He was the mistake of my life, but mistakes are lessons, not losses

He was the mistake of my life, but mistakes are lessons, not losses

Everyone has something in their life that they wish they never experienced. For me, that was my time with him.

What seemed a normal relationship turned into a nightmare.

He totally betrayed my trust, psychologically abused me and pretended nothing happened.

The worst part was that I almost lost my faith in myself and other good people would have lost.

It broke my heart that someone could say they love me only to cheat on me the next day.

I wasn't ready for his mind games; I didn't even notice that he was playing with me.

Emotionally he set me back so much that I had to start from scratch.

Meanwhile I think that's a good thing. Why? Because I finally learned to really love myself.

To get through the pain, I had to be very honest with myself and think about what I did wrong.

The only thing I did wrong was to let others decide what is good for me and to reduce my self-esteem to their opinion.

That was the hardest thing I had to accept and change.

Sometimes I get the feeling that many people don't even realize how difficult it is to mentally pull themselves out of this terrible condition, let alone doing it every day while still having to do everything else.

It takes courage to stand up for yourself, especially when someone is talking to you gaslights and makes you doubt your reality and your feelings.

I've had enough of this. I'd rather make a mistake than trust someone else to know better. than I feel, want and need.

Admittedly, my story is full of horrific choices and things I wish I hadn't done, but it's also telling about my transformation, about how I got up and finally found my inner peace.

I truly believe that a mistake is a lesson rather than a loss.

A loss is something that cannot be recovered; the lesson is a wake-up call; the lesson is improvement.

It drives you to change your life and become better and stronger.

Sometimes I think that maybe the difficult times didn't make me stronger but showed me how strong I am.

Anyway, what I thought was a mistake has become so much more over time.

I've come to realize that while my mistakes make me imperfect, imperfect doesn't mean it necessarily worse.

I can be a work in progress and still love and respect myself.

Life will often hurt you, you will see things that you don't want to see, you'll feel left out and ask yourself, “What's the point of it all?”

But you will get back up and keep going. Because that's what it's all about: getting back up, learning, improving and moving forward.

Don't give up on love for just one person. Hold on to love because you deserve it.

You deserve to be loved for who you are and to be appreciated for everything that makes you who you are.

Don't let what happened to you determine you.

You decide for yourself what you do with yourself, your feelings and your life. Just believe in yourself.

Remember that happiness is not a goal, nor is it a point where you will have everything – it means being thankful for what you have now and making the most of it.

With the right attitude (a positive and productive attitude) you will become the right man into your life.

A man who respects you and accepts you completely, who understands your heart and loves your soul.

Someone who can see beyond the surface of life and is ready for a serious relationship.

The same goes for the people you hang out with .

Give yourself the best you can because you deserve it. Learn from your mistakes, but have no regrets.

Regret is a senseless and suffocating feeling that only makes everything more difficult.

Just sum up everything you've learned, and make a promise to yourself:

I will never stop striving for a better me and a better life.

I know life isn't perfect, but it's still beautiful and wonderful.

Me deserve to have a full and happy life despite all the hardships I've been through.

My problems don't define me. I am a strong person who keeps going despite all obstacles.

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