I miss you – a feeling of longing and the most beautiful sayings about it

I miss you - a feeling of longing and the most beautiful sayings about it

Each of us has a person in life that we miss dearly.

Be it a person who is still part of our lives or a person we have lost: The great love that has left us. Or a person who is no longer with us. 

Who would have thought that just one emotion could be so strong that we have so much trouble overpowering it? or even to live with. 

Is there a more intense feeling? Is there a feeling that can have a stronger impact on our everyday life? 

As strong as love can be, it also hurts when this love is no longer returned. Missing someone you may never see again is very painful. 

True, strong love is often more intense than a loud bark from that hellhound that attacks you on your way to school from childhood has.

A broken relationship leaves deep wounds. You feel lost, empty and hurt. 

You know; not how one should master one's life now, alone, without one's partner.

After all, it was the anticipation of coming home from work and hugging your loved one that helped us get through the day.

I was also at the Ground shattered when my marriage to the love of my life fell apart, had to find a new footing; and get on with my life no matter what.

And it wasn't an easy journey…

The great love we lost

I felt Cupid's arrow hit you and me when we first touched. It was all so beautiful, so wonderful and unique with you. 

We were young, both in our early 20s, finished school and moved to the big city to study. We met at the university in a lecture and we hit it off straight away. 

After a few dates we decided to give our relationship a chance. It was the right decision, every day with you was beautiful.

You were the only person in the whole world to whom I could confide all my secrets and in whose arms I felt safe.

After 5 years of relationship, the marriage proposal followed, which I of course accepted; I was the happiest woman in the world and couldn't wait to start our life together as a family.

After two years of marriage I was pregnant with our son and our family happiness seemed complete. But soon the first problems began. 

You were overwhelmed with the role of father, covered yourself with work just to come home late from work.

< p>Unfortunately, you never had the courage to talk to me about your feelings, you kept everything to yourself.

Sure, we were doing well financially, because your income had increased due to your many overtime hours, but this income could not replace you as a person.

Only through the ”redistribution of means”, if we want to express it economically, i.e. money instead of time and attention, a family cannot be kept together.

After another three years you finally drew the line and the divorce papers submitted.

I was devastated and didn't want to accept that the man I loved so much didn't feel for me anymore and took up his rights to break up with us. 

This fact cut like a merciless blade into my flesh and left me&szz; deep injuries in my soul.

I stood there stunned, in my early 30s, with a small child at my side and had to start my life all over again. 

I didn't know how to do that. My deep connection to you prevented me from letting go, from finally letting you go and moving on with my life without you.

I fell into a depression, holed up in my apartment for days and cried my heart out every day Sleep.

The only reason I didn't completely die was because of my son, because I had to be there for him.

But damn i miss you so much! So much that it hurts and I don't know how to get over this pain.

I love you, I love you, Ti amo, Je t’aime! – I know I don't know what language I should tell you in so that you understand!

You were my everything and now…now you're gone, gone, left me and live your own life. In addition to the feeling of longing, I'm also gripped by anger.

Because I'm also angry that you never spoke to me about your feelings, which distresses you. ckt, your insecurity – we could have talked about anything.

After all, that's what married couples are for.

The fact that you never fought for us, for me, for us, for our little son, hurts terribly and is ridiculous ;s stunned me back. You just left us.

Most of all, I'm mad at myself for not seeing it sooner. For not reading between the lines and realizing that you are changing. 

For not grabbing you and telling you everything will be fine. That nothing can tear us apart. But maybe it just wasn't meant to be with us. 

It took me a long time to organize all these feelings, until I felt ready again to put someone in my heart to let go.

I knew I needed to heal the hurt that this divorce left behind. and I had to be strong for my son.

So after a few years I decided to create a profile on a dating site. I used this website to make new friends and maybe find a new partner for life.

At first I was very skeptical because you don't just find a partner, lay it put it in your shopping cart and it will be delivered to your home – with a money-back guarantee! 

No, trust has to be built and I had to open up to let a man back into my life. To make myself vulnerable again! 

But I always had to remind myself that not all men are the same and that I also had my right to be happy! So I went in search of my happiness.

