How to Pleasure a Man in Bed (Step by Step Guide)

How to please a man in bed (step-by-step guide)

This step-by-step guide will not be an ordinary flower and bee gossip.

On the contrary, she will stimulate your imagination and give you some hints.

She will also show you how much our self-perception and our sexual desires affect our intimacy ;t affect.

Also, she provides some juicy tips on how to please a man in bed step by step and most importantly how to get the most out of it for yourself.

Knows you, good sex is all about mutual satisfaction.

Therefore, you should never ignore your own feelings and desires.

Many women ignore their own needs. They put their own pleasure second and after a while problems in bed are inevitable.

Remember that assuming your partner is right for you, they want to that you have just as much funß have like him and more. The best way to learn is to learn by steps, so let's get started:

1. Stop overthinking and exude confidence

It's no secret that confidence is extremely sexy.

It gives the other person that feeling that you're comfortable the way you are and that you know what you want.

Of course we all have our little insecurities. But you should never bring them into the bedroom.

The bedroom (or any other place you have decided to have sex) is not the place where you should have any concerns about how you look or how you behave during sex.

If a man wants to have sex with you, it's because he finds you extremely attractive, and he's got an Alaskan-sized hardon to prove it.

So out with the doubts and in with the sex games.

What keeps us from giving our partner an amazing sexual experience is actually only in our heads.

Therefore, we should make sure that we accept ourselves and our bodies as they are.

Also, we should keep in mind that what we think is wrong may be perfect for our partner or he may not even notice it.

All in all, he certainly has his own insecurities About his imperfections and he deals with them in his own way. In any case, a little praise from you will surely help.

Once we accept our bodies for the perfect imperfections they are, it will affect us and our partner will become those sexy Perceive charisma.

Also, you will have no problem leaving the lights on during sex, being upstairs, walking around the apartment naked…

2. It all starts in your head

Once you're comfortable in your own body, it's time for phase two – stimulate your partner's imagination.

Before the activity between the sheets begins, the real action takes place in our heads.

By igniting the fire in our partner’s imagination and probably their genital area, we also get horny ourselves at the same time.

There are a few ways we can achieve this:

# Sexting

Sexting is one of the first and most effective ideas that come to mind. There are many directions sexting can take.

It can range from subtle vanilla dirty talk to hardcore sexting.

It depends on your preferences, so let that be your guide.

In any case, sexting is destined to blow his mind and make him can't wait. able to see you and rip your clothes off.

One of the great things about sexting is that it gives you a lot of time to think about what you're going to say.< /p>

# Flirting with sexual implications

There are so many ways you can flirt to make your partner want you even more.

Words are powerful tools, so whisper something dirty in their ear. ask kinky questions, say something in front of other people that only he will understand in a sexual sense (a codename for something sexual only you two know) and also use body language because it can work wonders when it comes to flirting works.

# Send sexy photos

And no, don't send nude photos.

It's never a good idea because nude photos can end up all over the internet, so even those who weren't meant to see them end up seeing them.

No matter how much you trust your partner, you know never what the future will bring.

So if you're sending sexy photos or sexy snapchats, do it in a subtle way.

For example, you can show him your cleavageé chic, your boobs tucked securely in a lacy bra, a mirror selfie in sexy panties, something like that.

It's about stimulating his imagination and not showing everything.

After all, he's the one who has to help you and undress you.

3. Foreplay is everything

Foreplay combined with the previous step is something that will drive your man crazy.

It's like an overture. re into the actual intercourse that can be just as pleasurable.

The whole concept of foreplay is to increase the anticipation and make the actual sexual act that much more exciting.

You wanted to know how to make a man happy in bed step by step does, and foreplay is the key that unlocks the doors to pleasure.


To start slowly, a good full body kisser is essential. Body massage something your partner will surely enjoy.

Take it slow, turn on some cuddle music, put some massage oil on your hands and run your fingers all over his body.

He will definitely melt in your hands.

