God is not testing your relationship, your partner is just plain toxic

God doesn't test your relationship, your partner is just plain toxic

Do you know what this is? This isn't just any boring letter. But an intervention. For you.

Seriously, I really get you. You're head over heels in love with him and you justify him when he does something bad to you.

I understand because I've been through it.

I was once so blindly in love with a man. I swear this guy could have done anything and I would never have left him.

I threw myself into this relationship way too much. It was that love when you forget everything and everyone around you.

When that someone becomes the center of your universe.

My whole world revolved around them. Our relationship became the only thing that mattered to me.

He became my last thought before falling asleep, my first thought upon waking up. The reason I smile.

In such a short time he became my whole universe.

I know there are no guarantees in life, but I never imagined that I would fall in love so much with my worst nightmare.

I gave everything for a man who didn't even deserve a wave from me when I saw him on the street.

Because of him I lost so many people who really loved me and I still regret that to this day.

He never gave me a reason to love him at all, and yet I loved him with all my heart. I couldn’t explain that to anyone.

Love is like that – inexplicable and unreasonable. But I know you understand me.

He's just playing with you, believe me.

You deserve something much better.

I turned my back on anyone who spoke ill of him – from my family and friends…

They all tried to warn me about him and that he was not good for me, but I didn’t want to listen to them.

I thought she was’ just jealous. Jealous of what? To such a toxic and defective relationship?

To a man who disrespected and humiliated me so many times?

I could then not thinking straight. Now it is, but it's too late now.

I've already hurt my loved ones, the people who just saved me from this toxic man and only wanted what was best for me.

This is my story and through my experience I just wanted to be with you penetrate.

I wanted to tell you my story and make you realize what awaits you even if you don't stop in time.

Give no more to God the blame for your broken relationship.

Because believe me, God is always on your side. He would never let you suffer like that.

God does not test your relationship. All the horrible things you're going through aren't God's fault.

It's your partner's fault. He brings you this endless suffering.

Wake up. He doesn't love you and never will.

He's only around because he knows how you feel about him and that you will do anything what it takes to keep him in your life.

I know how many times he tells you that he loves you more than anything in this world and that he will live with you until the end of his life you stay no matter what.

But those are just words, and words mean nothing when his actions say otherwise. Remember, he's a player, and a pretty good one at that.

He's good with words because he knows most women like to hear sweet words.< /p>

Please be more reasonable than I was. Leave him once and for all.

Don't let that happen you lose all the people who love you because of a man who never loved you.

As hard as it is for you, you have to put an end to this. You must close this chapter. Time to listen to the advice of your loved ones.

Time to take control of your life again. Time to make a change.

It's time to admit you were wrong. It's time to show this toxic man who the real player is.

Trust me, there's a better chapter in the book of your life waiting for you, but only then will you get it can open when you're done with the old one for good.

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