Hippie Girl: 22 Impressive Facts About Dating A Boho Beauty

Hippie Girl: 22 Amazing Facts About Dating A Boho Beauty

Although the term “hippie” associated with the flower children of the 1960s, today's hippie girl is a little different. 

Hippie girls from today's era combine the best of the new and the old, making them unique, compelling and easy to love.

A hippie girl is the most incredible, open-minded and unconventional being you will ever meet. Can she be a bad girl too?

She's destined to leave a lasting impression, even if she only touches you lightly.  

In everyone Girls might be a bit hippie.

And if you are her boyfriend or one of the lucky guys who is dating her then you will recognize her in most or all of the characteristics listed here.

1. She doesn't play by the rules

She has her own ideas and they all involve love and peace.

She rejects all customs and social rules and rejects any strict rules. 

She believes in open-mindedness, human rights and above all in freedom.

She is very helpful and she will always do more for others than she would do for herself.  

She is her own leader and has no problem being an outsider. She is content with herself. All of this makes her admirable.

2. She lives by the motto “Make love, not war”

She is the ultimate peacemaker and she would like nothing more than for all wars to end .

She hates violence of any kind and considers it completely unnecessary. 

She is very passionate about this and not afraid to say it out loud.

It makes her even more attractive and even if it's not her intention, this kind of passion doesn't go unnoticed.

3. She always sees things on the bright side

She is sincere and positive. She distances herself when she senses negative energy in someone. 

If she chose you, make sure she sees something in you. You are full of positive energy and in a good mood. 

A smile is her weapon and there is no chance she will go unnoticed. The good vibes she exudes only attracts more kindness.

So she's the kind of person you want to spend your time with because her positivity gravitates toward you, too.

4. She is spontaneous

Last minute plans are her thing.  This young woman doesn’t like to plan ahead as she’s the type to get carried away. 

If someone suggests a road trip, she'll say “Yes” say without thinking about it.

If there's a good concert in town, she puts on her dancing shoes and leaves.  

She takes the best of life and doesn't like the burden that comes with planning things. 

5. Wherever she goes, she makes it an adventure

This boho girl is an adventurer, so she makes it wherever she goes.

She sucks adventures out of her fingers, because where other people can't see anything, she sees true wonders.  

She is a wanderer who is not afraid from getting lost.

She doesn't need Google Maps because she always finds her own path that she follows, discovering new places, meeting new people, making new friends and spreading her hippie love everywhere.

She doesn’t take photos and videos to later share on social media networks, for her it is more important to capture the moment and create wonderful memories.

6. Traveling is part of her lifestyle

She's not the type to settle down. She may one day consider it with the right man, but she has a wanderlust inside that just can't quite satiate.   

She loves all that travel entails, regardless of the destination.

Whether barefoot; stroll along the sandy beaches of California or climb Kilimanjaro – it doesn't matter because she will enjoy it equally. 

She doesn't mind traveling alone. But if she finds her travel partner and soulmate in one person, then she will be blissfully happy.

So it's best for her if the guy is available for her adventures.

7. Her boho style takes your breath away

There is no one in the world who wouldn't be surprised by the hippie style.

A simple t-shirt, long skirt and dresses in all colors look so modern and yet so unique.  

Her long hair is perfect for trendy hairstyles , which she then customizes with headbands, feathers and sparkling accessories.  

She likes piercings and tattoos, but she won't cover her entire body with them.

Beauty lies in the details and so a small peace tattoo or a small nose piercing is enough meaningful. 

This boho style doesn't go with it each – it is meant for this beautiful girl.

8. She is one with nature

She's the kind of girl who isn't afraid to spend the night in a tent or in the open air. Nature is her home. 

Your dates with her in nature will be memorable. You can look at her while she is barefoot; walking in the grass.

She will show you what skinny dipping in a lake is all about. She makes you sleep under the stars and she is everything you wished for.

9. She loves music

Music moves her, both internally and externally. She feels the music. Lyrics aren't just words, they all have a deeper meaning. 

Their dancing resembles magic or some kind of out-of-body experience.  

The Woodstock Music Festival continues to influence and serve American and world trends today for inspiration. 

She'll take you to so many concerts and festivals that you've probably never heard of, but will be something only her can experience. 

10. She admires a man's intelligence 

She's one of those rare bohemian girls who likes smart brains, so she's truly sapiosexual.

For her there is nothing more attractive in a man than his intelligence. 