# Sexy lingerie

It depends on the man you are with.

Some may sexy lingerie so much so that just looking at it or touching it will get you aroused.

They will probably ask you to keep it on during foreplay and during sex (if possible).

On the other hand, there are men who don’t care much about lingerie and who will just rip your clothes off in the heat of the moment because they are more interested in what you mean these dresses.

Sexy lingerie can also be helpful for you.

They can help you feel sexy and confident, and that is definitely something your partner will notice and appreciate.

# Roleplay

Is something that can be beneficial for couples in long-term relationships who are stuck in a routine and want to find ways to spice up their sex life, but also for new couples who are into roleplay.

Assuming a new identity in the bedroom is something that brings freshness and fun to life. in your intimate life.

Some roles that couples usually like to try are: Professor & Student, Mechanic & Homeowner, Strangers in a Bar, Pornstars, Cheerleaders & Soccer Player, Dominatrix & slave and so on. The most important thing is to choose something that you both feel comfortable with.

# Kissing

There is nothing sweet. ner than kissing when in foreplay.

Starting with the lips is a decision you can't go wrong with. Kissing increases sexual desire.

Redirect your kisses to his neck and stay there for a while.

Then you can slowly nibble his ear, go back to his neck and find your way down.

Kiss every inch of his body. The anticipation of a blowjob will make his manhood hard as wood.

You can also change the intensity of your kisses.

Depending on your mood, you can go from slow to aggressive, maybe even incorporating subtle lip bites.

Your soft lips on his body will give him goosebumps all over.

Kissing is often taken for granted when it shouldn't be because it can work wonders.

#Blow him

There is nothing that can make foreplay more amazing (according to most men) than oral sex.

A blowjob is something men enjoy as much as sex – or even more.

The tip of the penis is the most sensitive part, so it needs extra attention.

One of the things that will make his experience even more intense is if you keep gently touching his balls.

You can also suck and kiss her. It will give him more pleasure than he ever imagined. 

# 69

The sex position "69" is something that will no doubt generate mutual pleasure.

”69” refers to 2 people performing oral sex on each other.

Hearing each other moan and convulse with pleasure will excite you both beyond limits.

# Masturbating together

This is also a good foreplay tactic that guarantees satisfaction for both sides.

You will both be able to see each other’s face in ecstasy and hear the moaning noises that will change intonation.

When sight and hearing are matched, When your sense of humor is combined with the pleasure you evoke by moving your hands into each other, the feeling will be so amazing for both of you that there will be no words to describe it.

Think in it – he wants you to feel as good as he does.

His ability to please you in bed is a major turn-on and the proof of good performance he was looking for.

# Initiate Sex

< p>Men like women who are in touch with their sexuality.

So he will be more than happy when you start the movements that gradually lead to sex .

If you initiate the sex, he will feel desired. Be direct but take it slow.

For example, you can put your hand on his leg and approach his "instrument" work your way up, ask him to join you, take his hand and put it on your butt or breasts.

He'll take it from there – or just bring him into the bedroom and start kissing him.

There are many options to use your imagination and you will definitely move his.

4. Playtime

After completing some or all of the above steps, you are now at the step you've been following all along: the actual act of intercourse analyzing or thinking excessively.

But sometimes, after you've moved your positions from top to bottom, you want to spice it up a bit.

It is at this point that all kinds of sex positions take place.

So, let's see which are some of the most interesting ones:

# Top

As I said, pleasing you is something very stimulating for your man.

When you are on top, he will have the perfect view to experience your pleasure firsthand.< /p>

He will be able to capture your whole body. But he will probably do a lot more than just admire your body.

He can hold your waist or touch your breasts while you sit on him.

This position is the best answer to how to please your man step by step as it is one of the crucial steps.

It's great for you too , because she puts you in control, you dictate the pace, and you can see yourself making him want more of you.

# Intensified missionary position

The missionary position is basic and most couples start with this position. It puts the man in the dominant position.

