How to Get a Girlfriend: A Step-by-Step Guide That Works!

How to Get a Girlfriend: A Step-by-Step Guide That Works!

It was a hard day's work, lots of stress, commitments and tasks and what not. Thank goodness it's Friday night and the work week is finally over.

You've decided to go to a nearby pub for a beer with your buddies to relax a bit. The evening is going great.

Laughter, jokes, a pleasant atmosphere and all the worries of everyday life are already gone. You suggest your buddies to keep going: Hey, I hear this new club is really good. Let's try it!

“Can't do it, dude. I'm meeting my girlfriend in half an hour.” “Unfortunately I can't make it. Tomorrow morning I'm going to a family reunion with my wife.”

All your friends are in long-term relationships or married, only you are single. This thought is only now coming to you somehow. You say: Okay, maybe another time thenbut somehow you feel weird.

You come home, you open the door … Silence, calm, cold. You think about how all your friends will now go back to their houses where their wives and girlfriends are waiting for them, who throw themselves around their necks, they kiss …

You go to bed. Alone. You think how perfect it would be to have someone by your side right now. A friend you can hug, cuddle and talk to late into the night, but sadly you haven't had that for a long time.

< p>Loneliness grabs you in its hard bonds and won't leave you in peace.

That's enough!

You're tired of being single and your time in to spend the cold walls of solitude and ask yourself: WHow do I get a girlfriend?

People will tell you that there are single women all around you, but finding a girlfriend isn't that easy. Especially if you fall into the category of shyer men who aren't great at flirting and seducing.

But don't worry, that's why we're here! Read on and find out how to surface from the sea of ​​loneliness and find the woman of your dreams.

Make yourself comfortable and immerse yourself in the world of seduction, because in what follows you will find a step-by-step guide on how to get a girlfriend.

From meeting a potential girlfriend to building a relationship – you'll find everything here!



Step-by-step instructions

How do I get a girlfriend? Step 1: Meet a potential girlfriend

Get out of the house!

Okay, we're on our way to our goal: to answer your question , how do I get a girlfriend?

You probably know that the first answer is to leave your four walls and start dating.

Yes, of course it is not that easy that you meet a woman and then hey presto magic happens and you live happily ever after. Unfortunately, we don't live in a fairy tale.

But when you spend every moment of your free time on the couch, sleeping, playing video games, etc. you can't expect to meet someone, let alone a girlfriend find.

You have to go to places where there are many people and do different activities where many people participate. Join an organization, apply to volunteer, take a class, go to big parties, etc.

All of these will help you feel less lonely and you never know : maybe your future girlfriend is hiding right there.

Work on yourself!

Women love ambitious, successful and independent men with both feet firmly on the ground.

You can take my word for it, because I can confirm with certainty that there are few women there are attracted to mama boys who don't know how to cook their own food, guys who play games all day, drink beer in the pub and don't know what to do with their lives should start.

It's not that a man needs to be financially secure and wealthy to please a woman, it's simply that you are mature enough to know what you want out of life and to live a fulfilling life. hrt.

Therefore you should work on yourself and make yourself interesting to stand out in the eyes of a special woman.

Read, travel, do different things, try to try something new every day to enrich your life.

You will greatly enrich your life and always have something interesting to tell when you meet the perfect woman you want to impress.

Take care of your looks!< /h4>

Appearance attracts, character holds. Whether we like it or not, looks are number one when it comes to making a first impression.

You don't have to look like a model, have a six pack abs and achieve maximum muscle mass to pave the way to a woman's heart. What matters is a neat appearance.

Nice hair, a neat beard, clean ironed clothes, a little perfume and that's it. In addition, it is of course important that you take care of your health.

Eat healthy and exercise, but first and foremost for your own well-being and only then for others impress.

This will make you feel better in your own skin and have more self-confidence.

Conquer your fear of speaking

If you are in the category If you're a shy or introverted type of guy, you'll find it difficult to approach and flirt with women.

There's nothing wrong with that, because we all have a certain degree of personality. of fear when we have to approach someone, especially if we like that person.

Only then does our face change all colors and we lose the ground under our feet. But that's all only human and that dose of shyness is very charming.

