How to Emotionally Hurt a Narcissistic Man: 6 Effective Ways

How to Emotionally Hurt a Narcissistic Man: 6 Powerful Ways

While revenge is rarely healthy, you are also just human and it's perfectly normal if you are once asked how to hurt a narcissistic man.

If you've ever been in a relationship with a narcissist or fallen for a narcissist, you've probably wondered what you can do to make them pay for all the pain they put you through .

Many people will tell you that the best way to get over a narcissist is to just leave them and never look back (and that's true too), but you have this uncontrollable compulsion afterwards to make him suffer a little.

Although everyone is different, all narcissists have one common sore point. Here are 6 ways to find out your sore spots.

1. Realize who he is

If you really want to get revenge on your narcissistic friend, you have to get it inside his head first.

I know this is the man you planned your future with and you don't want him to change, but if you want to hurt him effectively then you have to accept a few things.< /p>

First of all, you need to stop idealizing him and see him for who he really is.

You need to accept that he has a narcissistic personality and that he is a toxic person and always will be.

If you want to take revenge on him because you secretly hope that then he will understand what he is losing and then realize that he loves you, then I have to tell you right off the bat that you can make-up off because it could be very dangerous for you.

But if you really want to hurt him, you have to get inside his head.

You have to think about his weaknesses and his vulnerable side, the things that make him happy and the things that make him sad.

Of course, you must use all of this against him and to your own advantage.

Although this will be very difficult, you must find a way to turn all your feelings for him into to forget. Revenge must be your only motivation.

If you really want to hurt him, then there is no place for remorse or guilt.

You must be absolutely sure that you really want to do it, and if so, then you must have absolutely no qualms about revenge.

Just remember that this man has hurt you so many times and any semblance of regret will vanish in an instant.

You also need to tell yourself that this narcissistic man will never love you and that in fact he doesn't is as irresistible as he seems and that you must disregard love in your vendetta.

You must not expect him to turn his back on you or other women in the will change in the future.

You're not going to teach him a lesson by hurting him because he's going to do the same things he did to you to every other woman he meets.

But you will, yours gaining your own personal satisfaction and that should be your goal.

2. Talk about his flaws

Although many people assume that a narcissist is the one in control within a relationship, it only looks like it at first glance.

In reality, any true narcissist is quite vulnerable and they only pretend like he’s tough and confident when the reality is very different.

Once you understand that he wants to be with you because he needs you to give his ego a boost, then you will also understand that you are actually in control of the situation and you will realize how easy it is it's pulling the rug out from under them.

Although it doesn't seem like it, all narcissists have very fragile egos and their weak point is their self-esteem.

You pretend they love themselves and they pretend they think they're perfect, but this couldn't be less true.

A narcissist is persecutive in all of their relationships and especially in romantic relationships only one goal: he looks for confirmation.

When you met this man, he knew that you would be a good victim of his manipulations because he saw that you were blown away by him.

He realized that he could do it has to impress you and that's what he's been looking for his whole life.

So if you really want to hurt him, you need to change the way you treat him.


Instead of constantly complimenting and admiring him, you need to focus on his flaws and shortcomings.

But to do this, you need to take off your rose-colored glasses and see the man as as he really is.

This will help you realize that he is far from perfect.

Once you've done that, you need to make sure that you constantly pointing out his flaws. You don't have to insult him directly.

Instead, make him question his physical appearance or his state of mind. This is the greatest punishment for a narcissist.

He will never stop feeling insecure. He also wanted you to feel as insecure as he did.

He will question his every action because he has an uncontrollable compulsion to appear perfect in the eyes of other people and above all else in the eyes of his current victim.

Therefore, this man will do everything in his power to get your validation and regain your admiration because it feeds him in a spiritual way.

3. Get back at him in kind

If you've ever wondered how to hurt a narcissist who likes to play games, the best thing to do is… chance of getting back at him in kind.

That means you should start treating him the same way he treated you – like you don't care about him.

That doesn't mean that you should make a big announcement or that you should threaten him that from now on you will treat him like he does deserves it because that would only give him a heads up and he would know that you are doing all this to get back at him.

Instead, you should just ignore the narcissist and treat them the way they deserve, step by step. First of all, you don't want this man to be your number one priority.

While he has always been your #1 choice from the start, he has always treated you as an option and to the bottom placed on his list of priorities.

Rather than waiting for him to treat you as you deserve and as you have treated him, now is the time to start pretending to be you don't care.

If he calls you, either you just don't talk to him, or you just tell him you have other, more important plans that you just can't put off, or you don't even answer the phone.

Be careful and try not to overreact or he may lose interest in you completely once he realizes he's not getting any feedback from you.

Just play mind games with him, just like he did with you.

One day you're acting like he's the most important person in the world and the next day you're treating him like dirt.

Bring him He'll be begging for your attention and love, just like you've been doing all along.