She is smart herself and would like to be with someone who is her equal. She loves deep and philosophical discussions. 

And even if you two disagree on certain things, she will find these types of conversations very stimulating.

11. She is full of sexual freedom and yet she is romantic and faithful

She doesn't like it when people want to put a stamp on love. She supports all sexual orientations and advocates the freedom of choice of every human being. 

A good sex life is important to her, but that doesn't mean she'll get into bed with just anyone. She must have a deep intellectual, spiritual, and emotional connection with the person in order to be intimate with them.

12. She does not tolerate jealousy

When dating, the hippie girl is all about freedom. Jealousy makes her feel limited, burdened and oppressed.  

She is one of the most honest and loyal girls you have ever met, which is why she sees no reason to be jealous. 

It is also in her nature to constantly make new friends and spending time with people, so she won't let anyone stop her. 

If you're a jealous guy, you'll lose her before you started on dates.

13. She is down to earth

She is very easy to get along with and many people enjoy her company. Her heart is as open as her mind and that's why she has many different friends.  

She never looks down on people and no matter how they treat her, she will always treat them with respect . She feels nothing but love for everyone. 

Of course, negative people have no place in her life, but that doesn't mean that she will hate them.

It just means that she will avoid spending time with you. 

She appreciates her friendships and gets appreciation in return. In a relationship, friendship serves as the foundation.

There is nothing better than having a steady girlfriend who is also your best friend.

14. She is not into materialistic things

She likes the simple things in life. She does not understand the constant pursuit of money and material things. She collects memories and moments. 

If you want to buy her a present, go to the nearest record store and buy her a vinyl record that is missing from her collection or buy her something hipster from a retro store that she would like . 

What counts for her is knowing that the person she is spending time with is really listening.

15. She is the best listener you will ever meet

Just as she expects her husband to take care of her, so will she. She listens and remembers all the important things about you. 

Every secret will be safe with her, even the darkest.

She is one of the few people who values ​​honesty and privacy above all else and she will keep your secrets for the rest of her life. 

16. She likes the little big things about you

She likes the way your hair looks in the morning. She likes your scent – it drives her crazy.

She will make you feel special and valued because in her eyes, you really are. 

She inspires you to be creative. A hippie girl makes you use your imagination like you've never done it before. 

17. She is independent

She can live without you, but she doesn't want to and that's the difference. 

If you are the right type for her, then she will always choose you over others.

She needs a man who will support her self-sufficiency, a man who is independent and has his own life. 

Attachment is stinging she an.

If you want to be the right man for a hippie girl, then you have to have your own interests, friends, aspirations and, in short, your own life.

Only then will you be the most important part of their unique life.

18. She can't be tamed

She doesn't like men who try to change her. She knows she's not perfect, nor does she try to be. But she is true to herself. 

She expects a man to accept her for who she is because she would do the same for him.

She needs a man who gives her space – because that brings them closer to you. 

By trying to tame them, you chase them as far away from you as possible. Don't even try to do that to her.

19. She believes in forgiveness

She is reasonable and knows that nobody is perfect. If the two of you fight, she will choose an argumentative conversation instead of yelling and hissing.  

According to her, a conversation can save people from a lot of pain and lovesickness.

She will easily forgive you when she sees that you are genuinely sorry and most importantly, she will not hold grudges.  

But be careful – she is very intuitive and will notice if you make false excuses to her. Be honest and mean what you say.

20. You will admire their strength

A hippie girl draws all her strength from the problems she had in life.

She owes her strength to the things that almost killed her. Thankfully, these only made her stronger. 

She never panics or creates unnecessary drama. She knows that there is a solution to everything.

Whatever happens, she knows the bad days pass. She accepts bad days as a normal part of life.

She handles things with such ease that you can't help but admire her.

21. She will inspire you

You've never seen one like her before.  Everything about her is new and has never been there before.

She is the simplest girl you have ever met and yet at the same time the most extraordinary. 

Her person and everything she does inspires you to give more. She will make you think outside the box.

She will open up new horizons for you. 

She will never force you to be anyone other than yourself .

But their proximity makes you see sides of you that you had no idea even existed.

She will inspire you to greatness just by being by your side and supporting you.

22. She only recognizes the love between two souls

She doesn't just give her heart to anyone. She believes in love when two souls meet and form a deep bond. 

The love she believes in cannot simply be compared to this fickle half-love of modern times.

Their love is far from being superficial. 

For them, only the bond counts. It's about your souls connecting to something that is beyond this world.

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