But it also allows for prolonged eye contact and lots of kissing, building a better connection.

The missionary position is nothing , which is something to overlook.

But if you want more of it, wrap your legs around his waist and lock them on his back.

You become him to you pull and deepen the penetration.

The same is true when you put your legs on his shoulders and make a “V” shape.

While he is on top you can run your fingers through his hair, grab his arms or pet them, or grab his back and leave a print of your fingers on it for pleasure.

These subtle movements will show him that you are enjoying it and that if he continues, you will soon come off really really strong and that will be all it takes for him to continue.

The missionary position will be more comfortable for him because he will see your face and your gestures of satisfaction.

He will see your lips making moaning noises and trembling with pleasure.

Knowing that it is responsible for all of this will make him extremely happy in and out of bed.

# The chair

This sex position requires female control, so don't be afraid to take charge.

The man in this case represents the chair, so to speak.

He sits with his legs outstretched and uses his hands for support.

The woman sits on his manhood with your back to him and leaning close to his body.

You sit on top of him and put your arms on his hips while leaning your head back slightly and you move slightly up and down.

# Little spoons

It's like cuddling and sex at the same time, which increases the level of intimacy.

Your partner needs to lie behind you and gently penetrate you. This position grants him full access to your body.

His hands can be anywhere on you and it is a perfect position to show you his affection and admiration pointing.

In this position you can use your hands and gently touch his body and pull him closer to you.

You can also touch yourself to increase your pleasure and his, because once he sees you masturbating in front of him, it will drive him completely crazy, but in a good way.

# Sex in front of the mirror

It's time you start looking in the mirror in a completely different way.

If you and your partner decide to have sex in front of the mirror, you will probably do it standing up with your hands pressed to the wall on either side of the mirror.

You will bend you slightly so he can penetrate you.

You will hold your head up so he can see your facial expressions and the level of your pleasure.

He will also have a mirror image of your front parts while having the perfect view of your bottom. The mirror works wonders for him.

On the other hand, you won't be neglected here either, because you can also see him, feel and see his hands on your hips, and all in all enjoy a great sex.

< h3># Sex in the shower

First of all, the shower is a great place for foreplay.

You can start with that to take a sponge or just rub his hands and wash his back.

Start making your way down and stay in this area for a while while kissing his freshly showered back. While you're in this position, give him a hand job.

It will both surprise and amaze him.

He probably won't expect it and will want to. maybe no one has ever touched their manhood from this position – other than himself.

The rest of the shower activities will take care of themselves. Let him take the next step.

You will probably have sex standing up while not only parts of your body are wet, but your whole body as well.

# Quickie

A quickie is nothing, what to plan. This is something that happens. So when you feel the urge, just let yourself go and enjoy.

Your man will appreciate your sense of adventure. A quickie can happen anytime, anywhere.

But the root cause of this is your mutual burning desire that needs to be satisfied.

So, don't believe that nonsense that sex has to be long lasting to be unforgettable.

A good quickie from time to time will do wonders.

Sometimes you're short on time or you don't feel like foreplay so you just skip straight to this step, but a quickie will do the trick be what you need to be completely satisfied all day long.

# Reverse Cowgirl

Is another position that gives you full control. You control the speed, depth, angle and intensity of the movements.

It's the easiest way to hit your G-spot and make you cum all over your partner.

The basis of this position is that you sit on top of your partner with your back to them while they lie flat on the bed.

You can use his knees for support and just do whatever moves you both like best.

This position is more rough than intimate. It doesn’t allow for eye contact or that sense of closeness. But that doesn't make it any less enjoyable.

It gives him a great view of your butt and if he's a booty guy he'll love this position – and you can always look back for a moment while you ride it.

That quick look will blow your mind both.

# The Pretzel

The very name of this position is interesting and probably something new for both of you.

Fortunately, it's not as complicated as it sounds .

This pose requires you to lie on your side. Keep your bottom leg straight and flat.

