His attention means nothing if he doesn't respect you

His Attention means nothing if he doesn't respect you

You are an attractive and highly desirable woman – there's no doubt about it.

Wherever you go, a lot of men will stare at you and try to approach you and ask you out.

He's no different than the others. At first sight he seemed to be in love with you.

He only had eyes for you. He was completely infatuated with you and did everything in his power to win you over.

So of course you thought he was the one. He gave you so much attention and acted like you were the woman of his dreams.

Once he got what he wanted, everything changed. No, I don't just mean the bed.

What I mean by that is that this guy started treating you differently once you showed him that he had your heart.

When he realized you fell in love with him , he showed you his true colors.

From that moment it was obvious that this guy had absolutely no respect for you. He never considered your opinion, feelings or desires.

So you started doing just about anything to get his attention.< /p>

You just wanted the man back that he was when you started dating – whatever the cost.

You were willing to do whatever it took to please this man better. He didn't even have to ask you outright to change – you did it yourself.

In the beginning you pretended you were someone you weren't. But you didn't do it to fool him.

You just wanted him to think you were better, smarter, more attractive, and more interesting.

But over time you lost yourself. There was suddenly nothing left of the woman you once were.

Well, let me tell you something: I know you want this guy’s undivided attention .

I know that you are the happiest woman on earth when he texts you or when he likes your posts on social networks.

I know your heart jumps with joy when he takes some time for you.

But while you were chasing after him and trying to get his attention, there is you missed something much more important: his respect – that you never got.

Believe me, his attention means nothing if he doesn't respect you. In reality, this man is no different than all the other guys checking you out at the club.

To someone like him, you're just a piece of meat. He sees you as some kind of trophy – as a woman that all his friends want to be with but can't.

He doesn't care about your reputation or your future. Above all, he doesn’t care how you feel and whether you might suffer later.

Deep down inside he knows; he that you are a good catch.

He knows he's not good enough for you, so he gives you morsels of his attention – to keep you wanting more.

He's using this whole situation to take control of you. He plays mind games to get you hooked because he has nothing else to offer.

So please don't do everything he asks of you. Don't fall into his arms every time he calls you, don't sleep with him when it's all he wants, and don't send him nude pics hoping to get an answer.

Trust me, this is anything but respect. This guy doesn't appreciate your presence in his life, nor the deep love you have for him.

What are you waiting for, anyway? Do you think he will change? Do you think that over time he will develop respect for the real you?

If so, you are wasting your time. Everything will stay exactly as it is forever and this guy will never treat you right.

Therefore I ask you not to waste any more of your energy on him. Instead, be a little more patient and wait for a man who deserves you.

Instead of fighting for this immature lad’s undivided attention, wait for a real man to give you something can offer much more valuable, e.g. B. Respect, loyalty and appreciation.

Because that's what true love is all about.

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