Hurt Feelings – How to put an end to this?

Injured Feelings - how to put an end to this?

No matter what kind of relationship you're in, it's becoming increasingly common to hear that someone hurt someone's feelings.

But can feelings really be hurt? Isn't it the case that humans can only perceive physical pain?

But how is it that the emotional injuries plague us more? The phenomenon of hurt feelings runs through our lives from an early age.

Even when we were little, we were often told that it was a sister/brother should apologize for hurting their feelings.

We've learned good behavior by causing someone emotional pain when we don't behave according to a certain pattern.

But is that really true? Is it really possible to hurt a person's feelings in such a way that they suffer severe psychological consequences because of the hurt feelings?

If you study the subject further dealing with being injured, you realize that one thing has little to do with the other. Our feelings are controlled by us and only we can decide how we feel.

In the course of life almost all of us have to deal with difficult times and one hopes that this time will not last a lifetime.

Everyone wishes for a happy ending so that one can express one's own feelings out of the way.

But then why are we fooled into thinking that someone has hurt our feelings? All his life man tries to find someone to blame for his misfortune.

Everyone wants to play the victim role because that's a better way to deal with setbacks.

Many of the victims want to convince themselves that they are at their lowest point not to blame, and at first glance it looks like it.

But as the article progresses, you'll see that it's not just one side to blame for someone feeling hurt on an emotional basis; hlt.

What is behind the hurt feelings?

When you've had a few setbacks in life, when your best friend has lied to you or you're not the old person you were, you feel emotionally hurt.

Preferably you would crawl into a deep hole and sulk all day. But if you choose to do so, it can easily become depressive.

Many try to get their minds off things, to strengthen their self-love by searching Google for wisdom, beautiful sayings or spiritually inspired beliefs.

Sometimes that helps, because it is a kind of self-coaching that awakens positive feelings in us. But we are looking for a lasting solution to the problem of hurt feelings.

As I said before, feelings in themselves cannot hurt because it is a mental state that we experience controlled.

Feelings can only be perceived and these evoke different reactions in us, which are brought out.

But then why do we think that someone has hurt our feelings?


This is due to our misperception, because we don't want to accept that our feelings are our own, that we control them.

The Victimhood that we have ascribed to ourselves is perfect because we don't have to take responsibility.

We think someone has hurt our feelings when they don't agree with us. For example, when our favorite person stands up to us and says something that is not in our favour, we feel offended.

It makes us feel dissatisfied and angry, but there we are It's our own fault, nobody can trigger our emotional outbursts.

Our feelings come from us and we process our fears, self-doubt and dissatisfaction in this way.

In order for you to fully understand this, you must read on, because this topic is complex and only after a few examples you will get a clear picture of it.

For example: Your wife complains every day and slowly you can do it you can't take it anymore and tell her that you need a break from her bitching.

She feels deeply hurt by you because you can't take her near anymore.

But she doesn't see that her behavior drove you to make such a statement. Maybe she's been under a lot of pressure lately, just busy, and when you get home from work, the bitching will help her blow off some steam.

In that In this case it is a question of lack of communication between the partners, which creates dissatisfaction in the relationship.

You have been dissatisfied with your love life for a long time. Every time you know the order of the positions by heart and slowly you want something to change.

When you confronted your partner about the fact that you wanted to breathe new life into your love life, he did behaved like a toddler. He started pouting, didn't want to talk to you all day and totally blocked it.

Your partner took it as a kind of attack that you were questioning his masculinity, but this The problem isn't yours.

He's unhappy with himself, it bothers him that you brought this issue up in the first place.

He realizes he's the culprit, but feels better when he forces himself into the victim role.

A similar pattern of behavior is exhibited by people suffering from narcissism. They manipulate with feelings, they blame the other person when they are often the cause of their dissatisfaction.

If you play the victim role well, you can rarely be exposed as a cheater. We make the other person feel guilty and get what we wanted in the first place.

How to deal with hurt feelings?

It is important that you realize that you alone are the master of your feelings. You need to be at peace with yourself and those around you in order to control your emotions.

Your emotional outbursts are just a reflection of your inner state, your insecurity.

You have to look for the trigger for being hurt in yourself, because no outsider can hurt you emotionally if you accept yourself as you are.

You have to find the source of your dissatisfaction, your self-doubt, so that you can deal with your inner state.

It is important that you realize that you can also do a lot of harm to victimhood by exploiting your position.

Hurt feelings after the relationship breakup

When you think about hurt feelings, you automatically associate it with romantic relationships and behavior in a relationship.

It is not uncommon for partners to feel emotionally hurt by each other and it gets worse when love breaks up.

Are Feelings Really Hurt After a Breakup? We already said at the beginning of the article that our feelings can only be controlled by us and that's how it goes after a breakup.

When our partner leaves us, meets us reality like a slap in the face. The reasons for the breakup are openly presented to us and we don't come to terms with it.

We think that our feelings were hurt by our ex-partner, but that's not true. It's up to us again.

We are angry with ourselves, we are disappointed in ourselves for not being able to meet our partner's requirements.

We are overcome by the feeling of not-good-enough- We experience his and every separation as a personal defeat.

Once again we are not good enough, again someone exchanges us for someone else and again we are alone.

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In order to be able to process these emotional injuries better, you need to strengthen your personality.

Remind yourself daily that you are special, something that only the right person can recognize in you, your soulmate.

Only then will you realize that only you have the power, the unrest inside you.

Some people always feel hurt by everyone. They victimize themselves because they know that's the easiest way for them to manipulate other people.

They don't want to give up their power role because they know they can maintain their position of power by playing the game of bad conscience.

Often there’;s no happy ending for such people, because after a certain time one sees through their game and they are left with their self-doubt.


It is always better to talk openly about your own feelings, so that our fellow human beings can also get a real picture of us and help us to get rid of our doubts.

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