how do i break up It doesn't always have to end in tears

How do I break up? It doesn't always have to end in tears

The moment has come. You notice that your feelings towards your partner have changed and you slowly want to change something about it.

You can't stop feeling the initial tingling for a long time. ren and that's not even the biggest problem, because you know that infatuation passes quite quickly.

But the rest is not true. You keep bumping into each other and almost every meeting ends in a fight. It's just not going to go on like this.

You realize that you can no longer avoid a relationship.

But now comes the harder question – how do you do that without hurting your current partner?

Is it really possible to break up without your current partner, later ex-partner, going through the pain of separation ?

If you only think about the end of the relationship, about all the time together, you know that lovesickness is inevitable. However, you must draw a line and bring the truth out into the open.

You are simply aware that you are through with the topic of relationship and that is exactly why you should gather your courage and have a personal conversation ;I lead with your current partner.

Whether you want it or not, you have to put your cards face up on the table. I know the break up talk is always the hardest step to take, but sooner or later you have to do it.

And for the person who has been left, it is always better that it happens sooner, because nobody needs false hopes.

If you put clichés in your partner's head just because you don't have the courage has to be honest, breaking up can be even more painful.

But what's the right way to end a relationship? Is there a perfect time to end a relationship?

Or would it be easiest if you sent an it's over message via WhatsApp or social media so you can avoid a face-to-face conversation?

< p>We're going to give you top breakup tips so you can still look your ex-boyfriend in the eye after the breakup without feeling guilty.

You have to prepare yourself that tears will shed, that some harsh blame will be slammed in your head, tantrums are also something not to be underestimated.

But none of this lasts forever. These are momentary emotions that everyone needs to go through in order to deal with the pain of separation more easily.

When is the right time to break up?

If I may be honest, I have to tell you that there is never a right time to turn someone down.

Everything you have read in romance novels or seen in various romance films has nothing to do with reality.

There are a few exceptions where the partners have a quiet conversation; ch lead and talk openly about everything.

Then they part amicably and everyone goes home happy, but I don't think it will go like that.

< p>Since there is no perfect time to end a relationship, there are a few factors you should still consider.

When should you definitely not break up with your current partner?

1. During a party

It would be an absolute no-go if you broke up with your partner during a party. Although I have already said that there is no right time, you should never do such a thing.

You are among friends, partying calmly, everything seems to be perfect and suddenly you have the idea now i want to break up No way!!

If you haven't dared until now, you can pull yourself together for a few hours and postpone the breakup.

If you were to break up at a party, it wouldn't just be for you bad, but also for all family members.

You can never predict how your partner will react, whether they start crying or walk with their heads held high.

You have to prepare for the worst and ending a relationship between friends would just be embarrassing.

The whole mood would die down and everyone would just talk about it. You certainly don't want that.

2. Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries

Another bad time to end the relationship would be your partner’s birthday.

Your current partner is hoping a surprise from you, a nice party with friends and family and what does he get? A rebuff.

You should refrain from doing that, because you celebrate your birthday once a year and you should skip this day. The same goes for the holidays.

You certainly don't want to celebrate Christmas with your families and suddenly you want to break up.

Your family has to not be there and it would not be polite to openly discuss your relationship problems with the guests.

You certainly don't want your ex-partner to keep linking their birthday or a holiday to the end of their relationship.

In this way, he will be reminded of it again and again and you should spare him such a thing.

3. In public

What's the best way to break up, you ask yourself. Certainly not in public. You should never end a relationship in a large crowd or a full restaurant.

Strangers should not be a part of such an emotionally hurtful event.

That way you would put your ex-boyfriend in an awkward position, everyone would feel sorry for him and nobody needs that at the moment .

You don't want all the guests in the restaurant staring at you and talking about you.

Where would it be appropriate to end?

< p>

While there is no such thing as a perfect time, there are some breakup moments that are better than others.

Once you've made the decision to break up with your partner, be careful that you are in private.

Ending a relationship is just bad for both sides, for you because you have a guilty conscience and for your current partner, because he will be the Forsaken.

Still, it is better if you are alone. Other people should not be there and put you under additional pressure. This is a sensitive moment for both of you and you should deal with it as well.

