He's not yours forever if he doesn't do these 15 things

He's not yours forever unless he does these 15 things

1. He should be thinking about your future together. It means he's not kidding, he means business.

2. He should put more effort into scheduling dates for both of you. There's no point in doing all the work yourself, because that's not what a relationship is.

3. He should be there when you need him, to show you support and respect.

If he's the man you know you can lean on when you're in trouble, don't let him go.

4. He should care enough to tell you where he is and when he will be back. He should answer your messages and answer your calls.

He should be open with you and then you won't have any trust issues.

5. He should never act like something he is not.

You will see that sooner or later. He should be his authentic self because that's why you love him. He's not wrong.

6. He should at least try to like your friends and if he doesn’t like them he will pretend he does because he knows they mean the world to you.

He won't tell you what to do and what not to do, and he won't interfere in the relationships you have with your friends.

7. He should never take your love for granted. He should always try to win your heart like he did the first time.

He should still try to flirt with you even if he already has you.

8. He should always make an effort to satisfy you sexually. It doesn't matter if you've been together forever or married, he always has to do his best.

9. He should be honest with you, even when it's the hardest for him.

He shouldn't fool you or lie about anything because that will make you look like you're stupid and buying his stories.

The man who for will always be yours doesn't matter.

10. He should make an effort to show you that you are a big part of his life.

He should update you on his work situation and invite you to hang out with his friends; ngen.

11. He should be there for you to sit quietly and listen to you because that's what best friends do. They help each other and they listen to each other.

And when you have found your eternal person, then he is also your friend.

12. He should try to find a compromise. Things can always go his way or yours and compromise is the lifesaver of a relationship.

Whenever you disagree about something, discuss it and find another solution that works for both of you .

13. He should do more housework. You are not with him to raise him and be his mother. He's a big boy who can take care of himself perfectly.

14. He should strive to take care of his body and mind.

He should take care of himself and take care of his health.

He should take care as he does looks. He doesn't have to wear suits, but at least he can be nice and neat. He will also feel better.

15. The most important thing is that he needs to make an effort to make you happy and content. After all, he chose you and you chose him.

He should hold you in his arms every day and tell you how beautiful you are. He should smile at you like the first time he saw you.

He should show you that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you because you are the piece of his puzzle that was missing.

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