He wants to drive on two tracks? This could be his last ride ;)

He wants to drive on two tracks? This could be his last trip ;)

After a long time you met a great guy, he conquered you from the first second.

You've already forgotten how butterflies feel in your stomach and you can't believe it that you can't stop being amazed. But it is.

Yet you cannot completely relax. Sometimes you feel like your date is on two tracks. Your gut feeling is sending you these weird signals and now you're completely confused as to how to interpret it all.

This is nothing new. It often happens that certain people, especially in the introductory phase, take a two-pronged approach, because they are still not sure whether a real relationship will develop from the flirt.

Some will now think what you have to be a human being to play games like that with other people. But that's normal behavior when you're still not sure if you've found the right partner for you.

The problem arises when you fall in love with someone, start a relationship and still don't want to retire. You keep looking, you keep every option open to you.

Such behavior can be painful for the other partner.

Just the fact that one person isn't enough, that you only see them as one of the many options, or even as a consolation that gives you some variety until you find something better.

Is there a certain pattern according to which people who drive on two tracks behave? What kind of question is that? Of course, there is a specific pattern of behavior to be wary of.

Just as you can spot any other liar based on certain factors, you can spot a person who is dual prone for’ easy to recognize.

It's just important that you don't let the butterflies in your stomach and the first signs of infatuation blind you.

Not everything is as it seems at first glance. Especially if it's a person you don't know from before, about whom you only know a little, so to speak, only what your date told you about themselves.

In that case, you'll have to keep an eye out and after a few special characters that we'll point out to you, you'll realize you're not the only one.

Table of Contents< /b>Show 1 alarm! 10 Signs He's Two Tracks! 2 1. He's always limited in time 3 2. He's just a seducer 4 3. You're his well-kept secret 5 4. He's known for being unfaithful 6 5. Ö Public places are a no-go for him 7 6. You've landed a narcissist 8 7. He hates spontaneity 9 8. He never answers his cell phone when he's with you 10 9. Social media is taboo 11 10. He has access to your stuff, but you don't have access to his

Alarm! 10 Signs He's Two Tracks!

When your gut feeling is giving you certain signals, don't ignore them. Your inner voice notices some things faster than you because you don't want to notice them right away.

Together with your gut feeling we will try to open your eyes and take off your rose-colored glasses, because not every relationship is a cakewalk, sometimes a bitter aftertaste hides under the honey.

1. He is always limited in time

You just got to know each other, you knew from the first second that he was the man of your dreams. Whatever he told you, you absorbed like a sponge and you just couldn't get out of the beam.

Everyone around you has already noticed that you're floating on cloud nine. And he's totally infatuated with you too, well, at least when you're together.

But one thing is quite strange, it is always limited in time. If you make a spontaneous suggestion that you can spend a weekend for two somewhere, he never has time.

Even if you ask him to stay at your place, he always has something and your date ends after a few hours.

That could be the first sign that he's going two-pronged. Men with something else going on have a specific schedule to keep.

Even before meeting you, he has agreed on a second date and for this reason he cannot make spontaneous changes to the plan. He has a precise scenario that he has to follow to make sure nothing is caught.

If that wasn't the case, he wouldn't mind staying at your place because that's what lovers do Couples love it.

2. He is just a seducer

Well, it's no secret that you've brought a seducer to shore. From the moment you first met him, you could feel the energy, the passion, just by exchanging a few looks.

Now it's not so easy for him either, all get rid of your habits and live a quiet life. He knows what flirting skills he has and that he can wrap almost any woman around his finger.

He has flirting in his blood and never misses an opportunity. Even if you're going out together, you'll find him exchanging sexy looks with the waitress or smiling at every woman who crosses his path on his way from the toilet to the table.

The worst part, all women react positively to it and when you bring it up to him he acts like it's the most normal thing in the world.

3. You are his well-kept secret

You've been together for a while now, but somehow you don't know any of his friends or even his family.

Again and again, whenever you did get to meet him and his friends, something would come up out of the blue.

Even when you yourself suggested a few times that you should take him with you introducing your friends or visiting family was automatically blocked.

Again and again he has credible excuses and he makes you feel like he's sorry that he has to miss such a meeting again.

This is an important one Signs he has something else going on. He separates his private life from his relationship life because he has something to hide.

Maybe he's also afraid that everything could be exposed, because you know’ yes never, what dear friends could spill out.

