How to tell if a shy girl is into you: 22 undeniable signs

How to tell if a shy girl is into you: 22 undeniable signs

There is this beautiful girl you are trying to impress.

She is sweet, elegant, but shy.

You find her shyness even more attractive because she is never the center of attention, is rather reserved and you find her mysterious ways interesting.

You love the way she tucks her hair behind her ear and the way she looks away every time your eyes meet.

She's always in some corner of the room at parties, yes she's also smart, feminine and you know there's a lot more to her than just her shyness.

You've fallen in love with her quiet, reserved manner, but when she has something to say , silencing her as she tells the truth and there is always something interesting in her stories.

How do you know if a shy girl is into you?

Well, being a shy girl myself I can tell you that signs we think are obvious are just normal behavior for you.

We send so many signals to the guys we like, but they just don't get the way we want them to hope.

The signals we send can confuse you even more than you already were, but we just don't know what else to do.

Sometimes we don't hard to understand us, but you are always surrounded by confident and loud women who show differently that they like someone, so we seem like a big mystery to you.

Yes we are we are not. We'll let you know we like you through our body language and those little signs that everyone just ignores.

I'll never take the first step and tell you I'm into you directly, but I'll do my best to let you know that I'm interested in you.

1. She smiles around you

When a woman smiles, it is very attractive and she knows&rszlig; her too.

Looking at you makes her happy too.

So the next time you walk up to her and want to strike up a conversation and she's smiling, you know she's interested in you – and big ones at that.

Whenever you are in a group and talking, she will look at you with a smile on your face – she doesn't even realize she's doing it.

It makes her happy to see you and it's no secret that women smile when they see someone they like .

2. She laughs at your jokes

Even if it's just a giggle, laughing at any of your jokes, no matter how bad they are, is a clear sign that a woman likes you.

For a shy girl who keeps it to herself the perfect time to let it all out is when you tell a joke – even if it's just giggles.

She wants to make sure you know that she values ​​you and finds you interesting.

3. You catch her looking at you

Whenever you like someone, you want to look at that person as often as possible.

You just love to remember every move, every time they smiled. smiles or looked at you.

But it's a little different with a shy girl because she'll look at you every time she thinks you're not seeing.

< p>If your eyes meet, she will most likely look away, avoiding your gaze and looking down.

To be honest, this is the right moment to approach her.


She'll be a bit upset, but it's going to be sweet. be – especially since you can be so sure that she likes you.

4. She blushes all the time

Every time you talk to her she blushes.

Sometimes it doesn't look so obvious, it looks looks like she has natural ruddy cheeks.

So how do you know if she's really blushed?

Look at her when she doesn't know you're around and note her cheeks.

Are they reddish now? If not, approach her and see what happens.

If she blushes, you know what's going on.

5. She ’accidentally’ touches you

It's probably just a small gesture of her hand when she walks past you.

She just isn't confident enough to walk up to you and hug you or take your hand.

So it's easier for her to “randomly” to touch.

She wants to touch you and know how your skin feels.

When you are talking in a group, she makes a hand gesture and touches you and apologizes, it's sweet. and she'll think you're ignorant – but now you know.

6. She doesn't talk to you very much

You see her talking to other guys, but somehow she avoids talking to you.

Don't be offended – it's just that she's too scared to say the wrong thing in front of you, so she figured it's better not to say anything at all.

Don't take it personally, instead go up to her and start a conversation with her.

She's staying away from you because she doesn't know what to say, so do both of you a favor and approach her.

7. She plays with her hair all the time

Playing with her hair or clothes is a clear sign that she is nervous.

If you notice her running her fingers through her hair or adjusting her clothes, she's trying to dress up and make sure everything fits perfectly.

Also, she may look down and check how she looks and if everything is okay.

My friend, she likes you very much.

8. She's starting to dress up prettier

She always looks stunning, but the last few days she's made herself extra pretty and her clothes seem to match her bodice. rper more flattering by the day.

If you notice her wearing clothes that make her look even prettier than she already is shortly after you start talking to her, that's a clear sign that she's into you.

9. You run into her quite a bit

It's not scary, but let me tell you something. She just wants to be around you often.

If you start seeing her in places where you go almost every day but haven't seen her there before, then do it it's a clear sign that she's into you.

She will go to all the places you have mentioned and will be anywhere she might be able to meet you.

10. She likes your posts

Every time you post something, she likes it.

I mean, people nowadays like everything see her on Facebook or other social media, but make sure she likes every post you make.

Every song you share, every new profile picture and status you post (even if it's about something stupid).

If she likes all your posts, then she will she's obviously into you too.

11. She starts hanging out with your friends

Somehow she becomes a part of your friend circle.

She might even become very close with yours Become friends.

She doesn't talk much or call her often, but somehow she's always there.

Why is she doing this?