Finally, I found what I was looking for and met a man who honestly loves me and is willing to take on responsibility.

He accepted my son as if it were his own child and takes great care of both of us.

Life is like a book – to start a new chapter you have to close the previous one.

In that sense, I hope that my partner is not just a guest book, but is there to the end and share it with me writes.

I miss you in 25 languages

Here you will find ”I miss you” in 25 different languages ​​so you can express your feelings in any language.

Also, this can be a great token of love to show that person how much you miss them.

I miss you – English

Mi manchi – Italian

Tu me manque – French

Te extraño -o – Spanish

Sinto sua falta – Portuguese

Kaipaan sinua – Finnish

Aishtaqat ‘iilayk – Arabic

Hiányzol -ndash; Hungarian

Ya skuchayu po tebe – Russian

Ek mis jou – Afrikaans

Seni özledim – Turkish

Nedostaješ wed – Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian

Me mungon – Albanian

Mi-e dor de tine – Romanian

Wǒ xiǎng nǐ – Chinese

Mou leípeis  – Greek

Mujhe tumhaaree yaad aa rahee hai – Hindi

Anata ga koishī – Japanese

Chybiš wed – Czech

Jeg savner deg – Norwegian

Ego te requiret – Latin

Boto de menos – Galician

Ik mis je – Dutch

Tęsknię za tobą – Polish

Mi maltrafas vin – Esperanto

I miss you – the best sayings

1. I just can't do without you. I need your kind! I need your smell! I need your nearness! And most importantly, I need you!!

2. I'm just happier when you're there!

3. No matter what you do…No matter how much you distract yourself…No matter how loud the music is…Longing is always louder!

4. I miss your breath that I listen to at night. I miss your hand that touches me gently. I miss your soul that makes me stagger. I miss you! 

5. My heart misses yours.

6. Sometimes I secretly wish you would stand in front of my door, take my hand and say, “Let's go… be happy!”

7. There is no medicine for missing

8. Your place next to me in bed is cold and empty. I would love to touch you now, just feel you next to me. I miss you so much! 

9. This longing for you, to see you, smell you, feel you, feel you and have you.

10. Longing is the heart's own torture, which cannot be controlled and cannot simply be turned off.

11. If it weren't for this longing, you might not know how much love you can have.

12. I miss…your laughter, your voice, your bright eyes! I miss…kissing you, touching you, talking to you! But most of all, I miss just being close to you! 

13. Seeing you one more time, hearing your voice one more time…I miss you!

14. I'm afraid my heart is burning, we love each other and are separated too often. The world is cruel and mean, I would love to be with you right now! 

15. Why do we sadly look into emptiness? Why do we cry tears like seas? Why are there cracks in our hearts? Why do you think… because we miss you! 

16. You are my first thought in the morning…and my last in the evening!

17. Just had to think of you and I thought to myself, I'll write you that, then you'll think of me too. 

18. Every day without you is like a shadow without light. I want you to be with me! Because without you it doesn't work! 

19. When the moon shines in the sky at night and my heart breaks with longing, I want to tell you: I miss you. 

20. I look out the window and wait for you. My heart hurts, I miss you!

21. Without you, I'm just a pitiful sigh of a wasting, poor creature in a wretched general condition and without any hope of survival. You must have pity now and will visit me soon, right?

22. When a love ends, someone cries. If no one cries, it was not real love. If they both cry, this love has never stopped. 

23. It's funny how empty a life can be when just one person is missing from it! 

24. Longing is the worst addiction!

25. In the evening, still and softly, a kiss went on its journey. Flew over to you on the sly and you know what, it was from me. 

26. I can feel your warmth from here, but unfortunately you're not with me, I hope I don't have to miss you for a long time and then I can finally kiss you again! 

27. Every day and every hour, every single second, every moment I beam with happiness when I think back to you. Hope to see you again soon, because I can't live off memories alone. 

28. My heart screams: Where are you? My heart is crying: Not here! My heart says: I miss you! My heart whispers: I love you! 

29. How much I love you, knowß me since we broke up.

30. There are friends, there are enemies and there are people like you who you never forget out of sheer love. I miss you!



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