He will never change

He will never change

I know your heart is pure and you still believe there is good in it. It's so easy for you to overlook all his mistakes.

You just keep forgiving him, even though he almost never apologizes. You stay with him, you hold on to what was, what could be, because you believe that your love will change him.

But you don't want to admit that nothing changes at all. No matter how hard you try. No matter what you do differently. No matter how many times he says he will change.

He will always be the same. He will never change his behavior because he believes he is entitled to you and your love no matter what.

He takes you for granted. He knows how much he means to you.

He knows that you have forgiven him countless times in the past. So he counts on your soft heart to continue to excuse the inexcusable and forgive the unforgivable.

You're already weary of everything. He drained your emotions. He turned the tears on your face into waterfalls when he shouldn't have let them flow in the first place.

Yet you stay with him, hoping that he will come around and become the man you once knew, the man you fell in love with.

But this man never existed. It was all just for show. He played good guy to lure you into his web of lies.

He made you think you could trust him, you could count on him if anything went wrong, he showered you with attention and affection, he pretended to be someone he is not.

He wanted you to feel safe. He wanted you to really fall deeply in love with him so that he could use all your emotions against you. Just when he realized that you really love him, his demeanor changed too.

Suddenly he didn't have time for you anymore; he was always busy with something else. All the affection and attention that was there at the beginning of the relationship became one-sided. You alone had to keep everything running.

You alone had to make all the necessary efforts. But somehow he didn't see it, or at least he didn't want to acknowledge it.

He just took everything you gave him. He didn't mind being your priority, someone for whom you put all your worries aside and focus on his.

He burdened you with his problems. And you felt them as your own. You gave everything you could to help him. But it was never enough.

Nothing you ever did was enough. He always wanted more.

And whenever he realized that he had taken it too far, he would slow down, charmingly working his way into your huge, soft heart and pretended nothing happened.

After a while, after you felt his love again, he became himself again.

Your relationship with him is like a bewitched vicious circle that is mostly pain with a touch of happiness.

And that touch of happiness is exactly what you are on holding tight You build your future on it. You build your hopes on it. You still believe that deep down he is a good person and that he will change.

But the sad truth is that he will never change. He doesn't have to. He's doing just fine.

He likes having someone like you by his side. Someone who is both his best friend and his lover.

Someone who supports him and is always by his side. Someone who would sacrifice their own happiness for theirs. Someone who gives him everything without expecting anything in return.

He feels comfortable in this situation. He has everything he could wish for. Only you feel bad, used and neglected.

Only you desperately want him to change. But he will never change. He will always be the same.

He doesn't know any different. All the love you think he has for you, even though you don't feel it that often, is his tool for manipulation.

He wants your love, empathy and strength so he can take it away from you. Sadly, the only person he loves is himself, and he cannot return anything you give him.

If you stay, nothing will change. Nothing will ever get better. You will feel lonelier than if you were alone.

Tears will flow again, your soft heart will crumble with lovelessness. He will never be able to return everything you give.

Staying will only bring you more pain. He will tear you apart piece by piece until he has completely destroyed you.

If you stay, you will never be happy. It doesn't have what it takes to make you happy.

So it's time for you to take your happiness back into your own hands – it belongs there anyway. You have to overcome yourself.

You must love yourself as much as you love him and even more. You have to think of yourself and put yourself first because nobody else will.

Can't you see that you deserve so much more?

You deserve everything you give. You deserve it with someone else, someone who sees what a precious gem you really are.

You just put your soft heart in the wrong hands. This heart only beats with hope for change – Change that will never come.

So please stop hoping that he will change, because deep down you know that he will will never change. It's all up to you now.

You can't give him countless more chances. He will gamble them all away. You need to stop wasting your life, energy and love on someone who isn't worth it.

You need to realize that you deserve to be loved. You need to start loving yourself more.


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