He ignores me: These 8 reasons could be behind it

He ignores me : These 8 reasons could be behind it

You met a great guy. You've exchanged a few messages lately and your conversation has been going like clockwork the whole time. And then the first date finally came!

You were so excited to finally see him. makeup, new clothes, hairdo… You couldn't get ready with excitement!

Your first date was better than you expected. You've talked about everything and everyone, have fun together and you could feel the chemistry in the air between you two.

Everything about this guy drew you in, you enjoyed his company and you already planned what you could do for the second date. But your expectations unfortunately hit a dead end – There was never a second date.

Instead of his message, you were greeted by Funkstille. Time flies, he doesn’t answer although he said he would.

He ignores me... But I thought he liked me. he was so nice to me He flirted with me all night and looked at me in a special way … what's going on?

The introductory phase is always a bit tricky. Will he like me? Will he call me or not? Will there be a second date or not? Will he kiss me? and a million other questions then run through your head.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, and that's perfectly fine and acceptable as long as we have an explanation for why it failed.

But when someone gives us the cold shoulder for no reason, we want to knock on their door and ask, What the hell is wrong with you?

It's not us clear why someone who liked or likes us suddenly ignores us.

These men … Who else can understand her? Sometimes we wish we could configure a man to our liking and just be happy. But life just isn't like that.

Luckily you clicked on the right link on Google.

Whether you've been on a date or not, here I explain why men generally ignore women, even though they they like and what is the right way to protect themselves in such a situation.

He ignores me: The 7 most common reasons behind it:

1. He's busy with something else

It may sound like a lame excuse, but maybe he really is busy with something very important. You know yourself that there are times in life when we feel like we have the whole burden of the world on us.

Business commitments and problems mix with each other private or family commitments, you know; no longer how one feels due to the enormous pressure. It doesn't have to be a problem.

For example, he is busy writing a thesis, preparing a presentation and speech for a business interview, studying or something and waiting for this mess to pass so that he can really devote himself to his love life again.

Of course, this doesn't justify the fact that he didn't tell and explain it to you, but ignored you, but if that's really the case, such behavior will be easier to understand. ?

2. Things seemed to be going too fast for him

Some men get their hair on end when they think of a serious, real relationship.

They are so afraid of commitment and the obligations that come with it that they would like to jump out of their own skin if they could.

Maybe you hinted at something on your first date or conversation that made him think you wanted a serious relationship and he feared it would lead to something serious.

Unfortunately, instead of telling you openly, he finds it easier to ignore you until you find out for yourself.

3. He's not sure how he feels

We can’t rule this out as a possibility either. Some men just aren't able to show their feelings or are afraid to show them in order not to get hurt. Maybe your crush just wants to be safe.

For example, if you've only been on a date or two, it may take them a while to figure out which direction to go and which way to go .

He doesn't want to rush headlong into a relationship and risk it failing. He wants to be sure of his feelings before he tells you anything.

4. Maybe something offended him?

Let's analyze your behavior towards him a little. Think if there is anything that would bother him about your behavior. Did you possibly say something that made him change his facial expression like he was hurt?

Maybe he tried to kiss or hug you and you avoided it?< /p>

During the message exchange, did you guys have a conversation about some sensitive topics like religion, political views etc. and you said something that didn't correspond to his opinion?

Or did you have his WhatsApp- message on ‘read’ left?

These are all a bunch of little things that don't mean anything at first glance, but maybe he just saw something offensive in them.

Just think a little what could offend him so much that he ignores you now so you can more easily understand what to do next.

5. Is he ignoring you to get attention?

His ignoring has got you thinking about him and you're wondering why he's ignoring you, right? You visit his social media profiles and check when he was last online? Bingo!

This is exactly what some people want to achieve by ignoring their potential partners. Playing the warm-cold game and making yourself scarce are ways to get the attention you want.

He might also want to get you to check in with him and ask for a date ask. Because if he has already taken the first step, he may be waiting for you to take the next step.

6. He hates texting

When it comes to him ignoring your messages, maybe he's just one of those guys who hate talking online.

There really are men who don't like conversations in the virtual world at all and prefer face-to-face conversations.

Some are just more relaxed, more skilled, more interesting and show more humor , when you are talking to a woman face to face and you don't want to waste time texting.

7. He has another

Ouch! This is definitely one of the more painful reasons, but unfortunately it's becoming more and more common for taken men to meet other women or communicate with them online.

If you only knew how many feet I've all noticed where a woman finds out her partner has someone else he's texting with and then suddenly he blocks her because his partner threatened to break up with him.

There are even situations where men fight with their girlfriends and then out of spite meet some other women, the so called gap bridges.

He doesn't even have to be in a committed relationship , but there may just be another woman in his life that he chose instead of you.

8. The chemistry between you guys wasn't right for him

No matter how hard it is for us to admit and accept it to ourselves, sometimes we feel more for ourselves attracted to that other person than they are to us.

Either in the dating phase or already during the relationship. Maybe you had a lot of funß with him, maybe you felt some chemistry and thought you could become something more, but he didn't feel the same.

Even though he gave you signs that If he likes you, he may later realize that you don't fit together.

He ignores me: How to deal with ghosting

The first thing we need to determine is how long has he been ignoring you. If it's a day or two, you don't have to worry as much and you can wait a little longer before you do something about it.

Also, if you see that he's not online, that he doesn’t like other posts on social media and the like, then he might really be busy with something else.

On the other hand, if you notice he's online or if you see him at uni or work or whatever and he doesn't speak to you, there's something bigger behind it.

Absolutely you deserve an explanation and an answer and here's how to deal with it.

Confront him

Just ask him, either by message or in private.

If it's been a few days since you last saw and heard from him and you're already being turned down, then at least you should know why.

It's easiest to being a coward and hiding behind a screen and just ignoring someone. However, it takes courage to say openly and honestly: ”I don't like you”, ”There is another one in my life” etc.

So many choose to be ;r ghosting tactics to avoid having to bother yourself with long conversations and pointless explanations.

Still, don't blame him, don't make scenes, don't insult him, just send a message like: “Hey, I haven't heard from you for a long time, are you alright?”

If his explanation is acceptable and he apologizes because he was busy or something like that, you can consider continuing your story and giving him another chance.


If not, then you can…

… play his game too

The other thing you can do is ignore him completely. To such an extent that you act like you didn't even realize he was ignoring you. Live your life.

Devote yourself to work, friends, date other men …

If he cares, if he ignores you just to get your attention , he will surely get in touch. If not, then he's not worth your attention anyway.

Do you need that person in your life who can't tell you directly how they feel about you, why things work out between you or not can work out?

You need someone with whom you won't wonder what he wants from you, someone who will make you fall in love with him by giving you all the attention in the world and will guard you like the apple of his eye.

Because remember one thing: you deserve the best! ?

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