How To Deal With A Selfish Partner (A Step-by-Step Guide)

How to Deal with a Selfish Partner (A Step-by-Step Guide)

Do you suspect your boyfriend is being selfish and are you looking for Mö ways to deal with such toxic behavior?

Your search is over because here is the only guide you'll ever need!

So you're doing everything you can to solve each of its w&uuml ;to fulfill wishes and get the best out of your relationship and he doesn’t even bother to reciprocate or even do the bare minimum.

You shower him with true love and the only thing he does is give you only crumbs of his toxic love. Does that sound familiar?

And then you come to the only logical conclusion: “My boyfriend is reckless and selfish and doesn’t give a shit about other people’s feelings !”

The worst thing you could do at this point is continue to justify his unacceptable behavior.

< b>The first step in dealing with a selfish partner is to open your eyes and admit to yourself that your relationship is not mutual and you are not getting what you deserve!

Remember that one of the pillars of any successful relationship is a willingness to compromise and reach out to one another.

A committed relationship is a two-way street, and both partners need to be open-minded. Have to put their ego and selfishness aside to make it work.

It's quite difficult to have a healthy relationship when one of the partners only thinks about their own needs and well-being.

Some people just aren't cut out to be empathetic and selfless but

Selfishness is definitely one of the things that shouldn't be tolerated in a relationship under any circumstances.

But if you're already dating a selfish partner, there are some steps you can take to get them to think about their behavior. Here are 9 of them!

1. Stop justifying his behavior

When you are in a relationship with a man who will not match your efforts, who will never attend to your needs and will always put his own well-being and interests first without ever thinking about it , how certain things might affect you, you are definitely dealing with a selfish partner.

People with narcissistic personalities tend to have high expectations of others, and when you if you don’t fulfill them, they will make you feel guilty and even start judging you.

So you need to open your eyes and stop justifying his behavior!

However, when you have a selfish friend, it is usually difficult to accept their selfishness.

But if you really want to make some changes in the relationship and deal with this situation in the best way possible ;first thing you need to do is accept the hard truth that your friend is being reckless, selfish and doesn't treat you right.

It's time to stop justifying his behavior and say it out loud: ”My boyfriend is selfish and I need to stop making excuses for his behavior!”

After all, you can't wait for everything to change by itself if you're running away from the truth and keep making excuses for the way he's treating you.

< h2>2. Think about what made him behave like this

When you've finally accepted that your friend is being selfish, it's time to think about what makes him behave this way.

If he was like this to begin with, only you did didn't notice?

Or did something happen that caused him to change completely?

Is he behaving like this towards everyone or only when he's with you?

The answers to these questions may seem irrelevant to you, but they will actually reveal a lot more than you think.

It's one thing when selfishness is just his personality trait that he's been hiding for a while and that you tried to ignore in the beginning, it's quite another when something happened in your relationship that caused him to become it made what he is now.

Although selfishness can never be justified in a relationship under any circumstances, you might want to think about whether there is something else behind his selfish tendencies and try the whole thing from his perspective.

3. Try to explain to him how his behavior makes you feel

Sometimes people act a certain way without even realizing it.< /p>

Your partner's selfishness is causing you a lot of pain and you should make sure he knows how bad you are.

You should point out his selfish behavior and draw attention to his selfish nature.

But before you make any radical decisions, you should try to have a serious conversation with him about this problem.

Confront him about everything he has done to you!< /p>

You should also try to express your feelings as best you can so that he can see how his behavior is affecting you and your relationship.

That doesn't mean you should attack him right away, it just means that you should tell him he hurt you and that you don't feel comfortable around him anymore.

By doing so maybe he will come back to reality and reflect on his selfishness and take some responsibility for his behavior.

4. Confront him with facts

If you confront selfish people, they will usually deny everything and may even be shocked by your accusations.

In fact, in most cases, they will accuse you of overreacting to all the warning signs and wanting to blame them for everything.

Either way, they will do anything to correct their behavior justify it because they usually don't want to accept selfishness as part of their personality nor the fact that they have a big ego.

If you want to prevent that from happening, you need to arm yourself with facts before you discuss this topic with your friend.

Talk to him about all the moments when he's just ¨ has talked about himself without ever asking how you are and all the times he has ignored or downplayed your emotions.

Mention the situations when everything revolved around him and the situations in which he expected you to be there for him, but that you could never count on his support.

Don't just talk about everything in general – give him concrete examples of his selfish behavior.

No matter how hard he tries to speak up, he can't contradict the facts and that will help you prove that you You're right.

