how do i forget him In 8 steps out of the emotional chaos

How do I forget him? In 8 steps out of the emotional chaos

Although you didn't expect it, it happened. You have been abandoned.

Suddenly you no longer understand the world. You were so happy and from now on he wants to make it clear to you that he doesn't love you anymore.

Your great love has no more feelings for you. That was like a slap in the face. You can't move, everything around you starts spinning.

How could this happen? You were madly in love with each other, can the feelings just fade like that? And what now? What's next?

Can you just forget your great love and move on?

All abandoned people ask themselves these questions when their heart was unexpectedly broken.

You lose the ground under your feet and just want to crawl somewhere. But life doesn't end when a relationship ends.

Of course it's normal to be lovesick, cry and just take a break from the world, but after a while you need to get back to it get it.

Now something like this seems impossible to you, because you are still caught in the emotional chaos and see no way out.

That's exactly why I wrote this article, so that you can find your own escape route from mental suffering.

After every storm the sun comes out, the same goes for the end of a relationship. Everyone thinks it's the end, that you'll never love again in your life, and above all, many think that they'll mourn their ex for the rest of their lives.

But fortunately, that's true not. If you follow my tips, you'll forget your ex-boyfriend faster than you think.

It's time we put down our rose-colored glasses and face reality.

How do I forget him? It's not that hard at all 😀

Every breakup brings with it a few hurdles that aren't easily overcome on your own.

But if you stick to a few specific tips, you can process the breakup faster than you think and look forward to a happier future.

It's just important to put an end to it and not get your hopes up.

You broke up for a reason and there would be no point in trying to force anything or your ex -Wanting to convince a friend that he made a mistake.

If someone has doubts about the relationship, you should break up without any ifs or buts, because you can only end up feeling more hurt and you don't want that.

Now try to lean back and implement the tips, they will definitely be helpful and you will feel much better afterwards.

1. You need to get rid of the memories

If you want to get over the pain of separation, you should get rid of your shared memories.

No matter what it is a teddy bear, t-shirts, old love letters, shared pictures on social media, you should ban all of that from your life.

You don't have to throw it away right away – if you don't want to get rid of it completely, you should put it out of your sight.

You can take a big box to put everything in and put it in the basement.

If you don't want to throw away the keepsakes but still don't want them in the house, you can contact your ex-boyfriend and drop them off or leave them somewhere he can pick them up.

Memories you shared together aren't something you can easily erase from your mind, but they will fade over time, you just have to be patient.

When you meet a new partner find, you will make common memories with him and the old ones will be forgotten.

2. Distract yourself

It is very important that you take some time for yourself after the breakup. You should get back to your hobbies, which you've probably neglected over the course of the relationship.

No matter what you feel like doing, you should do it.

You can meet up with your girls more often and go shopping or just have a girls night out in town where you can also meet new people.

You can now also take up a completely new hobby something you've always been interested in, but your partner didn't want to do.

If you don’t find anything that interests you, you can also throw yourself into sport, the gym or jogging will definitely take your mind off things and you will feel much better after the workout.

That way you also do something for your self-confidence.

If you fill up every free minute, you won't have time to think about the old times you spent together.

3. Contact blocking

This step will definitely be the worst for you, a total lockdown. At first glance, it may seem too extreme, but trust me, it's not.

It's the only way to completely forget about your ex and move on with your life.

< p>If you keep in touch with him, it may give you false hope. Every day you'll hope for a follow-up from him or worse, you'll shower him with messages because you miss him.

Your best bet would be to delete his cell phone number and mute him on all social media if you don't want to delete him completely right away.

Your way will come not tempted to follow his every move and stalk him.

The no contact should also apply to meetings, it would be best to avoid him completely and avoid all places where you could meet him.

You should also not ask your mutual friends about him, because sooner or later he will find out.

4. Make a change

You often hear that women change after a breakup, no matter what it is, the hair, the make-up up or a new style of clothing, any change will do you good.

Now a new phase of life is beginning for you and you must everything that you associate with your ex-boyfriend, leave behind.

You can pull off a makeover that will give you new self-confidence and you can also make new friends.

A few small changes will spice up your everyday life and you will definitely get a few compliments too, that make every woman happy.

5. Keep evolving

You've probably always had certain ideas about how your life should look like. You definitely wanted to be a successful business woman who would show the man's world where the hammer lay.

But since you were in a committed relationship, you saw all the possibilities let your fingers go because you wanted to focus on your relationship happiness.

You didn't want to attend seminars because you would have to move to another city and you've never been a fan of long-distance relationships .

Now you have the ideal opportunity to catch up on everything. You are single and you can do whatever you want with your life without having to consider anyone else.

Make yourself the best version that you have always longed for . You can catch up on everything and achieve even more.

6. Destroy the ideal image of him

It is completely normal to idealize the partner in the relationship. You think you've found the right partner for life and everything they say, do or think is just perfect.

After the breakup, it's time to get out of the Dream world awakens and you also see the not-so-great sides of your ex-boyfriend.

I know, this is your crush and he can't have bad sides. But is that really true?

Now it's time to take a deep breath and remember all the things you didn't like about him that kept driving you nuts.

< p>If you remember all your ex's arguments and reproaches, you should write them down right away. You should always carry this note with you or it should be somewhere visible.

Whenever you miss your ex-boyfriend, you should take the note and read everything you wrote down. That's how you realize he's not perfect.

7. Try a fresh start

Finding a new partner will seem impossible to you, or even flirting with another man at all.

But flirting can quickly turn out to be a good idea, because the You kind of realize that you're not as attached to your ex-boyfriend as you first thought.

When you're flirting, you'll forget everything around you and you'll get the attention of a stranger really good.

You don't have to rush headlong into a new relationship, but you can enjoy life.

Only when you're at peace with your feelings should you open up start looking for a partner.

When the right partner crosses your path, you will feel it right away and it will feel like you've been waiting for him the whole time.

8. Self Love

You have to accept yourself as you are. The breakup is not your fault and everything in life has a reason. You are perfect just the way you are and you should be aware of that.

When the right person enters your life, they will recognize it and you will never feel lovesick again.< /p>

Stand in front of the mirror and compliment yourself every day on what you like best about yourself.

Breakups are always painful, especially when you left the one person are A thousand questions circle through your head, because you ask yourself, why did I deserve this? Everything was so wonderful.

Sometimes there doesn't have to be a specific reason and sometimes it's even better not to know the reason. After the breakup, you should focus on yourself and your mental peace.

You should leave the past behind you and look to a brighter and happier future, because you never know, when happiness can knock on your door. Cheer up and let fate surprise you.

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