4. He is known for not being faithful

Every woman hopes that she will be the one who will change a man. That he has been waiting for you his whole life and that he will change his whole life from one moment to the next.

That sounds too good to be true and in most F’s ;llen it is not the case either. When a man gets used to cheating on every one of his partners, there's a good chance he'll cheat on you, too.

Especially if you had something going on with him during his previous relationship, you should be careful.

Don't be surprised if you find out that he has the same thing with you makes you Prepare for the worst, maybe it will bypass you.

5. Public places are a no-go for him

Your favorite places, the pub where all your acquaintances meet or even take a walk through the city a no-go for him.

He keeps coming up with new excuses, but his best of all is that he just wants to spend time with you.

If possible behind closed doors, in your own four walls where no one can see you. In the beginning it was all romantic and cute, sitting in front of the TV every night, eating popcorn and watching movies.

But now you also want to do something concrete with him and unfortunately he doesn't play along. You should think about why he doesn’t want to visit public places with you.

Just a tip, maybe he is afraid that his other option with you will hit him could and certainly would lead to a public scene he wants to avoid.

6. You've landed a narcissist

Very often people fall in love without realizing that they are dealing with a narcissist. Narcissists themselves are very clever, they know exactly how to act in order to seduce someone.

Then, once they have succeeded, they change their tactics. A narcissist is never satisfied with just one victim. He needs a few people to play his manipulative games with.

In this way he proves to himself that he is in a position of power and that he alone has all the strings in his hands.

If you notice that he rarely has time for you, that there are more and more arguments because you have defied him and that every argument is your fault, you should pay attention.

< p>There is a high probability that he has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. You can read more about it here.

7. He hates spontaneity

Once you tried to pay him an impromptu visit. When you rang the doorbell nobody answered and when you called him he said he was in the apartment.

”How can you be in the apartment when I was in front of your door a few minutes ago and no one answered?”

”Oh, that was you my darling, I thought someone got the wrong house number, because I get never visitors.”

When you suggested at that moment that you could come back because you weren't that far from his apartment, he automatically said that there was something else he had to do that he completely forgot.

He will then call you back afterwards. And every time you are near his apartment, he never invites you over. He always comes up with some excuses that it's messy, his friend is staying over, etc.

That should set off your alarm bells.

He doesn't want spontaneous visits from you because you might find some of the other's things that he didn't get rid of in time, or worse, you might find her in person.

8 . He never answers his phone when he's with you

When you're together and his phone rings, he doesn't even take it out of his pocket. If you alert him that his cell phone is ringing, he will always expertly smack you.

“Oh, my buddy again. He probably needs money, so I won't answer it. He only calls when he needs something. And right now I'm with you, so I don't want anyone to disturb us.”

He doesn't even reply to texts, he ignores them. Sometimes he doesn't answer his phone until you need to go to the bathroom or are away from him.

This is a sign that he is talking to someone else, that you must not know about.

9. Social media is taboo

Before your relationship, he was very active on social media. Every day he was posting photos, liking pics, but lately he's been putting everything on hold.

It even bothers him when you ask him to take a picture with him, because he doesn't want you to post it on Facebook or Instagram. Suddenly he finds it childish to present his love affair so publicly.

And every time you bring up the subject, an argument ensues. He accuses you of being addicted to approval and likes and that you don't take the relationship seriously.

This is how he always prevents you from posting anything with him. This is also an important sign that he has something else going on. He doesn't want other women to see him with you.

Of course, he may not like social media, but if he's posting selfies of himself every day, then he should also be no problem to post a joint photo. Think about it!

10. He has access to your things, but you don't to his

All your private things are open to him, he has access to your mails, he even takes himself your phone without asking first.

But you mustn't touch any of his stuff, even if he's with you. If he shows you something on his phone, the phone is always in his hand, you are never allowed to operate it yourself and look at his photos or messages.

If it happens that you get your hands on his cell phone in his presence, you will automatically feel how nervous he is.

Alarm! Someone has something to hide.

Insidious types have always existed and always will. The most important thing you can do is track down a guy like this as soon as possible.

Once you realize he's a two-pronged player, you should open the fray&rszlig; simply turn around and drive on two tracks yourself. Find a nice change that you can always have fun with. will have when your quasi-friend doesn't have time.

Behave as he does and teach him an important life lesson that karma spares no one. Sooner or later you will get what you deserve.

Don't be fooled by cheap excuses. Turn on your head and listen to your gut feeling!

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