gt, because you're in an even worse situation.

He puts his own problems and concerns aside and takes care of his wife's problems, which makes him even more manly, powerful and annoying. rker.

However, his intentions are not pure. 

His heart is not in the right place. He's not trying to help you, he's just making things worse. 

Therefore, when a woman meets a guy like this, she should get away from him as quickly and as far as possible . 

8. He's way too jealous

Not only is he immature, he's also deeply insecure.

That's why he's in yours towards everyone Close to jealous.

He will be constantly on your trail and follow your every step with eagle eyes.

He could turn the spit&rszlig; also turn around and surround himself with other women to make you jealous on purpose.

If he were actually mature and confident, he wouldn't have to take such steps to get the desired reaction and to get confirmation that you have feelings for him.

Relationships with extremely jealous people can almost take your breath away.

You feel trapped in the relationship and it makes you incredibly unhappy.

Jealousy is a hallmark of an emotionally immature man; he just doesn't trust himself, so he can't trust you either.

Trying to make you jealous stinks of immaturity. A mature and self-confident man would never resort to such means.

9. He avoids all serious topics

Immature men usually lack communication skills.

Conversations with him are mostly light-hearted, casual, until more serious issues are brought up.

He cannot handle open and honest conversations. If he doesn't want to listen to you, how is he supposed to know what's on your mind?

How is he supposed to know that something about his behavior bothers you?

How should you you know that something about you bothers him if he doesn't confide in you?

In truth, he can't know either.

The key to a good relationship is balanced communication, this holds together and enhances any type of relationship, especially a love relationship.

Unfortunately he is too immature to know that – ; therefore your relationship will stagnate and never progress.

10. He never takes responsibility

He is never the guilty one and his way is always the right one.

A man who takes no responsibility for his Taking action and never listening to others or acknowledging the opinions of others is totally immature.

You will not make a step forward with him.

He would playing the victim role rather than admitting he made a mistake.

Everything will always be your fault and you are the scapegoat.

An immature man will never get one Admitting mistakes and you'll probably never get an “I'm sorry” listen.


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