He will never find anyone like you

He will never find anyone like find you

Imagine him with her.

Wait. no Don't do it.

You can't bear the thought and you end up hating yourself for believing him, loving him and letting him be a part of your life.

But none of that matters today because your mind is just focused on "the two" can focus on.

On how he probably touches her with the same arms that used to explore every inch of your body.

He’s hers now and he’s telling her the same life story that he told you then – how he grew up, how his mother loved him and how his father was always at work.

But no matter how much you think about it, you know that neither she nor anyone else woman will ever be like you.

He will never find a woman like you.

You might think that we women are not that unique and that he saw something special in her must have.

But believe me, he will remember you and he will wish to kiss you instead of any other woman.

He will never have a woman like that again loving and caring is that she dances when he comes home. Because only you did that!

You were always so happy when you were with him.

The way you welcoming him every single day made him feel like there was no other home for him but you.

For some reason he thought he had to leave you, that he had to break away from you, and so he did – he let back alone and defenseless. He let left you broken and hurt.

But he will never forget that being in your arms made him feel like heaven.

You have all his wildest dreams and supported all his ambitions. You gave him the motivation and courage to pursue his goals.

No one would have done the same thing for him as you did. So remember that he will miss you. He'll be thinking about you, and he'll only want you.

You used to stay up all night just to make sure he got home safe .

You waited for his text, for his call, just to hear he was fine.

You always reminded him never to drive drunk or to fight, but he did it anyway and it was quite right of you to be concerned.

But he did very rarely called. He forgot you because he was too busy hugging the toilet on the bathroom floor.

But you forgave him. You have forgiven him everything! No woman out there would be strong enough to do that.

No woman will love him as unconditionally as you did!

You even forgave him when he didn't deserve it, when you knew you shouldn't, but you did it anyway – because you loved him too much!

If there's one thing he'll miss the most, it's your understanding for him!

You never accused him of anything, nor did you ask him for explanations. You believed him, you trusted him.

Now you may seem naïve, but he will always think about it and every time he argues with her, he will talk about you and how you understood him better.

You understood his failures, his triumphs, and his fears. Even when he couldn't understand himself, you were there for him.

No woman will ever be able to surpass you in his life because you even knew when he was ill.< /p>

Nobody took care of him but you. You always have been and you always will be.

So don't cry for lost love. Don't cry just because he told you he would be happier with someone else.

One day none of this will matter. None of this will matter because you will forget him and get on with your life.

But I can't say the same about him. He will only be able to think of you.

But it will be too late.

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