He wasn't man enough to graduate me

He wasn't man enough to graduate me

I was so in love that saying ‘head over heels’ would be an understatement. I felt like no one had ever meant so much to me. Like I'm back at school and he's my first love.

Of course everything was perfect at the beginning. It's strange how everything can change overnight.

It's only later in the relationship that things take on a sour note. Our love only grew stronger over time, despite all the bitter parts of the relationship.

What upset me the most was how he sometimes spoke to me like he wasn't at all interested in to have a conversation.

I understand that I might have bored him, but I was always there to help. He shouldn't have treated me in a derogatory way. He could have asked for my help. Another thing that got on my

nerves was how he made every other relationship in his life a priority. His relationship with me fell down the list until he finally eliminated it altogether.

I wanted to speak to him. I needed explanations. Was it something I did? Or something he did?

I asked so many questions and every single one is still unanswered.

I needed something. Any kind of reason would have sufficed. Has he fallen out of love? I know it doesn't and it doesn't seem like I'll ever know.

It's been a while since the breakup and here I am still thinking about it. It was the worst breakup I've ever had.

It still hurts and will certainly continue to hurt. This kind of pain doesn't just go away. It takes time. And I guess it will need some memory cleansing.

I wish I could erase all memory of him from my brain, because I see that it's not an option will be to get a good reason for our breakup.

I have no idea what was going through his head.

I felt loved one moment and everything fell apart the next. I could have seen it coming. But who could foresee this kind of situation?

I know he's not the type of person who likes to talk about his feelings. He is reserved and sometimes even shy around strangers. But none of this is an excuse for not clarifying the breakup properly.

He made me feel awful. Like I'm trash or something to take care of. He just took the garbage out of the house and threw it away on the way to work.

I've never felt so worthless in my life.

Now I keep asking myself: Was it real? Was anything about our relationship real? Did I really mean anything to him? Because when you care about someone, you don't treat them like trash.

You hate the fact that you have to get rid of it and you cry when you throw it away. Maybe someone else will find it and find use in what you no longer need. Also, don't forget that recycling is an option.

Look what he did to me! I compare myself to garbage. Is not that funny? Well, not for me, but someone else might find it funny.

I hope that one day I can laugh about it too. But that day does not seem within reach. It doesn't matter how much time has passed, it will always be part of my soul.

It will always be my baggage and my open wound.

I hope no one has to experience this pain.

I hope no one has to feel like garbage.

I wish everyone could act more mature and not forget that the other also has feelings. Be good to others and they will be good to you. You are no different or better than anyone else. You have to give the respect you want to receive.

I will never be disrespected again. I won't ask him to graduate because I just can't see his eyes will, who says it wasn't his fault.

I guess the breakup went well for him. This selfish part of his personality makes him blind to the feelings and needs of everyone else.

Good luck to his future girlfriend. I hope he treats her differently.

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