How hard it is to love someone you have no future with

How hard it is to love someone you have no future with

You fell in love with him. Very.

As you can only fall in love with the one.

You were blinded with his kisses and hugs, and couldn't see that they were yours never given for real love but for lust.

You ignored all the warning signs that he didn't love you. Even when you saw things you didn't like, you chose to ignore them.

Because you got so damn addicted to him. He was the air you couldn’t live without.

He was the only person who could make your day just by smiling at you.

He was a man who had so much control over you, but you realized it too late.

The whole time you lived with him you thought you had everything. You thought you had everything under control. But you were so wrong.

And do you know what the worst is? Even though you know that now, you still don't give up on him.

You still believe that he is your lucky charm for all eternity and that you both have a great life ;Your destiny.

You still have hopes and dreams for both of you.

You're still imagining that he's going to propose to you with that huge ring you saw in the store the other day.

You want to think that he just doesn’t know how to show love.

You think that he loves you but that sometimes it is hard for him to to express his emotions.

Do you know what you dream of too? That little house on the corner that you like. You dream that one day it will be your house.

You can already hear the voices of your children running around in the garden.

You have the whole picture in the Head. Everything is prepared for a fairy tale.

Only one ingredient is missing. He. But unfortunately he doesn't feel the same as you do for him. He will never commit to you the way you want him to. He never took you seriously.

You were always the funny girl to him who gave him everything he needed. Great sex.

High adrenaline. An ego boost. But never that sense of belonging to someone else.

He never saw you as the one he would eventually marry. He just saw you as someone to have fun with. will have.

He doesn't see the sadness in your eyes when he treats you badly. He doesn't see that you're sad because you're waiting for him to say his shitß fixes.

Heck, there are days when he doesn't see you at all. He doesn't listen to what you have to say.

He doesn't listen to your needs and wants. And you know it all.

You know it all too well. But for some reason you can't explain, you're still there, crawling in front of him and asking for his attention.

You're still there to tell him it's okay is when he can't call you all day.

You are still there to tell him that you understand that he is busy and that talking to you would upset his boss while he is at work.

You're still there to comfort him because he's not able to improve at work.

So you end up the one he's yelling at, because he has problems at work.

You are there to tell him that everything will pass and that you are proud of him if it means anything to him. But it doesn't.

And it never will. A man like him never intended to make you happy. He's not someone who's going to put a ring on you and make you his wife.

No. He's not that kind of man. He's a coward because he won't let you go, but he won't make any progress in your relationship either.

And once you realize that, you'll be able to break free of the chains he's putting on laid your legs.

He wants to keep you around so much because you make him feel good. But not good enough to really commit to you.

He's the man you have no future with. And you know it too well.

You're just trying to see if something's going to change, because deep down there's still hope that he might see what a woman he has next to him.

But he won't. He'll never see how amazing you are.

He will never give you credit for all the good things you have done.

He will give it to someone else. Maybe the one who won't love him half as much as you do. But for some reason it will be enough for him.

He will never be a man to wake you up in the morning and you puts warm donuts and coffee in bed.

He will never be the man to hold you while you are ill. He's not the man who's going to take care of you, or the one who's going to defend you.

He's the kind of man who will give you up so easily like you never shared incredible chemistry.

He's the one who will cheat on you as soon as he gets the chance.

He's the kind of man , which will drive you crazy and later make you think you're the crazy one.

He's the one who will totally destroy you if you let him.

He's the one who doesn't know anything about you but still wants you to make him the most important person do in your life.

He's the one who wants everything with no intention of reciprocating it in the same way.

But I know the time will come when where you will open your eyes and see things clearly. I know there will come a time when you will see how little he means to you.

And I know that in that moment you will decide to give up all the love that is in you are in it to give to the most important person in your life. I know you will give it to yourself.

And love? Love will come when you think you are not ready for it. She's going to hit you and you won't even notice.

But you know what? It will be the best thing that has happened to you. It will finally be real.

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