How to play a player: 10 ways to beat him at his own game

How to play a player: 10 ways to beat him at his own game

Are you wondering how to beat a player at his own game to make him regret every act he does? Then you've come to the right place.

We've all had some kind of experience with players, either they broke our hearts or our girlfriend's heart (or they're trying to).

We know how it works; sometimes we know he's a player but we still end up being tricked.

His game is very convincing, he's so charming and handsome and he knows what he's doing. always exactly what he has to say.

He succeeds in making you believe every word he says and giving you a very special feeling. 

Soon you find yourself in a maze of lies with no way out or knowing what the real truth is.

And when he shows you his true form, you finally realize that he has tricked you.

But it doesn't have to be! No matter how hopeless you're feeling, you can always beat him at his own game and show him who's boss around here.

Here are 10 ways to beat him and give him a taste to give his own medicine!

How to play a player: 10 ways to beat him at his own game

1. Ignore him

Players are used to getting attention just by entering a club.

To defeat him, you must first get his attention and trust me, ignoring him is the best way to achieve that.

But be careful, you don't want to come across as rude. What you have to do is politely ignore him.

Make him feel that you are not interested in wasting your time with him and that he needs to try harder when he wants to impress you. Let him know you're not easy prey.

You need to act so uninterested that he'll wonder why his magic wasn't working on you.

Make it seem like you have better things to do than talk to him and excuse yourself with a charming smile. The game begins.

2. Easily acknowledge his presence

Depending on the type of game you are playing, this step may occur after a few days or even hours at the same party.

Smile at him and introduce yourself. Don't let him ask you out, ask you out, or shower you with compliments.

Play the game by your own rules. Have a drink, thank him and leave. Say hello and go.

Leave him with a confused look on his face because he is not used to being played with.

After that he will immediately start thinking that he has done something completely wrong, what the Reason is why you left in the first place. 

And then he starts coming up with another plan to get you, not knowing that no matter what, you will always be one step ahead of him, and whatever he does, it just won't be good enough for you. But shh!

3. Show him you're having fun

Believe me, for any guy there's nothing sexier than a woman having a great time (without him).

Whether you're having fun with your girls, excelling at work, or just enjoying some alone time, men love women who are confident and in love are in their lives. 

Show him that you are enjoying your life to the fullest and don't need a man for it.

Show him that you don't need him. That should be enough to make him look like a challenge.

The moment he realizes you're doing well enough without him, he'll feel like a failure and try to find other ways to get your attention.

4. Make sure he sees you're having fun with other types

Ah yes, the good old jealousy game.

You have shown no interest in spending time with him, no interest in listening to his compliments and jokes and there you are, having a blast ; with other guys, laughing at their jokes and blushing at their comments.

I don't think there's a need to describe how miserable he'll feel when you do that.

Seeing you having fun with other guys will drive him insane and he'll be determined to make you realize that he's the one you should be paying attention to.' /p>

But be careful not to be overly flirtatious, just enough to pique a spark of jealousy in him.

He'll get the competition he needs and the chance , to prove once again what an amazing guy he (not) is.

5. Flirting

You're heading into the second half of the game, the spectators are on their feet and the ball is yours.

Look at him seductively from the other part of the room; let him come to you.

Talk to him, laugh at his jokes, but show him that you don't fall for his womanizing tactics.

Don't compliment him, keep it light and fun. Accidentally touch his arm, giggle every now and then and tear’ some slightly dirty jokes. 

Always make sure he knows that you set the rules and that he has to respect them or he won't be able to play the game anymore.

6. Stay immune to his charms

He's used to having the attention of every woman around him, but show him you won't fall for it.

Call him Romeo or call the women around him his girlfriends.

Show him that you've seen through his show and that you know his cunning tactics.

Let him know that if he wants to make you fall in love with him, he'll have to use a different strategy because every step he's taken so far just isn't good enough for your needs.

He'll want so badly to change your mind and prove to you that he's different, he'll be obsessed with you.

The trap is set and all that's left is fun. and game.

7. Staying mysterious

Don't give out too much information about yourself.

Give him just enough to answer the question, but not enough for him to know the full story.

No Mentioning ex-boyfriends, your dreams, hopes, and fears.

You know, the most important thing is to remain mysterious, and if you do all of that, you definitely will create.

Always remember that players are used to getting everything they want and if they see that they can't have it this time, they'll go mad.

If he so asks about your day, give him something vague and ask him about his day.

Don't be an open book, make him want to stay with you so he can learn more about you.< /p>

8. Stay off his radar

Players are used to women obsessing over them. You are used to being texted and called.

But not from you. Never be the first to text, and if he texts you, don't answer him until the next day.

If he calls you, call him back hours later and say you bust ;were busy (bonus points if you were busy with a guy who was busy with work). 

Make him wonder where you are and what you are doing. Drive him crazy with half-answers and vague comments. Show him how it feels to be ignored via text message.

9. Show him you don't care

There is nothing worse for a player than your unwillingness to follow his ”traps” and behaviors. 

While he's purposely trying to make you jealous, you need to show him that you don't care because you're not into him after all ( so why would you even be jealous?).

If he shows up at the bar with a bride, be polite and say hello.

If he tries something on your girlfriends, smile and have the time of your life.

Show him that he has nothing on you, that you don't care what he does does, you just don't care.

No matter who he finds, you're not jealous. No matter what he does or says, you are not jealous.

Show him that you are not as interested in him as he would like – this is going to drive him really crazy!

10. Playing with a player

To play properly with a player you need to know a few basic rules, but the most important rule of gambling is to NEVER fall in love. This is just a game, remember. 

Make him think you like him while you live your single life to the fullest. I want him to feel unique while knowing that whatever you say is meaningless.

And when you feel his affection peak, let him go.

It's important to hold on long enough for him to take the bait and remember that he been tricked and get rid of him before he gets bored.

Being a player is a tough job, so don't do it unless you're ready or you really want to get back at him, that's it whatever the reason.

If you're bored, leave. If he admits he has feelings for you, then leave. Don't stay too long lest you fall in love with him . Watch your heart. 

Once you've decided to get rid of him, make a clean cut.

Don't stay near him, don't give him second chances, don't just don't let the game run any longer as it may backfire on you.

Pick it out and swipe it properly. You did your job well. You defeated a player.

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