She obviously wants to spend more time with you and be close to you and your friends so she can learn what you enjoy doing and how you socialize.

12. Her friends giggle when you walk past

When you walk past her and her friends, you hear them giggling.

It can be a bit awkward, but it's a clear sign that she's into you.

She wouldn't tell everyone she's interested in you.

The only people she would confide in are her closest friends because she knows they would never say anything and would embarrass her.

To giggle while they believe , you don't know, that's totally acceptable.

13. She might start wearing makeup

For you it may seem superfluous, but for her it is very important , because it helps her boost her confidence.

Makeup makes every woman look more attractive and she uses it to her advantage.

Of course, not every shy girl will do that.

Some wear it all the time Make up. Some feel confident enough without makeup.

It depends on the girl. However, if she only started wearing makeup after you came into her life, then chances are she's wearing it because she's into you.

14. She asks if she can help you

It will probably be something small like doing your homework or picking you up if you don't have a car.

< p>But these things are very important.

Women are known to pay attention to details, while men don't pay attention at all.

We love being able to come to your aid because it makes us feel special.

You chose us and that is the greatest token of appreciation you can give us.

But make no mistake, we know the line between being helpful and being exploited.

15. The chatting doesn't stop

Being too shy to talk to you in person, she prefers to text you.

You can't see her blush or cry into the pillow when you text back, so it's a lot easier for her to show you that she's interested.

Pay attention in case you text a lot and then suddenly cut off the conversation because that way she will try to find out if you will start a conversation when she stops texting.

She really likes you very much and don't want to be a burden, so show her that you're interested in her too and be the first to text her.

16. Suddenly she is much more interested in your hobbies

If you tell her about your favorite band, the next day she will tell you that she's listened to all her albums and watched all her concerts on YouTube.

It's obvious, isn't it?

Let me guess – you told her you liked soccer and the next day you saw her at a game.

I guess there's nothing more to say.

< p>She's into you – she's really into you.

17. She teases you

This is what happens when she feels comfortable around you.

She starts teasing you .

Do you remember, as a child, when you liked a girl so much that you teased her?

Well, it may seem very childish be, but she knows; just doesn't know how to talk to you any better, so she starts teasing you.

She doesn’t want to hurt you, of course, but she might overdo it.

Don’t blame her.

18. She pays you little compliments

If you ever get the chance to ask a woman about flirting, chances are she will tell you that women love it, mate; Give compliments inside in a subtle way.


Well, we know that you love to be complimented and that way you can see that we notice the little things.

The shy girl you like will never compliment you on anything Doing the obvious, like your muscles, she's more likely to say how she likes the sparkle in your eyes when you smile.

It's something small, but meaningful.

19 She leans towards you

This is a subtle sign she makes involuntarily.

When you like someone, you lean towards them. And that's not only the case with women, but also with men.

That's why it's very important to pay attention to her body language while she's talking to you.

Are you guys sitting across from each other at the table?

Did she lean in towards you?

If so, chances are she's into you.

20. Their feet are pointing your way

We need to trust the science of body language again.

There are people who have dedicated their lives to analyzing body language.

They found that our feet point in the direction of the people we like.

So if you're sitting around a table and even if she's not looking at you, you can look at her feet and see if they're pointing in your direction.

21 Strong Connection

She doesn't talk much, but when she does talk to you, it's probably about some deep subject that you wouldn't have discussed with anyone else.

Hate shy girls small talk – they want every word to count.

So when you talk to her, expect your horizons to be broadened.

Believe me, wü if she didn’t like you, she wouldn’t bother to talk to you.

Just look at how she behaves around men ;lt that annoys you.

She's totally closed off.

She avoids eye contact and doesn't say more than a “hello”.

But you're different, aren't you?

22. She avoids flirting

It's cute but annoying, isn't it?

You flirt with her all the time, but she does can't open her mouth and just can't relax.

It seems she doesn't like it.

But if she didn’t like your flirting, she would probably say something sarcastic to put you in your place.

Due to the fact that she likes you, white&rszlig; she just doesn't know what to say to you without sounding totally weird.

How about you ask her if she likes you?

Why would you, right?

It's easier to search for characters on the internet than to ask them directly.

It's a lot easier to speculate about her feelings than to ask.

But maybe you're up for a challenge. So go ahead.

You know that she is too shy and doesn't know how to approach you.

Therefore you should take the initiative .

Are you a man or not?

Come on. Ask her out.

Ask her about her favorite songs and how she feels.

She is shy but she knows what she wants from life. She wants you.

It might look a little weird.

She will play with her hair and talk embarrassed about it, but she will with you talk.

She will tell you how long she has had a crush on you and when you first looked at her.

You will find out why and how much she likes you.

You can't go wrong.

What if she doesn't like you?

At least then you'll know where you stand.