You can overcome your fear of being spoken to and shyness by speaking to strange women in everyday life.

Wish your neighbor a good morning, offer to help a woman with a piece of equipment at the gym, ask a woman for her opinion on choosing a t-shirt while shopping, etc.

Not necessarily with the aim of hitting on them. If something comes of it – Great! If not, then at least you have paved the way for the next opportunity when you want to approach a woman.

Use the power of the internet

As an alternative to the previous one, you can use today's most powerful communication weapon: the Internet.

More and more couples are getting to know each other through online dating sites and dating sites and many people seem to like it.

Perhaps because of the ease of access, the person's appeal and the reduced stress and the jitters that flirting usually leads to.

You can try dating apps like Tinder, Lovoo, and the like. The good thing is that the apps can filter profiles to suggest people who match your criteria.

So why not give it a try?

Consider your surroundings

Have you ever considered some of your girlfriends as potential partners?

Okay, maybe this doesn't seem like the best advice, because it sounds like you desperately need a girlfriend at all costs and basically take the first one that comes close to you.

But not yet. What I mean is, maybe a co-worker is sending you signals that she's in love with you, maybe there's more between you and a friend than friendship without you even realizing it.

I m&ouml Just to help you open your eyes and see if there is a potential partner in your area.

It's also a good idea to ask a friend or relative if he knows a single woman to bring you together.

Don't think this sounds desperate but dare to try because you never know. Maybe your soulmate is closer than you think.

Learn to accept the single life!

Does it often seem to you that when we wanting something badly, we can't get it at all and when it's no longer so important to us, does it appear by itself? It's kind of like that with love.

You shouldn't stop looking for and believing in love, but you shouldn't force it either. You have to know how to accept the other side and to enjoy the single life.

You shouldn't settle for less and enter into superficial relationships just to fill the emptiness inside.

So embrace the charms of single life until true love knocks on the door.

How do I get a girlfriend? Step 2: Seduce a woman

Don't wait too long to make the first move!

Let us continue! You met a woman who fits you in everything and who you like very much.

After you met her, took her mobile number, you wrote to each other and everything that goes with it, now comes the next step: the first date.

When you get in touch with someone you like, don't hesitate too long with the next step.

Communicating via social media or WhatsApp is fine at first, but shouldn't take longer than a week.

Therefore, dare to take the next step and invite the woman on a date to let her know in which direction your communication is going.

Prepare interesting topics for conversation!

Preparing for the first date is like preparing for an oral exam: you have to know what to say in order to pass. But seriously!

One of the most embarrassing situations that can happen to us on a first date is awkward silences and awkward pauses.

If you're feeling nervous, shy and insecure, it would be wise to have a few Having interesting questions and topics ready to avoid embarrassment and relieve stress.

Simple small talk about work, hobbies, talents, travel stories, etc. are great for a first date.


Just don't talk about something you don't really know or pretend to know something you don't know, because it could backfire. Be yourself!

Make the first date interesting!

Cinema and then dinner at a restaurant? A bit boring and already seen, right? Maybe you could come up with another idea and show your creative and fun side.

Instead of the classic date, which of course can also be a good fit, you could try to arrange the date in such a way that she will not forget it so easily.

You can do something crazy, like singing karaoke and betting on who can put together more off-key notes, go bowling, have a picnic in the park, etc. Be creative!

Flirt in proportion

On a first date it is very important to make a good first impression and what can spoil it is excessive flirting. Let me explain.

Some men just aren't aware that they're being awkward and pushy. Too many compliments, especially those shoddy ones, too many advances, touches and the like can be off-putting to some women to say the least.

Everything should be commensurate ;ight and tasteful. A few compliments on the smile, the eyes, the character, a few gentle and light touches on the hand or shoulder, a deep look into the eyes – and her heart will be yours.

Invite her on a second date

Even if she flirts with you all the time, it shows you that you are interesting to her and that she likes you then this is a good sign and a ticket to your second date with her.

Avoid those warm-cold games and the three-day rule to ask her out on a second date.< /p>

If the two of you are in good spirits, there is no reason to stick to some unwritten rules and leave the woman in the dark about whether there will be a second date or not, wasting your time as well.

