How To Tell If A Man Is Seriously Interested In You (According To One Man)

How to tell if a man is seriously interested in you (according to a man)

Hello beauties!

I know we are very confusing. Do we like you?

Don't we? There are so many misconceptions and wrong signs about whether a man really likes you or not.

Women tend to overlook some of the things that are really obvious to us , but for some reason they think that we reject them or that we just want to be friends.

Well, to relieve us all from the unwanted pain and wasted time, let's just all of them Review things a man does to show you that he's really, really interested in you.

1. We are trying to impress you

If I find a girl that I really like, chances are I will try to impress her and you to show that I am a real man.

Every man will show all the things that he is proud of.

For example, he will lift heavy things for you, show off his skills at something, or just be super polite to you and the people around you just so he can impress you.

2. We try to keep the conversation going

We love to talk to you and listen to you.

For the same reason, a man will do anything to continue the conversation.

Most of the time men will ask the dumbest questions and tell the dumbest jokes just to see you laugh and continue the conversation .

What I like to do is ask a meaningful question where she does all the talking because I'm kind of shy (believe it or not).


There is nothing purer and more interesting than a woman's eyes.

We love the wonderful colors and the way our face is shaped reflected in them.

So we're going to try to get you to look us in the eye, and if you try to avoid our gaze, we'll definitely find a way back.

If you want to test if a man is really interested in you, look down and hide your face from us.

If the first thing you see when you look up is our eyes, that penetrate you and examine your eyes again, then you will know that it is you we want.

4. We lean towards you

Since we just want to be as close to you as possible, you can see us leaning towards you as we talk.

Even though there is a group of people there, who are watching, you are our top priority.

So watch out for the guy who leans towards you excessively while talking. He definitely likes you.

5. Tease

We all know that guys aren't as comfortable as girls about showing emotion, and for the same reason we tend to doing it in an uncomfortable, teasing way.

Of course it's very gentle and we don't overdo it, but please don't be mad at us. It's just a way to deal with all the emotions that overwhelm our body.

So we're going to say stupid things and maybe offend you without realizing it.

6. We love physical contact

Of course, if we really like a woman and we've only just met her, we won't overdo it.

But after some time has passed, we will seek casual physical contact, which can include our hand around your waist, holding your hand while you explain something, touching your hair, or in general any kind of physical contact.

We find always a stupid excuse to touch you.

7. We WILL treat you differently

If a man says he likes you but doesn't treat you differently than other women, then he's just a liar.

Don't trust any man who doesn't even try to show you that you are very special to him.

It's not just my opinion, it's a fact.

If you really want to see if a man likes you, look for the little things that make you special.

He could always ask your opinion on a certain topic , but never another woman around.

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