i don't want you back anymore

I don't want you back anymore

You have no idea how long I've waited for this moment.

You have no idea how long I've waited to say those redeeming words .

You have no idea how free I feel right now. Finally I don't want you back.

For too long I couldn't get you out of my heart.

For too long I've been thinking about the old days and missing you.

I missed us so much. I missed us like what we had wasn't painful.

It's funny how the heart can fool you.

It just makes me think about the good memories as if to convince me that the bad days never existed.

But I know they did exist.

The scars on my mind, soul and heart are a constant reminder of this. But I've learned to live with it now.

I've managed to free myself from the chains of our love, our toxic love.

Me say love like you know what it is. A man who knows what love is would never have hurt me so much.

A man who knew what love is wouldn't spread pain everywhere.

No, you don't know what love is, but you pretended to know no one does it better than you.

You deserve a round of applause for the show you pulled off so well.

I never doubted your feelings for a second.< /p>

I couldn't for one second anticipate the lovesickness that was about to come my way.

You made me so addicted to you that I was just a puppet in your hands.

But everything has an end, and so did the end of your manipulative games.


I'm finally letting go of you.

I'm finally breaking free from the idea that you're the one for me.

You're not. I'm finally done holding on to something that wasn't even real.

I'm allowing life to lead me to something new.

I think things will be better from now on because the worst is already behind me.

Holding on is putting my life where I want it, believing that I can handle the circumstances can change when in fact I can't change anything.

That's our story and that's it. It will never be more than what we had, no matter what I do.

You will never change, no matter how much I love you.

You will never love me the way I deserve to be loved because you only know how to hurt people and I'm tired of risking my sanity just because I love you.< /p>

I am ready to accept us as we are.

Nothing more than passengers in each other's lives.

Ungl&uuml ;wicked lovers.

A tormentor and his victim.

you – an immature man who wanted to be put on a pedestal and worshiped, and I – a woman who wanted to love so badly and to be loved so badly that she let the tiniest dose of affection blind her.

A fatal combination, don't you agree?

But like I said, everything has an end, and I meant it.

When you left, it wasn't the end. Because I couldn't let go.

I wanted you back so bad. I knew it wasn't right and I knew you made me more miserable than happy, and yet I missed you.

I just wanted to hold you near me. hey did, no matter how painful it was.

But I got over my emotions and stopped being toxic to myself.

I have all the poison that you injected me with pure fresh blood, and this new me wants nothing to do with you.

Even though I thought you gave me a lot of love, I can clearly see now that all those happy moments have been replaced by the pain you caused me.

I always had to make up for it somehow ;r they pay. I had to go through days of misery for a moment of happiness.

And I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

But don't worry, mine world no longer revolves around you. I don't love you anymore.

I no longer believe that there is anything wrong with me or that I am not good enough when in reality you are covered from head to toe. bad.

I read something on the internet the other day, something so real and true that caught my eye and brought me tears and salvation with its message.

< p>It goes something like this:

One day you will miss me like I missed you. One day you'll look for me like I've been looking for you.

One day you will cry for me like I cried for you. And one day…

you will love me… but I won't love you.

I know; I don't know if the day will come when you will feel everything I've felt, but I know that the day has come when I finally stopped loving you and will give you back ;ck.

Au revoir.

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