I beg you, don't text me anymore

I beg you stop texting me

I don't want you to text me. I don't want to wake up in the morning with a good morning text from you.

I don't want to get used to this nice feeling because it's only a matter of time before this feeling disappears. hl disappears.

I don't want to keep looking at my phone hoping you'll remember me.

I don't want to be a girl who on her phone lives. I don't want to be loved virtually.

i want the real thing News means nothing. They're just a bunch of compound words that anyone can make up.

My true love will try to support me.

My true love will love me without constraints and must-dos. My true love is not you.

I don't want you to try as little to show that you love me as you do in lifting a Fork do.

I deserve more than this split second – that's how long it takes to click send.

Honey, I want that classic kind of love.

The People say it's important to keep in touch to maintain that kind of communication.

But that's how your love for me becomes a commitment.

You become me call because you know I'll be mad if you don't.

Please don't love me like you think you have to. I'd rather be alone a million times.

I don't want you to feel the need to see how I'm doing.

I want to don't interrupt your thoughts or whatever you're doing by asking for a message that you miss me.

I don't want to pop up in your head like something you have to deal with.

You must have the need to interest yourself in me.

You must want to hear from me and want to see me. I don't have the right to force you to do this.

And after we fall apart and walk away from each other, don't message me either.< /p>

I don't need your apology. I can't turn back time or forget the way you treated me.

You can promise me you'll change, but it won't erase the past.

That won't make me change my mind.

As you can see, I don't need any more promises. I'm tired of words. Words mean nothing.

I'm tired of seeing the same look on your face, knowing you're lying, knowing everything will be the same.

Knowing that we're going to be going around in circles until one of us breaks down again.

I'm putting an end to this. So please don't make any promises.

Don't text me that this is your new you, that we can make it work this time. Just stop, please. I'm begging you.

Don't text me because I'm feeling better.

Don't play with my head while I'm at it, Coming out of the darkness you've thrown me into Don't spoil my day!

I know you were just a lesson I had to learn. I know that God sent you to me for a reason.

I really loved you once, but you didn't love me back. And I'm not angry.

I don't want revenge because fate had a different plan. You weren't meant for me and why should I be mad about that?

Please, if you feel the need to text me again, please don't. I beg you.

If our time together ever meant anything, if I left any kind of mark on your heart or soul, you won't hit send.

You won't even type my name.

Please leave me alone. Make me ache, cry and forget.

Hold on for a minute, stop and think of me. Think of what will go through my head when I see your name on my phone.

Have mercy and again, please don't text me.

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