God Will Not Show You Your Companion Only When He Knows You Are Ready For Him

God Will Not Show You Your Companion Only When He Knows You Are Ready For Him

Sometimes in life we ​​think we know everything. We believe that we know exactly when and where something is supposed to happen to us. But life doesn't work that way.

As much as you want to (and so do I), you have no control over your destiny. God does.

And sometimes all you can do is decide to let everything happen as it should and pray that everything will be fine.

I remember meeting this perfect guy a few years ago.

It was a strange time for me as I was struggling with some things, but I remember the moment I saw it clearly and instantly felt that vibe.

You know, the one that knocks your feet off and makes your skin tingle?

Exactly that. And this guy was special. He knew exactly what to say and how to treat me and I felt like he was the right person for me without a doubt.

Although I was struggling at the time ( a mild alcohol addiction and a less than ideal living situation), I thought I was doomed for life. 

I felt like I had met the man I would spend the rest of my life with should last forever, despite the obvious warning signs (which mostly came from me).

You know, I was by no means ready for a stable, healthy love story.

I wasn't prepared to process this all-encompassing love that takes you on a roller coaster and makes you want to be until to commit to the end of life.

I was a real mess. I was in such bad shape that the thought of caring for and nurturing a relationship made my head spin, but I fooled myself into thinking I was ready for it.

I played against myself, ignoring his every plea for help.

I just thought I knew better. I was fine in my head.

Who doesn't drink from time to time? And what does it matter if I can't find a permanent home?

Shouldn't it be like that when you're young?

But it shouldn't, and it took me a few years to realize that.

I thought I knew what I was doing. I thought I could just flip a switch inside myself and make everything alright… but I couldn't.

Needless to say, my relationship fell apart before it even had a chance to grow into anything.

We never had one Chance. I only wish I had known that sooner.

I have to admit it was hard to process, but it had to be done for me to gain that much needed perspective.

Now I know&rszlig; I know that God is the only one who knows what I need.

And He won't show me until He knows I'm ready for it. And that's okay.

Because to be honest, what do we really know about life and love? 

We learn in passage of time. We make mistakes, and only after we learn from those mistakes does God show us who to be with.

I know it might sound a bit harsh, but that's the truth. I stopped thinking I know everything.

I stopped believing I know what's best for me. I know It doesn’t, and it feels so good to be able to say it.

It is all in God’s hands. And trust me – he knows what he's doing.

Sometimes it can feel like you're lost.

And during this time, you must hold on to your belief that this is the path you must take in order to make your mistake and learn a valuable lesson from it.

Once you stop, your mistakes as something bad and start seeing them as learning experiences, everything will start to go uphill with you. That's how it was for me.

God is always there for you. You may not always be able to see and hear Him, but He is there and He hears you.

And guess what? Just because it seems like your life is a constant storm of shitty things doesn't mean He doesn't have something great in store for you!

May my situation inspire you to keep your spirit and your faith in God.

Just a few short years ago I was a mess. I didn't have an apartment. I couldn't keep a friend to save me and I drowned my misery in alcohol.

And do you know how I feel now? I'm in the best state of consciousness I've ever been. I letß God take control and everything slowly started to improve.

Once I realized that I have no control over what is going to happen to me and that forcing things that aren't meant to be can only backfire, I gained this beautiful perspective that will transform my life changed.

Now I am a woman in love. And it's peaceful, soothing, and right in every way.

And do you want to know why? Because I took care of myself first.

I made myself a priority. And one day the pieces of the puzzle came together and my life became something I could finally be proud of.

God didn't show me the man to be with until I really ready to meet him. And not a minute earlier.

A few years ago it wouldn't have worked. But today is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can proudly and selflessly give my all.

Learn to let go. Trust in God and His plan. Just because you have to fight today doesn't mean tomorrow won't be better!

He will make it happen and I am your living proof of that ;r!

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