How the narcissist tricks people into thinking they're the good guy

How the narcissist tricks people into thinking they're the good guy

We're all pretty familiar with it by now.

I am sure, you know how the narcissist’s world works and how they prey on those who are most easily manipulated and destroyed.

The first step is selection. The narcissist chooses a victim.

This person is usually someone with beautiful qualities such as kindness, empathy, forgiveness, and an excessive; of understanding (which, in the end, is the most fatal of all).

The narcissist doesn't just pick anyone. It takes a lot of preparation and thought.

The victim has to be perfect in order to do their job with absolute perfection.

You have to think that everything happens spontaneously and slowly. He needs to blow your mind, which explains his many deceptive masks.

You never really know who you're dealing with because he changes his mask with each new phase of your ”relationship&rdquo ; changes.

And when you finally realize that you've descended into a bottomless abyss of manipulation, evil tricks and deceit, his job is already done and he's on to the next victim the trail.

You were taken advantage of and you didn't even realize what happened until it was over.

But the weirdest thing about it all is how the hell does he treat you so badly and appear to be the good guy?

How does he get people to like him so much while he's secretly draining every drop of your life force? Can he REALLY be that good at his craft?

I'd like to find out.

Read on because I may be able to give you some insights into how the narcissist manages to trick everyone around them (except you) into thinking they're the nice guy next door.

table of contents show 1 1. He is clever at keeping up appearances 2 2. He is nice to others because he may need them in the future 3 3. His trü gerian charm disarms people instantly 4 4. He always comes up with a plan to play the innocent victim.

1. He's adept at keeping up appearances

Your narcissist absolutely doesn't mind yelling at you, humiliating you, and taking advantage of you in private, and then after 5 minutes with you leaving the house with a smile on his face and helping his elderly neighbor with her groceries.

That's the scariest thing about him. He has the perfect mask if you want others to see him as the good guy.

The narcissist is comfortable abusing you behind closed doors and then offering to help a total stranger in public.

This is their most dominant personality trait – Duplicity.

You will be shocked when you see him in public because the person you know is very different.

And the worst part? Nobody will ever know.

2. He is nice to others because he may need them in the future

You know never when anyone could prove helpful; this is the mantra of the narcissist.

They never show their true colors to people because they deceitfully expect that they may need something from them later.

So he acts like an angel on earth whose sole mission is to right every wrong on the planet. And you (his victim) are the only human who knows his hidden shadow side, which he keeps especially for you.

You wish you could warn people about him, but how exactly is that supposed to work?

He controls your every step and if he found out that you did something like this behind his back, he would punish you with hell for it .

So you just keep suffering in silence and pray that it will all be over soon.

3. Its deceptive charm instantly disarms people

You can say whatever you want about the narcissist, but if they are anything, they're pretty damn charming.

It's just a natural gift that they were born unworthy of (or the he picked up at a young age), and it's extremely useful.

He doesn't take long to disarm even the most suspicious of humans.

You may have your doubts at first and even think about confronting him, but rest assured that he will convince you and clear all your doubts incredibly quickly.

Within minutes you will be buying his lies and eating out of his hand.

He will make you feel like you were crazy having such trust issues with him to have.

After all, he is a fine, young gentleman with perfect manners and an open-minded personality.

What's not to like about him? (Aside from absolutely everything)

4. He always comes up with a plan to play the innocent victim.

Narcissists are ALWAYS prepared. There's always a backup plan and a solid one.

He knows he's always at risk of being caught, and he's ready to defend himself should that happen.


It would be foolish to think that his lies can be so easily exposed. He knows exactly how to blame his victim.

He plays the victim role perfectly. He knows exactly how to convince people it's not his fault – it's you.

Believe me, I've got it all behind me.

It's amazing how quick he is and how (despite your sincerity and innocence) he loves you always being held accountable for any of his misdeeds.

This is annoying and frustrating and completely destroys your psyche. I've experienced this firsthand so many times.

And the most painful part is that narcissists actually believe their own lies and have fun doing it. power to wreck you.

Their evil ALWAYS triumphs and there is little that can be done to stop them. It's unbelievably awful.

P.S. Here are the most common tactics narcissists use to control their victims. 

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