Also remember that the second date is an opportunity to show yourself in an even better light and another chance to make amends if you accidentally screwed up on the first date.

Of course, the second date doesn't guarantee a relationship, but it certainly goes a step further and something special can come of it.

How do I get a girlfriend? Step 3: Get a girlfriend

Spend lots of time with her

We're getting to the point where two people are slowly but surely falling in love.< /p>

You met the woman of your dreams, there was a spark between you, you decided to continue dating – obviously everything is moving towards a serious relationship, but at this point everything is still on shaky ground and not clearly defined.

Therefore it is important that two people spend as much time as possible spend time together to get to know each other better, to connect and to find out if they are a good match.

By making time for this woman, you are letting her know that you are genuinely interested in her are that she is something very special and that you enjoy her company and so you can pave the way to her heart step by step.

Let her know you like her

We women like to know what we're up to so we don't spend sleepless nights brooding like it will probably continue.

Sometimes it's nice to plunge into the unknown and just surrender to the moment and the beauties of love.

But if you want a serious relationship, it would be better to let the woman know that you are really serious about her. Let her know you like her by showing her.

Good-morning– or good night message, a question, how are you, how did you spend your day…

Be helpful when she needs it, listen carefully to her, give her your time and finally just tell her openly and honestly that you like her and want her that this continues with her.

Surprise her with small tokens of attention

Another way to show her that you care about her is to surprise her with little things like flowers, some candy, movie tickets, etc. Women like little things like that (among others).

Your best success will be if you listen carefully to what she is talking about, what her interests are, what is her favorite color, series, movie and is like that.

I remember going on my first date with my boyfriend in high school and telling him my favorite candy was Toffifee fudge. The next date came with the biggest box of Toffifee in his hands.

This got me so excited that I still remember him to this day, even though we were never in a relationship and then were just teenagers. So show her that you give her your full attention.

Be honest

And the best way to build a good relationship is to be honest from the start and not pretend to be someone you are not or have something you don't have.

Remember that women are not into money, cars, luxuries and a handful of empty promises. Above all, we value honesty, respect and understanding.

If you show her from the start that she can count on you, that you keep your word, every woman will know how much you appreciate her and sooner or later you'll get over it both ears in love with you.

Be patient

Sometimes after a few dates we know that this person is made for us and that we are ready to start a relationship with her.

On the other hand, some people need more time to relax, show feelings and connect with someone emotionally.

So have patience. Don't get discouraged if after 2 or 3 dates you don't see the signs of infatuation. Maybe she just hides her feelings cleverly or she knows; not how she's supposed to show it.

Don't break a decision swayed by the desire to get a girlfriend in the shortest possible time. Good things take time and that includes winning the heart of your dream woman.

Ask her to be your girlfriend when you feel ready

Don't forget yourself and your feelings throughout the story. Maybe you're the one who doesn't connect with people easily, so you find it hard to relate.

If you feel that the woman you're with meet you who is a woman you want to start a relationship with then there’t wait.

However, if you're not ready for a serious relationship and don't want it to be short-lived with her, don't rush headlong into the relationship.

You will sense when everything comes together and when you are ready to embark on the crazy adventure.

Respect their decision, whatever it may be

Finally, it's important not to get discouraged when things go wrong and when all your efforts don't result in a happy relationship.

Sometimes things just don't work out, whatever we would like it to be, and that's okay.

It's an integral part of life, relationships and love.

Regardless of the outcome, you have to accept that decision. If you do manage to end up winning over a woman who has stolen your heart, and I hope with all my heart that you will, then you should appreciate it and be glad that your wish has come true is.

On the other hand, it may not work out and you may be single again. Don't worry though.

Then you start all over again until you find the love of your life. Because nothing comes by itself and everything takes a little effort.

Conclusion: Getting a girlfriend sounds so complicated and seems almost impossible. You probably already know the above, but it's just a matter of how you will apply it in your life. Start today!

Be open, friendly, talk to strangers, go to different places … Talk to the woman you like, even if you get rejected.

To put it simply: Be brave and dare to make the first step. Everything else will come in time. We always think something is impossible until we achieve it. ?

Good luck!

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