Heart person and head person – perfect couple or deadly combination?

Heart and head people - perfect couple or deadly combination?

People can basically be divided into two groups – in heart people and in head people.

While some always listen to their hearts, others trust their minds.

But how does it look when these two guys falling in love? Can such a relationship work? Or is such a relationship doomed from the start?

In the following article I would like to devote myself to these two types of people, list their characteristics and find out how compatible they are in a mutual relationship.

Opposites attract – this is a well-known saying, but how much truth is there in it?

Let's find out together!

Characteristics of heart people

< p>As the name suggests, a heart person listens to his heart and lets himself be guided by it.

He is usually perceived as a warm and open person who cares about the well-being of his other people is very important.

In relationships, he is very self-sacrificing and would do anything for his soul mate. But what exactly are the characteristics that make a heart person?

1. Emotional

He is a real heart person! He is very emotional and can get very emotional. Whether he always makes the right decision remains to be seen.

In any case, he always listens to his heart and his intuition. Since the heart person is also very emotional, they don't ignore the feelings of others either, they are an empath.

No matter whether it's a wedding or a funeral – a heart person will be happy for you in all situations or mourn with you. He will always let his feelings run free.

Heart people are true emotional people, so they can be very short-tempered in certain situations.

If something doesn't go the way you imagined, then your world collapses – Literally!

They are very self-sacrificing in a relationship, but can also become very jealous if they don't feel valued enough or if they feel threatened.

Therefore, they also need a soul mate with whom they feel safe and who brings them back down to earth.

2. Consideration of others

The Heart person is always sensitive to the feelings of others and would never do anything to hurt anyone else. He cares a lot about the well-being of his fellow human beings.

Heart people always strive to please everyone so that everyone is happy. When everyone is happy, so are they.

You are always there for others, no matter what the situation. You can always rely on a heart person!

In a relationship, he always shows consideration for his partner, which unfortunately sometimes means that he puts his own needs back in favor of his partner unscrewed.

He is all the more disappointed or hurt when these victims go unnoticed or underestimated.

Therefore, a heart person must also take care of himself and strengthen his self-love and self-care.

3. Take everything to heart

Because heart people are so emotional and passionate, it hits them particularly hard when they get hurt.

They take everyone Defeat very heart and have a long time to nibble on.

They find it difficult to cope with such situations because they often cannot understand how such a difficult situation could happen to them.

They believe that if we do good, good will come back to us. Come back, they believe in the law of attraction.

So when they get criticized at work or they have arguments with friends, it's hard for them to cope. For them it's a real rollercoaster of emotions.

At first they get upset and angry, then despair and grief follow. It usually takes a while for them to calm down and see things with a clear head.

Especially in relationships, there can be more arguments, since people with heart demand a lot from their partner – they demand the same commitment and passion they have for the relationship.

4. Intuitive

The heart person always follows his intuition, which he can always rely on. He senses when something is wrong and is very aware of his surroundings.

They are highly sensitive people, very attentive and immediately notice even the slightest upset in their partner.

You are also the type of person who wants to talk about problems and not bury them deep somewhere wants.

Problems can arise when their partner doesn't want to talk about problems or admit that something is wrong.

This hurts the heart person, who doesn't know what to do in such a situation.

It is therefore particularly important that both partners learn to talk openly about their feelings, because communication is the most important thing in a relationship.

5. Willing to take risks

Since heart people always rely on their gut feeling, they also quickly enter into relationships and get involved in new things.

Think about it however, they do not run the risk of being injured.

For this reason, heart people can, albeit indirectly, be considered risk-takers.

When they embark on a new adventure, they put their heart and soul into it.

< p>Since they always rely on their hearts, they usually don't learn from their mistakes, as they always see the good in people and would always give them a second chance.

That they often think like that lovesickness, they don't understand.

But heart people are not only willing to take risks in interpersonal relationships, they also like to take risks in the professional world or in finance if their gut feeling advises them to do so. It is uncertain how long this will last.

The heart person has both his positive and negative sides: his good natured heart, his willingness to help and sacrifice for others definitely count among his positive aspects.

However, the heart person must be careful not to be exploited or fall into a trap.

Precisely because they rely so much on their gut feeling, they may take an unnecessary risk, which they get out of injured.

Nevertheless, they are wonderful partners who do everything for you ;for their soul mate and fight very hard for their relationship.

Traits of head people

Head people always listen to theirs Understand and less let their feelings speak.

