How to distance yourself from him so he will miss you and come back

How to distance yourself from him so he'll miss you and come back

If he's acting distant, don't chase after him.

This plan won't work because it will only make him feel more important.

He'll see that you let him behave the way he wants and it won't matter & a lot; change. He'll see that you love him and don't want to lose him.

As long as he sees that, he'll piss you off because he knows he can do it. He can do whatever he wants and you will come back to him.

Change that approach! Trick him a bit because that's what he's doing to you.

He's taking advantage of your love and you take it for granted. It's time to change your tactics. Become more like him.

Beat him at his own game. You'll see that everything works out very differently.

Normally men distance themselves because they need more space.

They have their own problems to solve ;sen and you only make it worse by chasing after them. If he wants space, let him have it.

Leave him alone and don't call him or ask where he was. I know it's hard to do so cold-heartedly, but it's a win-win situation. Why?

Because if you give him more space, two scenarios are possible.

The first is that whatever was bothering him, he will sort himself out and he'll come back.

And the second thing is that he'll see that you're ignoring him and if you mean anything to him, he won't deal with it and will run after you.

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So you see, you can't lose. You just have to be smart. I'm not saying you have to play mind games and use him.

You should just teach him a lesson and show him what you tolerate and don't tolerate.

The a mistake you should never make?

Of course you feel abandoned and hurt when he wants more space, when he wants to get away from you.

< p>You will feel rejected and who wants that in a relationship?

A lot of women make this mistake because their instincts take over. You hurt me and now I want revenge.

If you really want him back, don't punish him for needing more space, don't try to get even with him because you only want him will be pushed away.

How can you make him miss you after distancing yourself?

1. Take your time

Don't rush into it or you might end up doing something reckless, something you'll regret later.

Try to be alone for a while and let the passion subside. Take your time to be hurt. Embrace your pain and then let it go.

When it's gone, you can make plans for how you will let it know that it needs you and cannot live without you.

2. Let him go

If he needs space, give it to him. You pretty much have to stop caring about him.

Of course you can't, but you can pretend you've lost interest. Act like you don't care that much about him anymore.

Show him that if he doesn't care and if he's doing it on purpose to see how you react, then he will get to see your indifference.

And if he really needs some space to work things out, then do it anyway because it will show him that you have listened and left him alone to deal with his problems.

3. Don't post everything on social media

Social media can be one of your strongest weapons.

What you should never do is heartbreak songs and to post status updates. Don't do this as it will make you look needy and clingy.

You don't want him to see you as a loser, you want him to see you as a fighter. You can post photos with other men, but that's not the right way either.

It will provoke unhealthy jealousy and frankly, these manipulative methods aren't a good solution in any situation.

If you want to post something, post your girls night out with your girlfriends.

Post a selfie with a beautiful smile. Keep everything positive because when your plan finally works out, this is how you will feel.

Show him that you are not devastated and that your life can go on without him. This move will touch him and create those feelings you want him to feel.

He will miss you and see what a stupid mistake he made.


4. Spend more time with your friends

go out with friends Just enjoy your life and don't think about him. Try to erase it from your mind to take the pressure off.

Relax and forget about it for a few hours. You should go out and have a few drinks. Go to a concert – you should have fun.

Show him you can have fun without him. have and enjoy life. It's not the center of your universe (at least it shouldn't be) and you need to be aware of that.

5. Be prepared if you come across it

You have to realize that you can't plan when you see him.

Prepare to see him when you least need it.

If you're on Coming home tomorrow after a crazy party hungover or with your glasses on and greasy hair tied in a messy bun.

Pull yourself together. No panic. Act cool.

Don't freak out because you look awful, show him that you don't care what you look like and that you can rock any look you can think of, because let's face it, you w&uuml ;you'll look gorgeous even in a garbage bag.

Be friendly and show him that you're glad you bumped into him because you haven't seen him in a while.

Keep cool. Talk to him a little and ask him how he's doing.

Don't let his presence affect you, because he'll see that and then it will all be for nothing.


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