5. Set up some rules

If you're 100% sure your boyfriend is selfish and you want him to treat you the way you deserve, to do nice things for you and stuff like that, then you need to set some rules and set conditions!

You need to make it clear to him what kind of behavior is acceptable to you and what you will not tolerate.

You need to tell your partner exactly what you want expect from the relationship and set some ground rules.

Of course, he will probably try to continue with his behavior, but this is where you need to show him that you mean business and that you have no intention of letting him get away with it.

If you want that to be Once selfishness stops, you need to be mindful of your own needs and set clear boundaries that your friend needs to learn to respect.

You need to determine what you can let go of and what things you won't compromise on are.

6. Put yourself first

When you love someone, it makes perfect sense that you want to make them happy.

But giving all your energy and attention to someone who doesn't appreciate them and doesn't give you anything in return is not a sign of your love for them; it's just a sign of the lack of love and care you have for yourself.

No matter how important someone is to you, don't forget about your own well-being.

< p>Especially when you're dealing with a selfish guy who doesn't match your efforts.

When you have a selfish boyfriend who never puts you first, it means it's time to stop being the only one thinking about what's best for your relationship and start thinking about it instead to think about what's best for you.

It's obvious that this guy has no intention of meeting your needs, so why waste your energy and patience on someone who obviously doesn't deserve it when you could give it to someone who would appreciate it? would love to share?

Why would you waste your time with someone who, from the moment you met until now, has never bothered to do anything about your relationship?

Why would you work hard and keep doing nice things for someone who doesn't deserve them?

Instead of making time for them, take care of yourself for a change focus.

You've given this guy more than enough attention, and now you should focus that attention on yourself.

Stop ignoring your own needs and devote yourself entirely to yourself. If you If you don't appreciate yourself enough, you can't expect others to either.

7. Show him he can't take you for granted

One of the reasons some guys stop paying attention to their girlfriends and start acting selfish is because they take them for granted.

It can be that your boyfriend is always counting on your presence and thinks there is nothing he can do to make you stop loving him?

If so, does he think that he can get away with his selfish behavior and sell it to you as a form of self-love.

If that's the case, it's high time you showed him that he can't take you for granted and that you can live your life without him.

You are a full individual and you had one life before that selfish person came your way.

Remember that you must never allow a man to give your existence full meaning because he can use that against you and believe he can do whatever he wants.

However, if you show him that you can leave him if he doesn't change his mind, chances are he will reconsider his behavior.

You shouldn't tell him that threaten that you will leave him because that would be emotional blackmail; you should just show him that he has no power over you and that he has to try harder if he wants to keep you.

8. Give him a taste of his own medicine

Sometimes people don't realize how destructive their behavior is until they feel it on their own skin.

If you have a selfish man by your side, maybe it's time to give him one Give him a taste of his own medicine and show him that you're happy with yourself and who you are!

Selfish people are controlled by their narcissistic personality and tend to get offended once you start treating them the way they have been treating you all along, but there are times when you have no other choice have.

I'm not saying that you should sink to his level and that you should change the essence of your personality by becoming a self-centered, narcissistic person just to prove it that you are right.

What I'm saying is that you should show your partner that they can't always count on your support.

Start with small things – stop asking him how his day was, stop doing things for him, stop giving him your full attention and stop putting him above everyone else to ask.

At first he will be offended, but later on he will probably start to appreciate all the sacrifices you made for the relationship and he will understand how it's having a selfish partner.

9. Leave him

Initiating a breakup should be your last resort, but if nothing is giving you results, it may be time to reconsider your relationship in general.

If your boyfriend is too selfish and doesn't want him, what you do makes him change, does he really love you?

Or are you just good for his ego? Do you still want to be with this person?

Is he worthy of your time and patience? Is he worthy of all the sacrifices you made for him? Is he worthy of you?

There are times when you know you've tried everything in your power to change the way someone treats you, but nothing helped.

The only thing you can do in this situation is to walk away before it's too late.


The most important thing you need to understand is how worthy you are and that you don't deserve this behavior.

You don't deserve a selfish partner who expects everything from you and gives nothing in return.< /p>

You deserve someone who treats you with appreciation, respect and admiration.

You deserve someone who knows how reciprocity works and someone who always makes it happen will make you feel unique because he really wants it and not because you asked him to!

If you followed all the steps above and did everything in your power and he still shows no signs that he will change and start working on his behavior, you have every right to move on and think about what's best for you!

You have every right to think about your own happiness and wait for the right one for you.

And until then, please don't settle for less than you deserve! Good luck!

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