They cope well with difficult situations because they always keep a cool head and find a solution to every problem.

They always think before they act and always weigh them Pros and cons.

However, due to their nature, they can seem a bit cold and sober, especially in relationships.

But what exactly are the characteristics that make up a head person?

1. Rational

This is probably one of the most distinctive features of head people – they are very rational and pragmatic. They try to do all their tasks as pragmatically as possible without hesitation.

In doing so, they mostly let their feelings out of the game and concentrate on the essentials – getting the job done.

Therefore, they are also very good employees and often work their way up to managerial positions.

For their love partners, they are always the rock in the surf, who is always at their side in crisis situations and keeps a cool head.

Intellectual people always know exactly how to calm their partner down and objectively show that it might not be as black as your partner thinks it is.

2. Problem-solving oriented

No matter how big; whatever the problem may look like – the head person always has a solution ready. This is probably one of his greatest strengths.

That is why he is also very much appreciated by his fellow human beings, who always ask him for advice when they have a problem.

Intellectual people are difficult to shake and keep cool even in difficult situations ;clear heads and can look at a situation objectively and find the right solution.

They are in great demand in the professional world because they solve any problem with their innovative solutions and work for the benefit of the company.

No task is too difficult for them, no distance too far.


In a relationship, they are very faithful souls, as they always try to work on and develop their relationship rather than fail because of a problem.

3. Cold-hearted

The problem with head people is that they often appear very cold-hearted because they always see everything very soberly and rationally. They don't let their feelings get involved.

That doesn’t mean they are callous or lack empathy for others, though. They just can't show them as easily as e.g. heart people can.

Head people will show their feelings in other ways, e.g. by helping you with a problem or by calming you down when you're feeling down.

By giving you their time and attention.

You just have to get to know a head person a little better in order to understand them and then you will quickly find out that they are not cold-hearted persons at all.

4. Not intuitive

In contrast to the heart person, the head person is not so intuitive: he does not immediately feel that something is wrong with his partner or that he has done something wrong.< /p>

You always have to make him aware of it first so he understands that something is wrong. This can be a real challenge, especially in romantic relationships.

The head person doesn't notice that his partner is angry at him at the moment, but he wishes that the head person would make up for his mistake on his own understands.

Misunderstandings can easily occur here.

The easiest way is to draw the head person's attention to his mistake and to speak to him openly about it.

This gives you a chance to talk about the problem and find out how it happened and how to avoid it.

5. No Risks

Head people don't take risks lightly – they always weigh the pros and cons first before making a decision.

In doing so, they also always listen to their reason and not to their gut feeling.

It can also be easy for them to take a few days to think it over carefully before making a decision. They don't like to be spontaneous, preferring to think ahead.

They can also miss unique opportunities because they are unsure and don't want to take any risks.

So they are always on the safe side, but they don't make progress that easily either.

This is particularly noticeable in relation to relationships – Head people don't easily enter into a relationship or find a partner with difficulty.

On the one hand, this has to do with the fact that they are choosy, on the other hand, it also has to do with the fact that they think for so long about whether their partner would be a good match for them, so that the partner feels differently has considered.

Head people may appear stiff and cold-hearted at first glance, but they also have their feelings. They just show them in a different way.

They are particularly appreciated by their fellow human beings because of their ability to always find solutions to any problem and because they can keep a cool head in every situation.

Indeed head people find it difficult to look into the head of others – you often have to tell them if something is bothering you or if you are upset with them.

But what does it look like when a heart person and a head person are in a mutual relationship? Can this go well?

Twin Soul Love – Heart person and head person

However, in order for a perfect combination to come about, the two souls have to master some learning tasks before they are practically ready for each other.

Only when these learning tasks have been mastered is the soul ready to find its half and unite into one.

So when a heart person and a head person meet, it clicks – you can feel this deep connection, you have the feeling that you have known each other forever, even though you are seeing each other for the first time.

The souls recognize each other and are familiar with each other.< /p>

And depending on whether they're ready or not, the relationship can either be perfect or it can fall apart.

If you're still has not mastered all his learning tasks, the relationship will not work, there is a great love between you two, but the timing is not right.

Most of the time, such couples meet by chance years later. ter again and they try again, with success, since they have completed all the tasks beforehand and have developed further.

With heart people and head people, they complement each other perfectly due to their different nature and so also eliminate the weak points of the partner.

You can learn a lot from each other and thus develop further

They just have to get to know each other at the right time.

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