I always knew a man like you would never commit

I always knew that a man like you would never commit

From the first moment I saw you, I immediately felt an incredible chemistry between the two of us. You were everything I ever dreamed of.

You were funny, friendly and easygoing. You could find the right words in every second.

You knew how to make me feel special.

Some things you even knew too well to do. r my taste. That was the first warning signal. Before that I closed my eyes.

For some reason I decided to give you a try, even though I had a strange feeling that you could never give me what I need to be happy.

But still I gave myself to you First I gave you my mind because I thought about you all the time.

No matter what I did, I couldn't stop thinking about you.

Then I gave you my body because you knew exactly how to seduce me.

I melted away in your arms and I felt like I never felt before.

I was all yours but you were never mine. Although you told me that you love me, you never showed it with your actions.

On the contrary, your actions were the opposite of your promises. In the end, I never got what I needed most.

Love, affection and support were just; Words you couldn't translate into concrete actions.

But somehow that was fine with me because I thought you would change.

I thought if I was persistent enough I would get what I wanted . Because you certainly got what you wanted from me.

Over time I saw in your eyes that you don't fight for me or you fight for me wanted to try.

After you got what you wanted, you gave up on me completely.

You only stayed with me because you didn't want to be alone.

But the bitter truth is that you were just waiting for a better woman.

Now if I go backü Looking back, I don't regret loving you. Love is a beautiful thing, and I shouldn't be sorry if I felt that way.

What I regret most is that you fooled me for so long let you.

I let you do things that I had never allowed anyone to do before. And that hurts me so much.

You were such an excellent manipulator that told me everything I wanted to hear.

You knew the way to my heart and you did everything in your power to take control of to attain me.

Blinded by your love, I allowed it all. I allowed you to ruin me completely.

I fell in love with you so much. Just like falling in love with the right person.

But unfortunately you were not the right man for me. You could never give me what I longed for most.

You didn't give yourself to me. I never quite had you like you had me.

And that's what hurt me the most. I still can't believe I fell into your trap so easily.

You didn't even have to try really hard. I was yours before you tried to conquer me. I regret holding on to you for so long and that I held on to you for so long.

I was madly in love with a man who didn't care about me at all . And even though I didn't get what I deserved, I was still happy.

Even if I only got crumbs from your table, that was enough for me.

< p>I wanted to keep living like this because letting go of you was harder than staying in an almost-relationship with you. Because we were never together, but you still broke my heart.

But when I saw that nothing would change, I knew I had to make the first move.

And that's exactly what I did. I left you without a word.

I mean, you already knew all this. We just pretended everything was fine.

But it wasn't. And it was high time to accept that fact.

It was high time to swallow the bitter truth and move on.

As my love for you began, so it ended. Quickly, without much explanation and without words.

I moved on with my life and accepted that you were just a lesson I had to learn.

I realized that love should feel different and that even though I'm a little broken, I will be the perfect woman for someone.

After you, nothing will be the same . After you I will be more careful.

And above all, I will learn to put myself first.

It's the only way I can put myself fully accept and respect.

It's the only way I can be truly happy with everything I've been blessed with.

Sofia Mü ller

Relationship counselor Sofia Müller decided that through her articles and books she could reach and help more people, so she started her blog Your Way.

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