It would be best if you broke up at your partner’s place. That way you can leave your ex-partner alone after the interview and he can process his feelings.

It wouldn’t make sense if you stayed with your ex after the breakup to comfort them. Believe me, you're the last person he wants to see right now.

The best thing you can do is quietly back away from yourself and your ex to leave alone. No one wants to see them hurt and devastated. Leave him and his breakup pain alone.

If you live together it will be a little more difficult, but you can always think ahead and find a temporary place to live after the breakup.

You probably already planned the breakup, but you looked for the ideal moment and finally you got the courage.

After you ended the relationship, you can tell your partner that you are in a temporary relationship apartment so you can process the breakup faster.

That way, your ex-partner will have some time to himself to collect his thoughts and over time you can look for a solution on how you are going to settle the apartment.

If you don’t want to do it at home, you can also find a quiet place outside, such as in a park or in a place where not many people are present.

How do you start a break up conversation?

This step is always the most difficult. You've had this conversation in your head a thousand times. You even represented both sides, but if it really has to come to that, you back down.

When you look your current partner in the eye and notice that he was in a good mood that day and that he was still together. is extremely nice to you, you don't have the heart to be. You're scared.

You don't know how your partner will react and of course you don't want to hurt them. What if he starts crying? Should I be ice cold or should I comfort him?

The best thing you can do is be honest, what good is it for your partner if you are in a relationship with them that makes you unhappy?

What should they do with you Start a relationship partner who will use every possible excuse just so you don't have to spend time together.

Such a hypocritical relationship will hurt your partner sooner or later.

< p>Now you still have the option to end the relationship in a dignified way. Now the question arises, how do you start such a conversation?

You have two options:

1. Start a spontaneous conversation

You can just start the conversation spontaneously, out of nowhere. In fact, there's no harm in interrupting your partner mid-conversation and saying what's on your mind.

Now it is important that you honestly and from the heart say everything that has been bothering you for a long time. It's important that you speak calmly and clearly.

Your partner needs to see that you mean business and that he can't change your mind.

You need to make it clear to him that you have been looking for the ideal time for a long time, but none was suitable and so you spontaneously decided for the present moment.

It would also be helpful if you all your Sharing concerns and doubts with your partner, everything that made you decide.

That way, your partner will also realize that it wasn't an ideal relationship and that maybe it would be best for both of you to break up.

2. Waiting for an argument

The second option is a bit more complex. You have to wait for a certain moment that will start everything and that would be a quarrel.

You won't have to wait long because you guys are always quarreling lately ;often and almost every other evening ends in a fight.

And that's exactly when the topic of the end of a relationship comes into play. You can use this one argument as the trigger and present to your partner that it always ends like this lately and that you don't want to be in a relationship like that.

If you realize that If your partner wants to convince you otherwise, you should make it very clear that you don't see a future together.

You want to break up but were just looking for the perfect time and it was.

How do I break up? Not like that!

Although we live in a modern cyber world, you should never end a relationship via WhatsApp or SMS.

The end of a relationship should be wü It can be mutually beneficial and if you don’t even take the time to look your ex-partner in the eye and explain everything, it can be quite hurtful.

And a big no-go is not to say anything. Now you're wondering, how does that even work?

Some people use social media for this and they just change their relationship status without telling the other person.

Your partner deserves an explanation, which he should get from you. If you do this through social media, you can be sure that you will cast a bad light on the whole relationship.

You certainly don't want your ex to see your relationship as the biggest ;ßth error.

Breaking up is never pleasant. Whenever you decide to take this step, you will find it difficult and jittery just to think about it, but it is all part of it.

You are aware of the fact that you will hurt someone and that tears will probably shed.

But a breakup should be treated like a band-aid, the quicker you pull it off the skin the less pain it will be.

If you misrepresent your partner's feelings, they will only end up being more hurt and they may lose trust in other people.

Pull up your courage and be honest. Lying doesn't hurt because we hear exactly what we want. In contrast, the truth is quite more painful.

Maybe you're lucky and your partner wants to break up too, but they were just looking for the right moment, just like you.

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