But if you're afraid that she will reject you, here are a few undeniable signs that a shy girl is NOT into you.

Just to make sure you're free to go up and talk to her about it.

She's always making excuses

Every time you try to start a conversation with her, she runs away.

The difference is, a shy girl who's into you will stay and continue the conversation no matter how uncomfortable it makes her.

But if she's not into you she'll just leave you with some lame excuses. It's the same when you ask her out.

She's not avoiding you because she's shy.

She's avoiding you because she's not in around you.

People get confused with signs like this, but believe a shy girl like me, I know what I'm talking about.

She seems distracted

< p>Sweet, shy girls love it when you talk passionately about your favorite things.

However, if she seems bored and distracted, stop immediately.< /p>

She's not that into you.

If you have to repeat things too often, she just doesn't care.

Also a typical sign of her disinterest in you is when she scrolls her phone.

But you behave the same way.

When you talk to someone, the you don't like it, you love your phone all the more because it saves you from boredom.

You're typing, scrolling and dodging the conversation completely.

If she's around you this is how – she's not interested in you.

You two are never alone

If she avoids being alone with you, it's not because she's too shy to talk to you.

Even shy girls love quality time with you with her loved one.

This is the time when she can relax without feeling the pressure of other people.

But when she just isn't alone around you; hey, I think it's pretty clear what's going on here.

Forget them and move on.

She introduces you as a friend

The big sign of the FRIENDZONE.

She might be cute. and shy, she may not know that you are interested in her, but the sentence “This is a friend”” I don't think anyone likes to hear it when they really want more.

If she introduces you as a friend, it simply means that she sees you as nothing more than a friend.

Or is she playing mind games with you?

She talks about her dream man

If you've gotten to the point of talking about relationship issues and love and she's gushing about her dream man, pay attention to them Signs if you are.

You'll realize that she doesn't care about you at all when she wants you to know.

It's the little things that matters.

If she says her dream man doesn't smoke and you've got a pack of cigarettes in your pocket, then my friend – let it be.

Don't try to change yourself for a woman.

There will be a woman who will love you for who you are.


If she doesn't like you, it's her choice. You can't help it.

She talks about other men

She doesn't just talk about her dream man?

She's also talking about a boyfriend she finds pretty sexy?

Then you can be sure that she is not into you.

When a woman has feelings for you, especially shy women, she will try to treat you as something very special .

She wants you to feel like you are the only man for her.

So why else would she talk about other men in front of you , if not to make you realize that there are so many other, better men out there?

She won't accept your gifts

Women love to be pampered.

Of course, things like loyalty and appreciation are much more important than any gifts.

But we still love it when you Giving flowers, taking us out to dinner, etc.

Why should we ever refuse to accept such gifts?

Except if we don't have a crush on you.

She may be shy, but she knows that if she goes out with you or accepts your flowers it won't stop, so she will politely try to refuse those things.

Sorry, but the sign is clear.

She doesn't care what she looks like in front of you

Well, I know there are a lot of women out there are out there who don't think much of making themselves big. dress up just to impress a man.

And yet the majority of women love to dress up to impress a man – or at least to look presentable.

If she wears an oversized sweater around you all the time and doesn't even comb her hair, that doesn't mean she's lazy is.

It's a tactic to appear unattractive.

And further, why don't you just ask her?

She sends you all those signals that confuse you more than they clarify, and you're still scrolling through random articles brooding over her behavior when you could just ask her.

< p>The next time you meet her, get over it.

What's the worst that could happen?

You get rebuffed?


Don't be stupid, it's not the end of the world.

I love it when someone says that communication is key, that's why I tell everyone.


Communication really does solve all the problems in this world.

Believe me, even if she's shy and doesn't talk that much, if you ask her that question that needs an honest answer and her personal opinion, she'll be happy to talk to you about it.

If she rejects you, move on.

You will find someone who will love you just the way you are.

Stop chasing after her and begging ;stop trying to make her like you.

She may seem insecure, but she isn't.

She knows what she wants and if you aren't there's no use trying to change anything.

It's better for you to continue without her than to continue following the sign looking for a shy girl to fancy you.

But if you're still convinced she's into you, here's a quick rundown of what to do to find out if she's really into you:

Pay attention to her body language.

People spend their whole lives studying body language and turned it into an art, so don't take it lightly.

Be prepared to notice even the most casual signs of their body language .

But keep your cool.

Don't deny the signs.

If you're aware of the signs she doesn't want anything from you And if you keep flirting with her, it'll only make things worse.

She'll be uncomfortable and you'll look like an idiot.

Speak up. communicate Start the conversation.

Shy girls are the sweetest of all, but never underestimate them.

They are wild, strong and independent ;sophisticated women who love themselves and have the ability to see through your games.

Don't play games with her, just be honest with her and she will love you even more.

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