Make sure you're only giving him enough of yourself to make him Hook remains, but at the same time asks for more.

But stay careful and don't expect him to change because of it.

Don't expect him to see that his behavior is wrong once he feels it firsthand.

Remember that a narcissist always thinks they are right and that they are wrong The bad thing is when he treats you or other people around him as badly as he does.

4. Criticize him in front of other people

We've already established that you can't teach a narcissist a lesson and you can't teach them to care about other people. But you can expose and shame him.

Earlier in the article we mentioned that the only goal of a narcissist is to get validation from other people, to to give his ego a boost.

That's why he never thought about his personal traits and personality traits.

In fact, once he realizes you've fallen for him, he doesn't care what your opinion of him is.

But the opinion of the public and the people around him is very important.

Remember, you were one of those people in the beginning and he did everything to impress you.

He's always lived like this: him tries to impress everyone around him because he refuses to accept his true self.

Because of this, most narcissists are held in high esteem at work or by their families.

And that's exactly why these people find it difficult to believe a victim of the narcissist.

Even them Victims of a narcissist sometimes don't believe in themselves and feel like they are exaggerating.

Every narcissistic man works hard to build that dream world around him in which he is a loved and respected person .

So if you want to hurt him because of all the pain you've been through because of him, then you have to destroy his filter bubble.

One of the most effective ways is to expose him in front of other people and to that.

I'm not saying you should do this directly or insult him in front of other people.

But you know this man best. You know his vulnerable sides and his weak points, no matter how hard he's tried to hide them from you.

So you should focus on his flaws instead of praising him in front of other people.


But you have to be careful not to let him see your true intentions.

If you want to humiliate him, ridicule his words and act like you're superior to him – just like he always did to you.

This will only have any effect if you do it in public.

No narcissist can tolerate other people looking down on them or making fun of them and you should do the same if you really want to hurt him.

This behavior will only add to his insecurity and will make him question his every action and decision.

Such behavior will lower his confidence and make him paranoid.< /p>

Of course, if he accuses you of being unfair to him, you must make sure that you convince him that he is imagining all this. After all, you only give him good advice.

5. Make him question your love for him

A narcissistic manipulator needs to be sure of your love for him. From the first moment, his goal was to make you fall madly in love with him.

Remember when he first started, he tried to pretend he was the perfect man?

How he treated you like a queen and how he always cared about your needs?

Remember when he acted like you were the girl of his dreams and the most important person in his life and told you that he really loves you.

How lucky you were to be when you finally found the love of your life, someone who could make you happy and who made you finally feel loved and wanted, no matter what the circumstances were.

Well yes , I am sure that today you know that all of this was a lie.

Every narcissist behaves this way until they get what they want. You have to remember that narcissistic men are different from the majority of men.

And when I say he treats you nicely until he gets what he wants, that's what I'm talking about not about sex.

Of course sex is important to him, but not his ultimate goal. It's not enough that you sleep with him.

Instead, he wants to make sure he's in your heart, soul and mind.

And if you really want to hurt him, then you must never let him hurt him.

A narcissist cannot be sure of your love until they take you for granted.

First of all, he does big and romantic acts and has no problem telling you how he feels.

He just does it to fool you and make you think, that he is a special person.

He wants to make sure he has left a permanent footprint in your life and you must never let him have that thought.

Instead, you need to get him to touch your feelings. and doubts your intentions.

Don't be too cold though, as this will cause him to leave you before you get your revenge.

But bring him to ask himself if you ever loved him or if your relationship was just a farce.

Make him wonder if there is someone else in your life and if he tricked you or if it was him who was tricked.

6. Love yourself

I know you probably think what I'm about to tell you is a cliché and that you've heard it a million times. rt.

I know you think these are just empty words and that this tip won't help hurt a narcissistic man.

But let me tell you that the best way to get revenge on a narcissist is to love and respect yourself.

All narcissists feel insecure and have major emotional issues and low self-esteem.

But sadly, he is unaware of his personality disorder and doesn't want to admit to himself or anyone else that he needs professional help.

That's why he tries to heal through his victims and one of those victims is you.

He can't stand to be around a person who has a lot of self esteem and who doesn't Has problems with himself, especially if that person is a woman.

Therefore he tries to bring his victims down to his level and destroy their self esteem instead of working on his own problems with it he feels more valuable and better.

Deep down he is aware of his insecurities and he tries to hide them by keeping you small and making you question your own worth because that is the only way for him is to feel superior to you and to feel better about yourself.

Once he's done that, then his mission has been accomplished.

If you So if you really want to hurt a narcissist, you have to prove to them that they didn't make it, that they make you feel bad.

You have to prove to them that you're comfortable in their own skin and that you recognize your own worth, even if he never did.

You have to show him that you respect yourself, even if he never did.

You you have to prove to him that you really love yourself and put yourself first even if he never did, because that really is the best revenge possible .

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