He will cross your bottom leg as he kneels. Your other leg is wrapped around his waist.

This position allows deep penetration like doggy style – but this one allows you to make that precious eye contact.

The other benefit is that his hands remain free and he can do whatever he wants with them.

# Doggy Style

If your partner worships your butt, this will be one of their favorite sex positions.

To achieve this position you have to get on all fours.

He kneels and penetrates you from behind with his body leaning on yours.

This position grants him great pleasure. He can enjoy the view from behind.

He can grab your waist or pull your hair if things get a little rough.

He also needs to work with you to make a find a common rhythm that you both enjoy.

# The Iron

Lie on your stomach, with your legs stretched out and your hips slightly raised.

He will spread your two legs apart and penetrate you while kneeling.

This position gives him a tighter feeling that you both will find absolutely comfortable.

The iron mediates you also the sense of closeness and intimacy that you lose with some other sex positions.

5. Make sure to compliment his accomplishments

Men love to be complimented on their accomplishments. They want you to have a great time with them; they want to please you sexually.

A man wants to be successful in sex more than in any other area of ​​his life.

Although your behavior during sex has said nonverbally that you love his moves and enjoy yourself, it's not a bad idea to say it out loud .

So after sex, while you're laying in bed and cuddling, you can say something like “OMG that was so great” or “What was that? Wow.”.

Just say what you think and how you feel in that moment, but don't overdo it. Just small words of encouragement are enough.

The compliments aren't just there to boost his ego.

They're also there to let him know that you , even if you didn't have an orgasm, had a good time.

It usually takes women more time than men to reach their climax and that's natural.

So, don't make a big deal out of it.

You'll get to him next time, so don't lower his self-esteem by saying you weren't happy.

6. Be kinky and experimental

The best way, and probably the only way, to fail when it comes to pleasing a man is by doing nothing.

If just lying flat on your back and expecting him to do everything is not going to make him happy and content.

But if you're willing to put in the slightest effort, your man will surely appreciate it.

He wants to know that you're actually enjoying yourself and not thinking about what you're going to make for lunch tomorrow.

All he wants is to feel wanted. The best way to achieve this is to be a little naughty and adventurous.

And while he would appreciate your tenderness and femininity outside of the bedroom, he would appreciate your primal urges in the bedroom.

So, initiate sex, grab his Ass, play with his balls, bite his neck and let your imagination run wild.

Relax and enjoy – don't think too much about the whole situation. You will only hold the two of you back.

Although your question was how to please a man in bed step by step, the bed shouldn't be the only place where pleasure comes.

Be adventurous. Find new places to have sex or indulge him with his own fantasies.

So you have an apartment, so what? That doesn't mean that sex in the back seat of the car isn't exactly what you need.

You can also try something that involves a risk of getting caught – like sex on the balcony with the risk of some of your neighbors seeing you or a quickie in a locker room the next time you go shopping.

Be brave. Don't be afraid of anything and make the most of every moment you spend in bed – and outside of it.

I hope this simple guide ”how to please a man in bed” proves useful.

There are many variations of given examples and you will manage to explore them with your partner in your own way.

The key to great sex is also having an emotional connection.

If you get along with your partner in other aspects of life together, your sex life will improve benefit from it.

Because when you have both emotional and physical attachments, there is no stopping you.

The more you focus on sexual activity, the better the sex.

Like all good things in life, sex gets better with practice.

You will get to know your partner, their likes and dislikes, their fantasies and sexual desires, and they will get to know yours .

When you're both in it for the mutual pleasure, there's no stopping.

I just want to reiterate the importance of confidence in all of this.< /p>

If you put your insecurities aside and live in the moment, half the work is already done.

Don't let anything stop you. By allowing yourself to be comfortable in your own skin, you will automatically enjoy sex more than you ever thought possible.

That is exactly the incentive your partner needs to be satisfied in bed too.

It's all very simple if you look closely. He needs to know that you are happy so that he can be happy too.

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