Here are 6 things you should know before becoming her boyfriend

Here are 6 things you should know before you become her boyfriend

You met a girl. And you assume she's just like every other girl you've met in your life.

But trust me -; you are more than wrong.

This girl is one of a kind and that's something you need to consider before you think about becoming her boyfriend.

1. She's been through a lot

The first thing you need to know before you even think about dating this girl is that she's in her been through a lot in the past.

I'm not telling you this to put you off, but it's something you need to know before you can start a relationship with her.

Men in her past have betrayed her, hurt her feelings and done everything in their power to cause her pain.

She has been taken advantage of more times than you can count can.

This girl was always taken for granted and she was never appreciated enough.

She's had her heart broken more than once and that's something that you have to deal with it if you love her afterwards. 

I'm not saying you have to pay for everything these guys did to her, I'm just telling you not to be like everyone else.

2. She's insecure

All the things she's been through have changed her essence and made her a different person.

All those girls Inner made her question why she wasn't good enough and they tried to convince her that whatever was wrong in their relationship was entirely her fault.

They made her question all of her values ​​and beliefs and shook her confidence.

Instead of boosting her self-esteem, all these guys manipulated her into thinking that she wasn't worth it and they increased their insecurities because it made them a better victim for their abuse.

Not only did this make them question their worth, but also the intentions of all people who come close to her.

All of this led to her having major trust issues and feeling bad about herself.

3. But that doesn't mean she's weak

But that didn't make her weak. These men broke her heart, but they failed to break her and that is her greatest achievement.

Though she doesn't know it, she has everything she has actually made her stronger than she's ever been.

She survived some things she thought she could never get over.

And while all the men in her life have changed her, they don't have her spirit killed.

Instead, she saw how powerful and strong she really is, and she realized that there is no one who could destroy her completely.

Now she is ready to face all of life's difficulties stronger than ever.

This means that you shouldn't even try to put her down or abuse her in any way, because trust me, that's something she won't put up with.

4. She doesn't ask for much

Another thing you need to know about this woman before you become her boyfriend is that she doesn't ask for much.

She doesn't need anything material and doesn't expect expensive gifts and fancy restaurants.

She will not be possessive and she will never try to control you, nor will she try to invade your personal space or privacy.

Instead, these are the only things they ask for your love and attention, and she's not willing to settle for less than that.

And if you feel like you can't give her that, maybe it's time, right now to walk away.

5. She needs patience

But just because she doesn't ask for much doesn't mean you'll have an easy time with her.

As you already know, she's been through a lot and lost faith in the people around her.

That means you'll have to be extremely patient to tear down the thick and tall walls she's been building for years.

I won't lie to you – it will take you a lot of energy, time and effort to get to this girl.

And I'm here to tell you that she's going to be hard and challenging to deal with.

But that's what makes her different from all other girls and that's it , which makes them special and unique.

6. She will give you everything

After everything you have found out, you probably think that this girl is too much for you and that she is hard to love .

And I'm not here to prove you wrong.

Yes, it will take a lot of your time, energy, and patience if you're going to do this with this ;girls want to be together.

But trust me on one thing – she will definitely be worth everything. If you treat her right, this girl will give you everything.

If you love and respect her enough, you'll get even more in return.

This woman will love you unconditionally and you will see that she is more than worth it.

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